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Nightmare Fuel / Gold Digger

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For a World of Badass filled with badassery, magic, comedy, and more cheesecake and beefcake than you'll find at a Golden Corral, there's a lot of scary stuff going on.

  • Dreadwing, for example. He's a rapist, a murderer, happily exploits everyone around him, and has committed so many atrocities overall that the entirety of Jade hates him, along with a sizeable-chunk of Earth-based heroes.
  • The UMBRA. It wants to basically EAT reality. It creates alternate worlds by siphoning off the main one to weaken it, EATS these realities and, sparing only a few from the realities it consumes, lying to them and saying it can save their worlds if they help him devour the main one.
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  • One-shot villain Snuggy. She's an amazon breeder (and as such extremely sexy), a powerful mage, an easily tricked nincompoop, and extremely silly, but she's also more dangerous than you might think. Not wanting to go through nine months of being pregnant, she discovered a spell that allows her to give birth instantly once impregnated. This spell does this by sacrificing nine months of the father's lifespan. There's a glitch in this spell, however, that sometimes results in nine centuries being taken instead, instantly reducing her lovers to bone dust. Since being exiled, she's taken up kidnapping, turning local fauna (including an Abyssalisk and a Wabbit, two of the most dangerous animals on Jade) into handsome, anthropomorphic young men which she then brainwashes to provide her with an endless array of children. And she has a literal army of children, all of whom have inherited her natural talent for magic. Her stupidity and lack of ambition are the only things keeping her from being a deadly threat to every handsome dude in the realm.
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  • Someone has been designing hyper-elaborate deathtraps disguised as ancient ruins that make anything Jigsaw has ever come up with look like the old Mousetrap board game. And said designer is escalating, turning entire pocket dimensions into death traps. (One realm was essentially a giant shopping mall where high end fashion items were available at dollar store prices. Everything that shopaholic Brittany bought started turning into bombs.) It's later implied that the designer is making these traps specifically to kill the Diggers sisters...
  • While investigating old ruins, to discover where lost superpowerful evils had disappeared to, Gina and two rivals are trapped in a Lotus-Eater Machine by the pacifistic entity guarding the temple, where they experience nothing but success over and over again, all their dreams coming true... with no effort whatsoever. Gina escapes, thankfully. She then encounters two of the missing warlords, one of them a Kerrigan expy the other a Guardian expy, the two of them having given up on escaping the temple, having grown bored with the constant success the guardian offered them. While watching TV, the two casually talk about their horrific atrocities, mistaking Gina to be an evil warlord as well, one of them forming a television out of the souls he's devoured. They accidentally tune into Gina's memories of how she escaped the guardian's Eternal Success fantasies, and come to the conclusion that the journey is what matters for them as well, each gaining a horrific Slasher Smile. Both try to escape with Gina, who manages to ditch them. But there's still Gina's two other rivals for them to use. Two of the deadliest, most powerful warlords in history, are motivated to do things again...
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  • FRICKEN ABYSSALISKS. Imagine Yiazmat from Final Fantasy XII times a billion. These things scare the crap out of Dreadwing, and the presence of just ONE on the battlefield is enough to cause a Mass "Oh, Crap!" in an army of powerful warriors and mages.
  • Credit to Fred where it's due. In the most recent issue as of this writing, he's managed to combine Star Wars (a society of Taun Taun-like creatures), My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (they're freakin' adorable), and The Thing (1982) in a frightening way. One of the Taun Tauns, named Pewdy Pink, is a baker (which is apparently unusual in their society). Her cakes are actually parasitic organisms that are alive, absorbing heat energy from their victims and in some cases taking their shape. (One of them wears the face of a scientist who came before. For a while, it seems he's become one of the creatures.) Britanny, the Big Girl of the group, accidentally swallows some of the cake parasite, which rapidly absorbs her body heat, body fat, magic, and muscle strength, forcing its way out of her and becoming a clone of Britanny with a lamprey mouth. If it wasn't for the Weaksauce Weakness of the creatures (cold, even the cold of a snowball barrage), Cake!Britanny would have killed Britanny and Kylie...
    • The scariest part? Pewdy is still out there.
  • Madrid was this for Gina for a while after getting herself transformed: A near-perfect copy of Gina, but with none of her scruples, and boundless ambition and avarice. The first time Gina encountered her, after her escape and(unknown to Gina)Heel–Face Turn, Gina was literally horrified. To see her, and nearly forced one of her own friends to kill her. Ironically, it was only after Madrid showed that she had the means to have killed Gina at any time, and hadn't even tried, that Gina realized her turn was genuine.
  • Feast. She's an interdimensional ogre capable of devouring End Game level entities (basically people so strong they've ascended to beyond godhood levels of power). Spellvis and Natasha, having recently absorbed End Game level power, couldn't see her, but they could sense her, her very presence making them too afraid to use their power for fear of being noticed. When Spellvis used his Male Siren voice to save himself from Mikra and Nadeshko's finisher, he accidentally enthralled Feast, who fell in love and began to extend her tendrils into his DNA, yanking him into her world...
  • Gordjira. If you ever thought that a fusion of Alf and Godzilla wouldn't be scary, then you have BADLY underestimated Fred Perry. It is so infamous that the hyper-confident Mikra and Nadesko are terrified of it. It drove an entire race of catlike helpers to extinction by devouring them. It also wants to devour Britanny because she has a similar scent to its favorite food. It is FASTER than Britanny and almost as agile, and its intelligent, too, capable of advanced strategic thinking. And on top of everything else, its damn near invincible, requiring a massive amount of ordnance to make it give up and flee. It had never been bested, only driven off.
    • Its second appearance also gives us this nasty little detail - It is actively hateful and malicious. It started tracking Penny through the trace scent of Britanny on her from a hug she gave her. It eventually figured out that Britanny wasn't there, but kept attacking anyway, reasoning that Penny was probably Britanny's friend and killing her would hurt the werecheetah.