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Day 1

  • Daichi's attempt to hit on Io.
    Daichi: Uh, well, um... Uh, puppies are adorable, right?
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  • The protagonist, Daichi and Io receive their first death video, showing how the three of them will gruesomely die in a metro crash. Daichi's reaction?
    Daichi: (Dejected portrait) That's pretty good quality. I thought it would look super-cheap.
  • After Joe suddenly comes into the scene and drags Daichi away by his scarf, Daichi gets angry at him. The first thing Joe asks (while smiling) is, "Hey, you mad?"
  • After Daichi's supposed Heroic Sacrifice in the first day everyone is mourning him. Then you hear him cry for help. Everyone looks up and sees him dangling from the overpass.
    Joe: What are you doing up there Daichi?
    Daichi: I jumped out of the truck at the last second you idiot!
    • When Yamato comes across the above scene, his response is a rather nonchalant "You've changed personnel. Did the other young man die?"
  • If you chose Male Tico, he has a habit of starting his tutorials by congratulating the protagonist on still being alive.


Day 2

  • After the group watches Keita's death clip, they sadly don't know where the place of his death is. By following Joe, he relaxes and enjoys the tourist spots. Then an angry woman comes out of nowhere and corrects him about his mispronounciations (it's Biliken, not Miliken!) before walking off. The next time at a different location, he's liking the idea of eating some noodles to rest and says that the people of Osaka call it "ketsune" udon which refers to tenkasu udon, and "tanuki" is the udon with aburaage. Then the same irate woman overhears his wrong facts and corrects him once more, accusing him of spreading misinformation (Osaka's "kitsune" is aburaage UDON, "tanuki" is aburaage SOBA, and nobody calls it "ketsune"!).
    • You find out after the second event that she's not even from Osaka and was trying to get really into it in a month.
  • On Monday before the Protagonist meets Hinako, he and Daichi see her tear the guy who tried to sell Daichi a drink for 3,000 yen a new one, aggressively haggling it down to 100 yen, commenting how Osakans need to look out for each other. The merchant protests it's too low, but she puts down a 100 yen coin and makes her exit. Daichi comments that he actually feels kind of sorry for the guy...
  • Daichi has no tack when asking people about the death clip.
    Daichi: So do you know any huge stairs? Like, I dunno, where a guy might fall and die?
  • After defeating Merak at the end of Monday, Daichi comments that it's finally time for him to go back home and get some rest in his bed. Joe asks him if the bed is for two. Daichi runs away creeped out... but Joe gives chase and drags him by his scarf off-screen.
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  • When the group investigates the damage in Osaka, when faults were brought up by Joe, Daichi mishears it as "malt". You would be then given this prompt:
    "Yeah, I guess I could go for a malt, but what's that got to do with anything?"
    > It is about milkshake o'clock.
    > He said "fault."

Day 3

  • "Operation: Cardboard Box". Apparently Io takes stealth lessons from Solid Snake.
  • The departure of Team Tokyo. After they leave the metro line, Jungo tries to wipe some tears from Airi. She is seen quaking and then delivers a Megaton Punch on him.

Day 4

  • During the physical examinations, the Protagonist can choose to go to the men's area instead of the girls'. Choosing the latter will prompt the Protagonist to be The Peeping Tom with Daichi and Joe while they try to witness the World of Buxom from the shadows.
    • If you didn't join in on their peeping sessions, later while they (mostly Daichi) are trying to conceal their crimes from Makoto, you can help. Or not.
      Makoto: ...How about you? Did you see anything?
      > Yes.
      > No.
      > The evil walks among us / Evil walks among us, Makoto.
  • A JP member talks to Jungo. But then she realizes he's sleeping while standing up. It doesn't really end there. Jungo seemingly wakes up... but he's sleep-talking, thinking the JP member is a customer at his restaurant and you're his boss. She shortly leaves, but you can decide to play along.
  • During Wednesday, a teleporter device of JP's appears to have had a Teleporter Accident when sending you from Tokyo to Osaka, and the Protagonist will, after falling from the ceiling, wind up with Makoto's ass on his face and Otome's ass on his crotch. The funny part is that the Protagonist can let both of them know how much he's enjoying it.
    • And, as a followup, he find out Fumi was worried those using the machine would lose an arm in transport, and when she realizes the Protagonist was one of the people involved, she implies he might have lost more than an arm.
  • A little bit later, Fumi calls you to let you know the terminal has been adjusted and she's sending you the codes to use it. She sent the codes to everyone else too, and apparently "that Jones man" note  called her back and asked her "Can I go to Timor with this?" Fumi's not amused.

Day 5

  • On Thursday the Protagonist is tasked with finding a way to stop Alioth which involves resurrecting Shiva and Kama. Long story short, he needs to go around asking his female teammates to either dance for him or act sexy. All of their responses are worth a chuckle or two. Asking the already Stripperiffic Hinako to act sexy results in this:
    Hinako: Do you really want me to act sexier than I already am? It might get hairy...
    • The game itself warns that: Hinako is right... Asking her to act sexy could be very dangerous...
  • The sequence for summoning Kama is one long CMOF. First, Airi appears to have achieved Epic Fail as the music gets quiet and a soda can rolls along in the wind. Then, when Airi is asked to act sexy, she seems to also achieve Epic Fail as another soda can rolls by. Eventually Fumi decides to add to the sexy factor and the Protagonist and Daichi can all but wolf whistle for this to happen, pissing Airi off, so she almost rips off her top to amp the Fanservice, causing Daichi to have an Oh, Crap! moment (keep in mind that she's a B-cup in a Worldof Buxom), but this actually works, though she doesn't finish doing this before Kama shows up. The funniest part is that is he didn't show up for the Fanservice, but because she has a cute bellybutton.
    You tell Airi about the plan.
    Airi: That slut!/Stupid Hina!
  • Kama's worries won't just stop there. After being taken to Alioth's location, he's threatened to shoot the arrow to Shiva, but he's doing it with the condition that Yamato will make Shiva understand why he did it to stay protected. Once he does it, though, Yamato twists his promise, saying that he will protect Japan instead of him. He then proceeds to magically toss Kama high into the air right in front of Alioth to make sure that Shiva'll shoot them both.
    Kama: (Sees everyone backing away) Huh!? Wait, you said you'd protect me!
    Yamato: Yes, I'll keep my promise. We'll protect Japan, and your memory, once you are gone. (Prepares to send Kama above) ...Goodbye. Take pride in knowing that you can become this nation's foundation.
    • Finally, after this scene, you get the email declaring that Kama can now be fused. Just in case you thought he could've survived.
  • One response to Fumi's talk of waves is "Cowabunga!!". With the Protagonist's face sprite looking REAAAALLY serious like. Fumi's response? "Hmm? Oh very droll."

Day 6

  • If the Protagonist left a small Mizar copy alive, it will try to escape once it's looked at by the characters by jumping down. It seems that it's going to successfully escape, until the Dragon Stream's head, after biting the hell out of Mizar and turning into stone, squashes it.
    • It's even funnier if you're minimizing your turns using New Game Plus demons and end up with four small Mizar copies at the end.
  • Also Daichi if you follow Team Tokyo during the Stake event to Mount Fuji.
    Daichi: "Blergh... I'll never get used to that feeling of— ohsweetmercyit'scold!"
  • Even funnier if the Protagonist goes with Team Nagoya. Fumi gets so cold that she has to be pushed out the door in a rigid pose by Airi after proclaiming that anyone who likes this weather deserves death.
  • Billiken actually shows up on this day, rather forcefully stealing macca from other demons, and after some Kick the Dog moments (in which a Pyro Jack and a Jack Frost get killed), it turns rather comedic when he turns to the rest of the demons (a Cait Sith, Legion, and Pazuzu), and all of them immediately turn to flee.
    • Slightly less amusing if you're aiming to crack Holy Dance, since this is likely to be the first battle you'll see it in: unless you abuse the hell out of the various movement skills, Billiken is scripted to go for the Pazuzu that has it first and kill him in one attack.
    • Joe once again calls Billiken "Milliken".
      Hinako: "It's not 'Milliken'! It's 'Billiken'! With a B, for 'Boy, you're stupid!'"

Day 7

  • On the 7th day, the team has to unseal a demon to deal with the Septentrione of the day. However, the demon, Trumpeter, acts all high and mighty and refuses to cooperate. Fumi's solution? Bash his head in with several laptops.
  • And before the above entry happens, Fumi goes really into detail about what they can do to beat Benetnasch. If you went with Yamato's route, you can clearly see how Keita slowly loses it (with facial expressions) as her long explanation goes on and on. The same happens to Otome if you went with Ronaldo's route.
  • If you chose Ronaldo's route, the Protagonist will be told to search for Trumpeter to cancel Benetnasch's waves which will take you to the Nagoya Branch. Ronaldo and Joe are looking for the document that Yamato had with him about the code to release the demon, and Joe so casually hands it over to Ronaldo. For some reason, though, the document is all sticky, and Ronaldo's paranoid that it's a trap set by Yamato. Except it's not. Joe says that he couldn't find any tissues to clean his nose so the snot on the document is his.
  • At the end of Daichi's Fate route, he is helping Hinako move some things into the JP's dorms. At first, he gets too tired to go on and Hinako has him take a rest and asks the Protagonist to help her with the box the rest of the way. However, Daichi—not wanting to feel pathetic—reconsiders and decides to continue on, lifting the box with a "herculean" display of strength.
    Daichi: "Gaaaaah! It's an armageddon in my vertebrae! It's hellfire! The abackalypse!
    • And then he crashes into a pole.
  • Usually, the Protagonist is uber stoic. However, if you go on the Anguished One's route, the spoilered character is so unnervingly good at doing Stealth Hi/Bye that said Protagonist can actually scream at him "Quit DOING that!", causing them to get really flustered for being a subconscious Paranoia Fuel and end up with a sheepish apology.
    • Alternately, you can simply have the Protagonist yell "Holy crap!", in which case his sprite is a wide-eyed variant of his serious pose, which is one of the few instances in the game this is used. That's right — out of all the crap that happens to him, this is the one thing that gets him to openly freak out.
    • Gets even better (or worse) when Daichi is around. He gets to take part of a teleportation.

Unsorted, Fate Routes, and End-Game

  • During Hinako's Fate route, the Protagonist's responses make her say other stuff, such as her telling him that she knows the salsa dance, which prompts him to ask her if she does the "guacamole". She happily starts telling him how to do said dish before getting frustrated.
    • Or when she comes over in a hurry and he tells her to "Hold your horses".
      Hinako:(Happy) Yee haw! Come on, cowboy, let's get goin'! (Angry) Aaah! This is no time to be playing around!
      • What's more hilarious is that the Protagonist keeps his smiling Aside Glance during the entire scene.
    • Also when she's talking about dancing you can say that you love horses.
      Hinako: "I said 'dance'! Not 'lance'!
    • At the end of her Fate route, Hinako happily suggests that you try pole dancing.
  • During a conversation, Jungo takes an injured cat to Otome. She proposes that they should give it a name, and Jungo names the cat... Jungo because it's the easiest name for him to remember. You can accept the name if you want.
    • And if you do, the conversation gets a little weirder than usual. But on the other hand, so do the rest of his Fate conversations.
    • The description line, "Jungo cogitates deeply..." just drips with sarcasm.
  • During a rioters' meeting, the Protagonist learns that they managed to steal food from JP's. While Ronaldo is celebrating, he quickly gets angered once he spots Joe taking the supplies for himself just because he wanted to have some fun with them, already having eaten a tasty chocolate. To make Ronaldo chill out, Joe shoves a piece of chocolate into his mouth and Ronaldo passes out. The chocolate Joe (forcibly) gave to him randomly had alcohol in it, but he's surprised the guy passed out from that.
    Joe: Yep. There's a fair bit of alcohol in there. Heheh... I feel bad now. (Happy) But to pass out just from that? What a cheap drunk!
    Ronaldo: (Sleep-talking) Uuuuugh... Joe... I'll remember this...!
    Joe: Is he talking in his sleep? Even in his dreams he yells at me!
  • The end of Yamato's Fate route is a bit silly if you ended up taking his side for Meritocracy. He gives everyone an encouraging speech about what will happen next, and then he rewards them all with a tasty meal... takoyaki; the same dish the Protagonist told him to eat and that Yamato enjoyed a lot from the look of things. The meal is so common to eat that the rest of the team is initially speechless when they open the trays.
  • You can try and convince Makoto to take up your cause in the routes she doesn't automatically side with you, and the scene has you shake her hand. In the original game however, you have the option to instead sniff her hand.
  • On the last day in every route except The Anguished One's, if you had defeated Botis and Bifrons before, Black Frost will take their place. And it sounds like it may not just be any Black Frost...
    Black Frost: The messenger of love and justice is here! Time for some magical punishment!
    MC: Frosty!
    Black Frost: ...Ho? What're you saying, ho? You've got me confused with somebody else!
  • If you pick the fourth route, Daichi accidentally bites his tongue during a tense moment before fighting Yamato at the new terminal.
  • If the player chooses to follow along Yamato's Meritocracy idea, this dialogue option when told that, in order to create the world Yamato wants, they need to defeat Polaris, the highest and mightiest of enemies.
    Protagonist: Now this is a Meritocracy!
  • The True Ending has a very CMOA, but then something happens in the middle: as you bid goodbye to each one of your friends while the universe itself goes back to 8 days ago, Jungo comes up offering chawanmushi while Keita is talking to you.
  • At the end of Keita's fate route, he says he's improved thanks in part to you. But not to get the wrong idea or he'll kick your ass. the Protagonist's response? "Whatever you say, bipolar kid." He says it with a SMILE.
    • "...You're on the list. After I kill that idiot Jungo you're next."
    • In Record Breaker, instead of "bipolar", you can outright call him tsundere.
  • Every time you get to make the Protagonist tease Makoto. You can't help but feel a bit sorry for her, but at the same time it's just so much fun to see the normally collected and somewhat stern woman blushing and stuttering.
    • First there are the mornings when she wakes the Protagonist at JP's. The first two times, she accidentally barges into his room without knocking, not realizing that he was probably not yet dressed. He can jokingly call her out on that. The third time, she actually knocks first… but he can call her a pervert anyway. You can just see the poor woman panicking behind that door, not realizing that the Protagonist's just teasing her.
      Makoto: [Protagonist], I'm coming in... I-Is that all right?
      Protagonist: (Smiling) Pervert!
      Makoto: Wh-Why!? I haven't even entered the room yet...!
    • Second is the situation described above, at day four, when she accidentally ends up with her ass on the Protagonist's face after a teleportation that didn't go quite right. When he tell her that he's enjoying the experience and she realizes just where she is sitting on, she literally jumps off. At first she blames him, but she quickly collects herself and apologizes, saying it's not the Protagonist's fault... all the while stuttering heavily and keeping her hand on her butt as if to shield it from further... violation. Then Otome joins in and asks why her face is all red? Makoto wisely doesn't answer.
  • In Yamato's Route on the 8th day, while discussing on how to strengthen the Terminal to reach Polaris, one of the available dialog options is to suggest making a mecha. And the hero takes on the serious expression while doing this. Keita calls him out on joking around.

Triangulum Arc

  • At the start of the Triangulum Arc the Ticos offer to do a synopsis of everything that happened during the Septenrione Arc, if you accept, when they are talking about the Septentriones there is a picture of the various Septentriones on the top screen, and Mizar is getting chomped on by the Dragon Stream.
  • The memory shots of some of the main characters when they recover their memories. Makoto and Otome vividly remember falling on the Protagonist's body, Airi and the incident with Kama, Fumi and laptop-bashing event...
    • Fumi seems to have done a lot more in her Fate route event, where you can see an image of Jungo sitting on the machine, a smoking Daichi sprawled on the floor, and Fumi pulling the Protagonist by his hoodie bunny ears while trying to get away.
  • Daichi having really lewd fantasies about Miyako being the chief of his heart. You can actually keep saying she's Yamato in drag, which causes Daichi to plea for Brain Bleach. And the game will keep giving you opportunities to do so.
  • The Unfortunate Man event has Daichi become the target of an alarm incident he caused, making everyone get so worked up about an attack until they realize it was just Daichi being Daichi. True to the event's title, it was actually Fumi's fault for tinkering with equipment that triggered the alarm, but nobody else decides to forgive Daichi anyway.
  • A scene between Io and Airi talking about clothes, the Protagonist can chime in with a Brick Joke, saying that Airi 'has a cute belly button'.
  • Miyako being utterly embarrassed to be referred as to Miyako-chan by Daichi. He never stops calling her that.
  • Joe teasing the whole group about how many members and what were their names when they were together.
  • Makoto causing confusion among the Protagonist and Otome about what Chief she is talking about. They all agree that calling both "Chief Hotsuin" is too confusing and settle on calling them by their first names, but Makoto protests that it would be so casual to call Yamato as such. They settle for Chief Yamato and Chief Miyako, but Makoto is shown to struggle calling them that anyway...and Otome teases her about it as always.
    • Makoto is oddly a pseudo-Butt-Monkey in this arc if you can endlessly tease her with romantic choices.
  • Fumi trying to do research on the Protagonist. He has the option of letting her take his clothes off. Her having no dignity about No Sense of Personal Space, she sits on his lap and tries to figure out how to take out his jacket's button for a long while. They end up being walked on by Io and Daichi and... Innuendos abound. It helps that this is a rare scene in the game where three characters can be seen on-screen, with Fumi standing really close on the Protagonist.
    • Fumi gives up on unbuttoning his button that she decides on a scalpel. The text reads the Protagonist senses dread and sneaks away.
  • Fumi tries to test out a machine to make a backup of the soul. She tricks Daichi into thinking it will make him smarter, but then he's horrified to learn Fumi arranged Otome for brain surgery to prepare him (and also tells him he'll have to put up a bald look for a while). Naturally, he runs away.
    • Naturally, she tries to get the Protagonist as a replacement for it, of course!
  • The last Fumi-centric event has her test out her memory saving machine on Jungo and Daichi. Prior to even getting to her room, several explosions occur. One by one, a really dazzled Jungo can't even remember what chawanmushi is and thinks it's an arcane word, and Daichi has...a really strange sense of predicting the weather.
    • After being confronted about it by Otome saying that they look broken, Fumi tries to pass it off as them being their usual selves.
  • Fumi treating Makoto like her servant and shooing her nonchalantly.
    • Leading to Otome treating Fumi like a child to make her go to eat something, which Fumi retorts by saying human progress would fall behind by 3,000 years if she stopped right now.
  • Operation: Return of the Cardboard Box. Full stop. It starts and ends with Io panicking and tackling the poor JP's agent out of consciousness, instead of actually sneaking at all.
  • The 48 ways Jungo is able to interpret Keita's "crush you" comments. They all are positive remarks.
    • He even calls Keita the tsundere boxer, which he admits he is.
    • Keita doesn't know what the hell "deredere" means.
  • Ronaldo trying to reform Keita into being an outstanding citizen with hard exercise routines. Problem is, Keita has done all that already. It ends with Ronaldo somehow joining Keita on his exercise routine.
  • In the Bonus Boss fight, the Fusion Dance result of the Ticos... It's the male Tico carrying the female Tico on one hand. The Protagonist can call them out on it for cheating or say it was awesome.
  • Daichi playing Evil Beater when Miyako notices the 3DS-like device and comments that it looks like a tool for missile guidance. You can agree with her on that.
  • The event where you unseal Aramisaki. Her actions in general are hilarious, but the best part is you can pick any one of your teammates to unseal her with you and they all provide a laugh. Special mention must go to Joe who takes it all in stride.
    • Aramisaki being jealous in general and then treating the protagonist as her lover. And the player can decide to play along, including inviting Aramisaki to possess his body and calling her 'pookie'.

Outside storyline

  • Some of the Demon Auction lines from demons selling themselves are pretty amusing:
    1-star Dragon Python (Useless Prophecy): My pRophecY iS thAt I wiLL sUuUuuCK!
    2-star Ghost Tenong Cut (Trapped Spirit): I come through the ground. Stupid asphalt...
    2-star Jaki Ogre (Dumped Demon): Just got dumped. Hey, do you know anyone?
    3-star Dragon Toubyou (Clean Bottle): ME IN BOTTLE. HANDLE WITH CARE!
    5-star Touki Gozuki (Sentencing Bull): I'll show you the sentences of Hell! Don't be scared.
  • Try buying a demon from the auction that you can't afford.
    Jack Frost: That isn't enough Macca...I'm worried about your lifestyle, ho.
  • Some of the things said by demons when they are fused/created from the fusion can also be hilarious.
    Ubelluris: I'm soOOo dIm-wiTTeDddDDDd i pRoBAbly woN't reALiZe I'vE beEn fUSEd!
    Ogre: My name is Ogre. I am known for my brute strength and shit for brains.
  • Some people find it hilarious that the demon based off of Joan of Arc is weak to fire.


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