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NOW comics

  • Around the middle of the first arc, the new Green Hornet is being held by thugs, and the new Kato (self-selected) comes to his rescue. After the bad guys are down, they proceed to bicker a bit; she criticizes his combat skills, and he snaps that he doesn't need a sidekick. He's on the ground five seconds later.
    Green Hornet: What was that??
    Kato: That was a side kick.

Kevin Smith comics

  • When Reid Jr. and Mulan go out fighting Reid has Mulan's cousin, and mechanic, start making him different costumes. First he dislikes the old costume since he got a dart in the butt. Then he got a spy/pre-Batman Begins costume with night vision, this is thwarted by a thug turning on the lights and blinding him (never mind that's not how goggles like that work). Then he wants something else and it's a caped insect-themed Batman costume (he even replays the entire "I'm Batman" scene). This doesn't work since the thug messes with his cowl and shoves him off the building. After that he finally decides to stick with the original, albeit slightly re-tooled.

The 1966 series

While it resisted the campy elements that made it into the Batman series of the time, it was not without its share of yuk-yuks.


The 2011 movie

  • Kato slipping into Chinese while insanely drunk was pretty funny.
  • "I'm ungassable!"
    • "You brought a gas mask just for yourself?!"
  • Shooting a traffic camera that caught the Black Beauty (which does not have typical license plates) running a red light...with a missile.
  • "You know Shanghai?" "I love Japan!"
  • "Are you serious? It's not Monday right now?!"
  • The job interview with Lenore.
  • "See you in an hour."
  • The last 5 minutes of the film.
  • "I need you to give me a spatula to bite down on and use this knife to dig this bullet out of my meat!"
  • The fight between Britt and Kato, which includes Reid getting a large blanket over him and Kato ramming him with his motorcycle.
  • Britt's 5-minute inner monologue where he slowly but proudly meanders his way into piecing it together.
    "I'm guessing from the dumb look on your face for the last five minutes that you've finally figured this out..."
  • "Kato... I think we're in the hood."
  • Britt shooting Kato with the stun gun.
    • "I'll break the glass, you shoot inside!" "EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!!"
  • When Bloodnofski breaks out his gasmask. "Are you my mummy?"
  • The plan to get Britt to hospital works on enough levels that those who never saw the original ep can appreciate it on its own merits - but it's Lenore and Britt's slapping high fives like kids in the car that sells the whole thing.
    • Before that, Britt makes a speech about DA Scanlon's death, saying that it sucks that he died because he was a great person but "it happens".
  • It's got front-wheel drive!
  • After an elaborate Forging Scene where the Green Hornet gear is created and the Black Beauty rolls out for the first time, the first thing Britt and Kato do is... call up Lenore and ask her what to do next.
  • All the Ho Yay Un-Entendre moments as a whole, but to name just one...
    "Let's not blow this thing out of proportion..."
    "I will blow this guy in any proportion that I like!"
  • During the final highway chase with Chud... BLOODnofsky and his henchmen, Britt takes the time to compliment them on being so well coordinated.
  • Chudnofsky's double take when Kato takes out the Mook standing right next to him.
  • Lenore realizing who the Green Hornet is.
    Lenore: Then why did you ask me all those questions about what the Green Hornet would do?
    Britt: Are you kidding? We don't have any idea what we're doing!
  • Scanlon when he is chasing the Green Hornet all over the street and in the Daily Sentinel building. When he finally corners Britt he is so tired out he could barely stand and remember what he was chasing him for.
    Scanlon: All right Reid hand over the...thing.
  • Britt explaining his plan to Kato.
    Britt: I taped my cell phone to my chest so you can hear me. When I say the secret word "Constantinople", I'll kick the old guy in the nuts and you blow them up with a missile.
  • "What is the one insanely stupid thing every superhero has in common?" "Tights?"
  • At the beginning after Chudnofsky kills the bodyguards of a rival dealer who mocked him then gets some advice for improving his non-threatening image from the guy before walking away. The nervous dealer is Genre Savvy enough to realize he isn't out of the woods yet and loudly "praises" Chudnofsky for his wise decision to Spare a Messenger. It still isn't enough to keep Chudnofsky from detonating a bomb he left behind.