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  • Chuck's phone playing Any Way You Want It by Journey at a crucial, life-threatening moment.
  • Any time Casey shares a scene with Ronald Reagan's photograph.
  • The Irene Demova virus.
  • Combining CMoF with CMoA would be Casey taking down an enemy spy with a FLYING MICROWAVE TO THE HEAD in "Chuck Versus the Tango."
    Casey: That's what I call moving some merchandise.
  • The entire sequence in "Chuck Versus the Truth" with the Truth Serum which will slowly kill them, right after they get a single dose of the antidote.
    Casey: You're a good person Chuck, and I respect that, but I've got a job to do now take that before I shove it down your throat!
    Chuck: Okay. Okay, fine. Fine. I'll do it.
    Sarah: Thank you.
    Chuck: I'll pretend to agree to take it and then I'll run like hell to my sister's room and make her take it! Why did I just say that out loud?
    Sarah: It's the poison. It makes you tell the truth.
    Casey: You do that and I'll give chase, put a gun to your head and threaten to pull the trigger if you don't.
    Chuck: Would you really shoot me?
    Casey: No.
    • Let's not forget:
    Chuck: Casey, your jaw was chiseled by Michelangelo himself.
    • And when Ellie has been poisoned:
    Sarah: Ellie, are you okay? Have you done anything unusual today?
    Ellie: (beat) ...Words taste like peaches.
    • Not to mention much of the sequence where they were infected with the serum was set to 'Toxic' by Britney Spears.
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  • So much of "Chuck Versus the Alma Mater".
    Chuck: This place has it in for me!
  • Chuck getting drugged in "Chuck Versus the Nemesis." Sarah bends over him in concern:
    Chuck: [Playing with her hair] "Ahhhh..."
    [Casey bends over him]
    Chuck: "AAARRGH! NOT PRETTY!....UGLY!"
  • Another fantastic one in "Chuck Versus the Nemesis" when they're all sharing what they're grateful towards during a Thanksgiving dinner. Chuck interesting technique in tipping Casey off.
    Chuck: "I'm thankful that Bryce Larkin is dead. And is not currently in my bedroom making out with my new girlfriend.
    Casey: (Coughs) Excuse me, please. (Heads to Chuck's bedroom to kill Bryce)
    Morgan: Wow, buddy, that was, um, really dark...
    Awesome: And specific!
  • The ending of "Chuck Versus the Break-Up", because of the amount of resignation in Chuck's voice.
    Chuck: I hate Bryce Larkin...
  • In "Chuck Versus The First Date", Chuck walks into the bathroom and sees Awesome and his sister in a position he'd rather not.
    • The whole beginning of the episode:
    Colt: [After Chuck gives him a recap of the show's premise] "...That is the dumbest story I've ever heard."
    • When Sarah and Casey show up while Colt is dangling Chuck over the edge of a building:
    Sarah: "Wait, not out the window!"
    Casey: "Aren't we picky?"
  • Casey going undercover at SarahJenny's High School Reunion as the DJ, and dancing to MMMBop by Hanson.
  • Sarah tells Chuck she has personal plans for the evening in "Chuck Versus the DeLorean." Chuck follows her to find out what's going on. Sarah reveals that she has set up a program designed specifically to sound an alarm on her phone if Chuck decides to stalks her.
  • Chuck's first attempt at interrogation:
    Bryce: "Where's the real Chuck?"
    Chuck: [Turns back to the one-way-mirror] "I'd like to get out now."
  • When Casey gets bemused looks after he is able to produce a high C on demand:
    Casey: Choir boy. [even more baffled looks] What? I wasn't hatched.
  • Three simple words from "Chuck Versus the Gravitron:" "Unleash the Casey."
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  • General Beckman visits Los Angeles and Chuck's apartment complex for the first time since the series has started, and the first thing he notes about her:
    Chuck: Wow, Beckman is tiny.
  • The absurdly sexy gun-cleaning scene from "Chuck Versus the Broken Heart," complete with lustful looks, pipe-cleaners sliding into barrels, slowly screwing on the silencer... I'll be in my bunk.
    • Casey and Alex: "I dream of killing that man".
    • Chuck and the villain of week both getting high on nitrous oxide:
    Villain: (stopping midway through attacking him with a scalpel and unleashing a high pitched giggle) "I don't even remember why I was mad at you! (waves scalpel around) I'm, I'm gonna cut you! (definitely busts a gut laughing)"
  • Casey in "Chuck Versus the Angel de la Muerte," loopy on anesthesia. He goes from a very gruff, angry, "No! No!" to a giggly, touchy-feely, "Ooooh!" in .02 seconds. And upon awakening, his first words are a smiley, "Heh, hey Chucky..."
  • In "Chuck Versus Operation Awesome," Chuck discovers exactly how awesome Awesome is not at lying, culminating in:
    Ellie: Oh, my God! You were attacked by a BEAR!
    Chuck: (makes "cut" motions with his hand at his neck, meaning "stop talking")
    Awesome: YEAH! And I j... I... cut off its head!
    Chuck: (quietly facepalms)
    Awesome: Yeah, babe, I...I had to decapitate the bear. ...In self defense! ...In order to survive! I'm just...glad you weren't there to see it. It was really grisly.
  • Again from "Operation Awesome": The scene with gay security guard Julius in which Devon is Mistaken for Gay.
  • "Nacho Sampler" ends in a call back to the Pilot episode, with Sarah walking into the Buy More, thinking Chuck is an easy mark she'll wrap around her little finger before the day is over. Becomes funny when you realize it was actually Chuck who unwittingly seduced her in about five minutes.
  • In the middle of a tense Mexican Standoff, the Director interrupts with the nonchalant snarking that only Mark Sheppard can pull off.
    Sarah: Okay, nobody move. We can all die here today.
    The Director: YOU can all die here today, personally I have dinner reservations.
  • General Beckman's reaction to the Relationship Upgrade:
    "I must caution you that allowing your private life to interfere with your professional one can be dangerous... but off the record, it's about damn time." (click)
  • Shaw's deadpan "Muhaha" in "Chuck Versus the Ring, Part II."
  • In "Chuck Versus the Suitcase," Morgan's presentation about how the new Buy More is too efficiently run, in the form of a monologue as he strolls through the Buy More as he attempts to cause chaos, but the CIA agents hired to run the store as a substation keep fixing everything before anything happens, using all sorts of crazy stuntwork and precise timing. It helps when one of the new Buy More employees is The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.
    Kid: I don't wanna be an astronaut anymore, Mommy. I wanna work at the Buy More.
    Greta: First you have to finish school, little man.
  • Jeff & Lester's first scene in season 4 has several within three minutes.
    Lester: We are not the boys you are looking for.
    Morgan: These are not the boys we are lo— Hey, cut it out!
    • Lester protesting that people have been following them for months after they were accused of blowing up the Buy More, and Casey asking how Lester knows that they weren't just driving behind them.
    • Lester coming to the assumption that they need Jeff & Lester, so starts demanding a pay rise, the company car & over privileges. Casey promptly shoots him with a tranq gun & Lester drops like a rock, before Casey tries tranqing Jeff... And nothing happens, although Jeff remarks "I think my water just broke", leading to the disgusted Casey firing more tranq darts at Jeff, waiting for Jeff to fall over, before firing more tranq darts. When Jeff remains standing, Morgan just puffs on him & he falls over.
  • The "Aisle of Terror" in the episode of the same name:
    • To start with, it was designed by JEFF AND LESTER, using the results of a study Jeff was once in, involving things even the most deranged, fearless lunatics are afraid of. It serves as a Chekhov's Gun which gets turned on Robert Englund, of all people. However, while the most deranged, fearless lunatics may be afraid of everything being shown, for your everyday person it's a list of things that may or may not kinda be disturbing.
    • Bonus points go to the oh-so terrifying baby in a snail costume and Chuck's high-pitched, half-terrified/half-adoring voice during the sequence.
      Chuck: Old people! Black licorice! Man feet! OTTERS!
    • Chuck's reaction to Casey and Sarah arriving to rescue him after his mother forces him into her car at gunpoint as a means of turning over Englund's character. Not only the words, but Chuck's delivery makes it priceless.
      Sarah: Chuck?! How did you get here?
      Chuck: My mom dropped me off.
  • In "Chuck Versus The Fear Of Death," pretty much any scene where Lester and Jeff are stalking Greta, or Greta has to whip out her knife.
    I'm getting annoyed by this. I have a way of dealing with annoying things. It's pleasant...but only for me.
  • In "Chuck Versus the Leftovers," the first time Volkoff discovers Chuck is his right hand woman's son and immediately goes from trying to kill him to wanting to go to Thanksgiving Dinner with him. This just gets better as, a couple of scenes later, Volkoff is playing Charades (and making strange motions, including galloping and dancing), complete with slow motion and "In the Hall of the Mountain King" playing in the background.
    • How can you not laugh at Volkoff kissing Chuck and Chuck's face?
  • In "Chuck Versus the Balcony" Sarah getting wind of Chuck's proposal plan, and confronting the hapless Morgan, demanding to know what he knows, and recruiting him for her own purposes.
  • In "Chuck Versus the Push Mix", Volkoff describing his personal boat, or in his terms, his "floating fortress of fun". It comes equipped with anti-air missiles and an old-fashioned ice cream parlor!
  • The first time we see Team Bartowski in "Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible" is a POV shot from baby Clara with everyone standing over her crib making gooey faces. When Clara starts crying, Casey proclaims "I'm outta here" and makes towards the kitchen. There's also his hilarious reaction to mistakenly believing Alex is pregnant, and Chuck, Sarah and Casey desperately realising they need a mission when the rest of the Bartowski family start planning Chuck and Sarah's wedding.
    Chuck: No! General Beckman was a dirty blonde?
    Roan: It was The '80s. everyone was dirty blonde.
  • Chuck and Sarah discussing wedding plans while robbing "The First Bank of Evil" from the eponymous episode.
    Chuck: I'm so glad you found a dress, that's awesome, and I bet you look gorgeous in it—DON'T BE A HERO, MY FRIEND, I WILL BREAK YOUR FACE!
  • From "Chuck Versus the A-Team:"
    Sarah: Chuck? Are you about to disarm a nuclear bomb using fruit juice?!
    • The best part of it is probably Sarah's unhesitating acceptance of this when Chuck confirms it.
    • Or the incredibly goofy grin on Chuck's face when he nods in response.
  • Somali pirates gambling on Uno in "Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff."
  • Sarah attempting to imitate Chuck's flash-face in "Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner." It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Chuck and Morgan humming and air drumming the Imperial March to get Morgan psyched up before a mission.
  • Chuck and Morgan kidnap someone and take them to the apartment.
    Are we in a bathroom?
    No! This is Hell!
  • Chuck kissing Casey to save him from a virus in "Chuck vs. The Ex".
    Casey: I served my country with honor. Please... let me die with dignity!
    • As well as Chuck's reaction after Jill reveals that doing so was completely pointless and wouldn't have any effect.
  • Even the RING had it's moments.
    Vincent: We detected a computer signal similar to the one Orion used in Hong Kong. We've traced it to a retail store in Burbank, California.
    RING Elder: Is it a Buy More?
    Vincent: Yes. Would you like me to pick something up for you?
  • Volkoff just has too many of them.
  • Ellie showing her inner Wedding Planner-Zilla.
    Morgan, you had better have extra twinkle lights. I want this place to look magical. MAGICAL!
    • Not to mention Sarah turning bridezilla.
    Ellie: I've created a monster!
  • Chuck vs. The Gravitron when he was pinched by Casey for making kissy noises on the phone.
  • "Chuck vs. The Couch Lock"
    • A drugged Casey accidentally calling Jeff for help.
      Casey: I'll be in the dumpster.
      Jeff: Don't worry I know that dumpster.
    • The bad guys putting Casey's tracking device on a cat.
      Chuck (on the phone): They put it on a what? No, don't shoot it!
    • Morgan telling Casey he's been Alex, in order to bring Casey out of 'couch lock'. The look on Casey's face and the background music is absolutely hilarious!
  • Chuck and Morgan at a stripper pole dance class thing in "Chuck vs. the Leftovers". Morgan's a little too good at the pole.
  • The woman who talks on her cellphone in "Chuck vs. The Wedding Planner".
    (In a deadpan tone) "Oh my God, this guy just exposed himself to a woman on the Super Shuttle".
  • Jeff and Lester stalk Shaw.
    Jeff: Stalkers log. Stalkie is getting in a gray van with another male possibly for a sexual encounter. Both men are physically fit. Should be lively.
    Lester: Don't make me be afraid to be alone with you.
  • The pilot had the one where Sarah dressed as a burglar tries to steal Chuck's computer. Morgan throws stuff at her but she keeps deflecting them and hits Chuck.
  • Riley reading Volkoff's will to Vivian in a faux-British accent. He worked on that accent for two weeks! At Volkoff's insistence, of course.
  • "In a World... filled with awkward Chuck and Sarah moments, comes a moment so awkward".
  • In "Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips", we have Chuck resorting to pulling down Morgan's pants, to allow Sarah to tranquilize him.
  • Also in the same episode, Casey & Gertrude's hot 'slap slap kiss' fight, which ends in Casey raising his gun barrel in a haunting way in front of Gertrude's face. While she's in handcuffs.
  • There's also Sane!Jeff having none of Lester's usual shenanigans and refusing to go along with it.
  • Big Mike's response to Morgan's complaint that he and Mrs. Grimes are too loud during sex.
    You can't expect to move into the forest and then complain that the wildlife make too much noise. It's beautiful and natural, and frequent.
  • "Chuck vs Tom Sawyer" (funniest episode ever) has a few such as Emmett seeing Chuck and Jeff hanging out
    (to his tape recorder) "I have observed the following Buy More violations: Misappropriation of the Home Theater room, consumption of alcohol after hours and lewd use of a musical montage."
    • Later Chuck had to stash Jeff at his apartment, much to Ellie and Sarah's chagrin.
      Jeff: "Wassup, ladies? (to Chuck) You take the brunette. I'm gonna take a crack at the blond"
    • Then the morning after.
      Chuck: (to Jeff) "Wild night, huh? We drunk, you got smashed, we just watched and it was very awkward."
    • Chuck persuades Morgan to help.
      Chuck: "Who was the president of the high school audio/visual club? Who was a roadie for Mamma Mia! for 4 straight summers? Who owns his own smoking machine?"
      Morgan: "I do, okay? Jeff is a loser, dude".
  • "Chuck Versus the Kept Man" provides a good number of them.
    • First off is Sarah lampshading her position as Ms. Fanservice.
      Sarah: Do you know how many skimpy outfits I have had to put on for this team? Did you hear me complain when I had to put on a catsuit, or a seven-inch platform high-heels, or a belly-dancing outfit?
      Casey: (opens mouth to respond, then realizes:) ...Belly-dancing? (quirks head)
      Sarah: ...okay, that was private. Look, just put on the banana hammock and stop whining.
    • Shortly thereafter, Sarah encounters a Primal Scene that...well:
      Verbanski: (offscreen) You've been a naughty, naughty colonel.
      (a spank, followed by Casey grunting, as Sarah looks queasy and rushes out the door)
      Chuck: (catching up with Sarah) Sarah, what's wrong?
      Sarah: Everything. It's all wrong.
    • All of Verbaski's brazen ways of seducing Casey.

  • "Chuck Versus Bo", the whole scene of Intersect!Morgan partying. It starts off with him arriving at a cabin and annnouncing to everyone there: "WHO WANTS TO PARTY WITH THE FRICKING INTERSECT!"
    • Every scene involving the Vail Buy More, as we see that there's a group eerily similar to the Burbank Buy Morons.
    • Casey, in general, once again brings the laughs, especially with his reaction upon having to go to the Vail Buy More to complete the final mission.
    Casey: I'm never getting out of this place.
    • Sarah pointing out that Casey gets shot a lot, with his counter argument that it's not a lot considering how often he's shot at. Chuck, Sarh & Morgan all collectively hum as they take stock of that.
    • The discussion of Retirony
    Sarah: So there's a stolen Intersect out there somewhere.
    Casey: Guess we're not retired after all.
    Sarah: Well, it doesn't change the plan. It just means we have one last mission.
    Morgan: What?!
    Chuck: Nooooooo!
    Casey: My God, Walker.
    Sarah: What?
    Chuck: Things never turn out well when you say "one last mission!"
    Sarah: Is this because of some stupid movie?
    Chuck & Morgan: YES.
    Casey: You never say "one last mission."
    Chuck: Never!

  • While Jeff and Lester's Big Damn Heroes moment from "Chuck Versus the Bullet Train" is a certifiable Moment of Awesome, it's got it's hilarious moments too. Particularly when we see Jeff and Lester armed to the teeth with weaponry from Casey's Crown Vic, and threatening the baddie, while Canada's national anthem plays in the background.
    Casey: Your country needs you!
    Lester: Canada?
  • While "Chuck Versus Sarah" is more of a dramatic (and quite frankly, dark) episode, something has to be said about Morgan fooling around with an invisibility cloak that he stumbles upon while the Carmichael team infiltrates the DARPA building to destroy the Intersect once and for all.
    Devon: I think we're being Midwesterners.
  • As to be expected, the Grand Finale "Chuck Versus the Goodbye" has its moments.
    • Captain Awesome covering Clara's eyes the moment he realizes Grandma Frost has a gun out.
    Devon: Grandma, what did we say about guns around baby Clara?
    [Frost lowers her gun]
    Frost: That it's a no-no. I'm sorry!
    • Pretty much any time Frost switches back and forth between her 'super-spy' and 'loving grandmother' personas.
    • Jeffster get to be the Big Damn Heroes by playing "Take On Me". Especially Beckman's WTF look to Casey.
    Casey: [Deadpan] We're doomed.
    • Chuck screwing up the mission as only he can. By shooting down Casey's helicopter. (with the Colonel's own Desert Eagle, no less!)
    • Big Mike's reaction to Jeff & Lester telling him about what Chuck's really been up to for 5 years. Especially the extended version from the Extended Cut on the DVD.
    Big Mike: Let me get this straight - Chuck Bartowski is a spy, and he runs a spy company underneath the Buy More; Sarah & Casey work with him; and my step-son, Morgan Grimes, is also a spy.
    Lester: Didn't you get that important part was that we saved the day? We'll go again.
    Big Mike: Oh, I heard you. But do I believe you? Not one word, boys. Not one word.
  • Back in season 4 when Awesome and Ellie walked in the Buy More looking all beat up.
    "What happened to you two?"
    "We had a baby".
  • Danny Pudi and Yvette Nicole Brown's cameo in S5E5.
  • Chuck starting to dance in "Chuck vs. The Angel De La Muerte".
  • The Alias parody in season 5. Lester in drag running in slo-mo to throbbing techno music.
  • One line of dialogue in "Chuck Versus the Santa Suit" takes the Crown:
    Beckman: Pucker up, Bartowski, you're about to become a man.
  • In "Chuck vs. the DeLorean:"
    Chuck: [on the phone with the police] "I'd like to report a stolen 1982 DeLorean, license plate 'D.E.M.O.R.G.A.N.'" Beat "No, this is not a prank call."
  • In Chuck vs. the Ring Part II, Casey finds Alex's phone number in Morgan's pocket and immediately goes into full-bore Overprotective Dad mode:
    Casey: "Eyes dilating...shortness of breath...clammy like her!"
  • "Chuck vs. The Family Volkoff" had him reading A Game of Thrones.
    Chuck: Eddard, you can't let the kids keep direwolves as pets. That's a terrible idea!
  • Ellie and Awesome's wedding is ruined. So Casey pulls in his marine friends to perfectly decorate it. Not in Camo or Ronald Reagan items, it looks like a real wedding. Casey even shoots down colors because they would clash. (Also CMOH)
  • Of course, nothing tops the show's ridiculous, loving reference to The Court Jester.
    Chuck: Sir, sir hi excuse me! I'm terribly sorry but I believe there's been a mix-up downstairs and you've received the wrong glass of wine. That's actually the Burgundy from Bordeaux with the coil on the foil and the fork on the cork.
    Wine Connoisseur : What? That does not make sense. They are both regions! This is the peppery pinot! With a stable on the label and a stork on the cork. In fact, I have been waiting to taste this exact bottle for two decades! (raises the glass towards his mouth)
    Chuck: Stop! I didn't want to tell you this, but there is...SOMETHING in your wine!
    Wine Connoisseur : Yes... There IS something in the wine. Two hundred years of French history! The blood and sweat of my ancestors! The pride of nobles and peasants alike! You, sir, wouldn't know the difference between this and a glass Two-Buck-Chuck!
    Chuck: First off, I happen to like Two-Buck-Chuck! Great bang for your buck! Second of all, you are a danger close to becoming a walking cliche sir.
    Wine Connoisseur : Good-bye! (Chuck snatches the wine) My pinot!


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