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  • Theo standing up with a huge hole for a lower torso, telling Jetta "not quite" when she says that he should be dead.
  • Both Theo and Julia got their moments in the "Dark Home" storyline. Theo: "Correction number 2: I don't always block." And Julia schooling a very smug Zero after not falling for his trap.
  • Then, of course, the bad guys have their own CMOA, when the heroes foolishly attempt to fight them in their sanctum sanctorum. Two words: Perfect Summon.
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  • Ancient Gina pulls this off against a queen Abyssalisk by combining her allies' powers into an Infinity +1 Sword attack that disintegrates her own arm up to the elbow. (She heals it almost instantly, but not before Brit' notices.)
  • Gina's fear that Madrid, who has no combat skills to speak of and was unarmed, would overpower Penny, Lynn, Subtracto and Kahn (who is pretty much unbeatable in the Library of Time) and kill her. Gina demonstrates this by using a Post-It note and a pen to take control of Khan's body. Madrid then leaves in a way that shows she could have killed Gina all along, making her realize she might have been overreacting.
  • Julia's showdown with G'nolga at the Tournament of Arms. All of it.
  • Britanny's long, long-awaited return to Earth after the Oblivion story arc.
  • Madrid beating her future self with her own twist on the old Rock Beats Laser trope.
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  • The Ancient One manages to rob Dreadwing of his superweapon by guiding the psi-kobolds he forced to help him attack the Brittany rescue party, rescue his would-be "lunch", and steal his turn with the Infinity Engine while he's fighting off the psi-kobold attack, his stolen probability manipulation powers unable to help him.
  • Britanny punching the Big Bad leader of The Dynasty's face in for hurting Stripe.
  • G'Nolga finally defeats Serpentius, by letting go of her hatred and forgiving him, thus destroying his most powerful weapon right when he needed it to hold an Artifact of Doom.
  • Kylie and Elroy, two of Gina's weakest students academically, accidentally stumble onto an ancient demon's burial ground, COMPLETELY OUTSMART IT, and get away scot free. They even get top marks for making a discovery that Gina hadn't been expecting.
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  • Crosses over with Funny. Brianna has WEAPONIZED and ARMED an entire forest island. She's now regarded as the High Druid of the island, all the forest critters, dryads, and treants her own personal military unit. Together, they've been fending off an incursion by undead superbeasts and for the most part winning.
  • Debra managing to foil Dreadwing's plan of setting the nations of Jade against each other.
  • Believing she's found a dinosaur egg and wanting to befriend the baby dinosaur, Britanny's daughter Tiffany runs off on her own. Along the way she encounters Pawns, guardians that take on the appearance of the strongest beings in the room to kill intruders, one of them taking on her shape and trying to kill her. Ayane comes to Tiffany's rescue, only for a second Pawn to activate, both turning onto Ayane. Realizing that they are copying her 'Mistress' persona, Ayane starts channeling her old 'Ninja Kitty' Friend to All Children persona, changing her movements completely and confusing the two Pawns (which had been beating the crap out of her earlier) enough for her to defeat them and escape.
  • Gina is trapped in a Lotus-Eater Machine by a pacifistic temple guardian who refuses to allow fighting. In her fantasy, she's given success after success after success, all her wishes coming true... with no effort whatsoever. Because Gina is a firm believer in It's the Journey That Counts, she's able to free herself from the fantasy trap.
  • Dreadwing ravages a tiny kingdom, with it's queen putting up a terrific defense. Right before he absorbs her for her tactical knowledge, she hits him with her final trick, the Curse of Clans: Every enemy Dreadwing has ever made suddenly knows exactly where he is, and that his power has been depleted fighting somebody. And if they just say "Yes", the curse will take you right to him.
    • This follows up in the resulting battle the next issue, as Dreadwing's many enemies come calling for payback. Indeed so many of them show up, they're starting to get in each other's way, leaving Dreadwing to make his way to a fount of power he'd been looking for. But he's lost so much energy fighting for his life that he's actually left himself open for his absorbed victims to take some of that power themselves. The Queen, the Wererat thieves, and Benji, Peachbody's old minion, who actually had the Fusion Dance ability in the first place and now has the power to undo it, which he promptly does. Leaving Dreadwing's victims restored, and the Dragon himself returned to his original state... when Gina de-boned him way back in the first story arc.
  • Little Tiffany, young genius that she is, completely undermines a store executive that was trying to ruin shopaholic Cheetah's credit by offering her a gold card with an unlimited credit line. She finds a clause in his contract that the executive thought he had eliminated, figuring out that he owed CHEETAH money instead! All of this in an amazingly awesome shoutout to Jotaro Kujo's fight with Daniel J. D'Arby in Stardust Crusaders.
  • Penny managing to a Talking the Monster to Death with a bunch of What If? Alternate Self versions of her created by an artifact, gaining their knowledge and skills in the process.
  • Ayane finally gaining some control over her the fear effect in her eyes, even after it had been superenhanced by their original owner.
  • Ace standing up to not just Penny's hostile family, but also fighting and driving away the supermonster Gordjira in a glorious air battle.