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This series has lots of action in it. But for every awesome moment, there's also a WAFFy moment as well.

  • Tirant broke into a secret facility to rob it...only to rescue Array when he saw what horrible things they were doing to her there. Is it any wonder that she fell in love with him?
    • In a similar manner, mixed with Tearjerker, Tirant Taking the Bullet for Array and their allies, and his dying words to her about how he finally understands what his parents did.
  • In GD #103. Gina is faced with the fact that Madrid, one of her worst enemies, is still alive. At Madrid's request, Penny concealed her discovery of Madrid's existence over the last two years of the time skip, only for Madrid to request to see Gina in order to finally see the "family" which her shared memories with Gina make as close as if they were her own. Gina, however, doesn't believe it, until in the face of her flat refusal, Madrid demonstrates that she'd cracked light-gate technology (which also shows how dangerous Madrid still is, given she shares Gina's knowledge and intelligence as well). This would have allowed her to have simply slid into Gina's life and replaced her (and shunted Gina into the sun) effortlessly if she'd wanted to. Instead, she exits to a self-imposed exile out of Gina's way in the Astral Rifts, thus proving that she'd been telling the truth about her good intentions the entire time. Later on, with only Madrid and Subtracto alone in the Rifts, Madrid receives a surprise guest in the form of Gina, who knew exactly where she went. Gina has set up a barbecue of her family and friends just a short distance from Madrid's campsite...and Madrid is welcome to join whenever she's ready. Given the scene had seemed set to place Madrid out in the Astral Rifts to become her capable and massively powerful future self that'd saved Brittany a few issues earlier as part of a Stable Time Loop, Madrid's teary-eyed hug of her new "sister" is all the more satisfying for the subversion of expectations from this long-time reader.
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  • The ecstatic, overjoyed reaction of Brianna's wildman boyfriend when she announces that she's pregnant.
  • Everyone's reaction when Britanny finally comes home after her year-long exile to another dimension.
  • Gina and Ebenezer Sleake's "nerd-flirting".
  • After Ayane saves Brittany's daughter's life from two deadly Pawns and gets hospitalized in the process, Brit' declares Ayane to be her BFFL (best friend for life). Tiffany is also seen at Ayane's bedside in a flashback, showing her supporting Ayane despite her fear of the wrestler's eyes.
  • Britanny's bank, the Scifi Credit Union. Not only are they all as a one Star Wars cosplayers, they go out of their way to help their customers, using movie references and comparisons to make Brit's credit easy to understand. They even get Britanny to start liking Star Wars a little.
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  • Villain Fauntleroy's parents refuse to let him die. So they arrange for him become V'ayt, one of Gina's students, giving him a chance at a new life.
  • Ryan and Portia getting some ship tease, especially after they bond over their failed attempts to find love elsewhere.
  • Penny's mother, who had been hostile to Ace ever since meeting him and calling him 'Bebop' and other insulting nicknames, finally calling him 'Ace' after he drove off the kaiju that had so recently overwhelmed her own forces. Ace's willingness to risk it all for his wife and child-to-be impressed her.
  • A massive historical robot named 'Playback' hears Gina say 'I'll be right back' as he runs off. It reminds him off Gina's previous self, Glorianna rushing off while saying that and never coming back. But to his delight, all Gina wanted was to get a chair from her campsite so she could sit down and listen to the old robot's stories. The old robot is driven to Tears of Joy before continuing his tales.