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Heartwarming / The Green Hornet

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The 2011 Film

  • Britt convinced Kato is about to kill him on Scanlon's orders, tells him he's sorry "for everything." Kato whispers he forgives him, before motioning Britt aside so he can point his gun at Scanlon.
  • When he puts the head back on his father's statue after realizing James was a good person the whole time. Very heartwarming. Until he realizes he put the head on crooked.
    • And even then, it's still heartwarming, because he decides he likes it better with the head down—for the first time he feels he can look his father in the eye.
  • Britt's grief after his father's death is very realistic. Even as he's constantly remembering and stewing over his fights with his dad, he's so stressed and full of grief that he can barely function.


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