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  • Season 1
    • 'Chuck vs. the Nemesis', following up on the Wham Shot from the previous episode. In no particular order, Bryce's reasons for destroying the Intersect and sending it to Chuck are made clear, FULCRUM is revealed, Chuck and Sarah's relationship is put on hold, Chuck gets in on the action for the first time, and we find out Chuck knows Klingon.
  • Season 2
    • When Jill is revealed as a baddie in "Chuck vs. the Fat Lady," though as she is the ex-girlfriend, some people may have seen this coming.
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    • The season 2 Christmas episode. FULCRUM stages a hostage crisis in order to interrogate Chuck on who the Intersect is, ending with Sarah killing one of the FULCRUM members in cold blood... right in front of Chuck.
    • In "Chuck vs the Dream Job", Chuck finally meets his father, and learns that he is ORION.
    • "Chuck vs The Colonel" is a big one. General Beckman ends the Intersect project and plans to put Chuck in lockdown, prompting Chuck and Sarah to go AWOL and try to find his kidnapped father. Casey gets promoted to Colonel and is asked to find and kill them, only for Devon to stumble into his headquarters and learn the truth about Chuck. However, at the end of the episode, Chuck and Sarah get their lives back when they find his father, get the Intersect out of Chuck's head, and blow up a major FULCRUM base all in one go. And if that's not enough, Emmett takes over the Buy More as manager, prompting Morgan to quit and move to Hawaii with Anna.
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    • Chuck vs The Ring is even crazier, as it was originally intended to be the Grand Finale. During Ellie and Captain Awesome's long-awaited wedding, it's revealed that FULCRUM is only part of a larger organization called The Ring. They come close to getting access to the new Intersect, only for Chuck to download it into his head, learning how to fight in the process. Also, Bryce dies, Chuck's father has an Intersect in his head, and Chuck quits his job at the Buy More.
  • Season 3
    • Chuck vs The Beard: Morgan learns that Chuck is a spy.
    • Chuck vs The Tic Tac: After going rogue in order to protect his wife from The Ring, Casey is fired from the NSA, but not without learning that he has a daughter.
    • Chuck vs The Other Guy was originally supposed to be the Season 3 finale, which explains why it ended up being one of the most pivotal episodes in the series. Upon learning that Sarah killed his wife, Shaw undergoes a Face–Heel Turn and joins The Ring. Shaw almost kills Sarah as revenge, until Chuck comes and shoots him dead. This is the first time that Chuck had deliberately killed someone in the entire series. The episode ends with Chuck and Sarah heading to Paris to start their relationship. In addition, Casey captures the director of The Ring and uses him to get his job back, and Morgan gets to join Chuck's spy team.
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    • Chuck vs The Living Dead. After a fairly standard episode, the reveal that Chuck is dying unless his father can finish the device to fix him is pretty good. But the last five minutes open up a bunch of game-changing cliffhangers for the coming finale. After spending the episode being convinced by a Ring agent that John Casey is rogue NSA, Ellie knocks him out with a frying pan and is put in "protective custody" by the Ring, becoming a hostage. And if that wasn't enough of a cliffhanger, we see that the Ring has completed their own Intersect, and it is being uploaded into someone who the computer acknowledges as Daniel Shaw.
    • Chuck vs The Subway. Daniel Shaw really is alive! And there are so many Ring operatives inside the CIA that he is literally able to march into the middle of a debriefing, after having been revealed as a traitor, and everyone accepts what he says as truth. He shuts down the Intersect Operation, including having Sarah, Casey and General Beckman arrested, and Chuck and his father have to go on the run. Even better because the line that really shows how screwed they are doubles as a Wham Line, when Shaw enters the debriefing.
      • And that's just the first few minutes of the ninety-minute-long finale, in which:
      • Shaw kills Chuck's father.
      • Ellie learns that Chuck is a spy and gets him to quit at the end of the episode.
      • The Buy More is blown up.
      • Shaw is defeated by being outed as a traitor and murderer to the entire world.
      • Casey tells Alex that he's her father, and she ends up hitting it off with Morgan.
      • And, saving the best for last, Chuck's mom is alive!
  • Season 4
    • "Chuck vs The First Fight": Agent Frost's MI6 handler played by Timothy Dalton turns out to be Volkoff himself. He then proceeds to blow up all of Orion's work and temporarily stop the Intersect from working.
    • But probably the biggest wham came in Chuck vs The Push Mix, in which:
      • Ellie gives birth.
      • Sarah's undercover assignment ends.
      • Chuck's mum finally escapes Volkoff's organisation...
      • Orion is still alive...
      • But wait! It was Chuck himself all along! A plan which resulted in Volkoff playing right into his hands!
      • And then Chuck proposes to Sarah, who appears to accept.
      • In short, pretty much every ongoing plot thread in the whole frickin' show is tied up in 42 minutes flat, as no-one expected NBC to renew the show for Season 5, or green light any further episodes for Season 4. NBC gave them another eleven episodes halfway through the season.
    • The actual Season 4 finale, Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger has its own share of wham-tastic moments, including:
      • Chuck quitting from the CIA's employment in order to save Sarah, who had been poisoned.
      • In relation to the above, the CIA's representative has the Intersect removed from Chuck.
      • Chuck and Sarah get married...
      • ...and start up their own spy business.
      • But apparently, there's a larger conspiracy at play, as Chuck learns from the CIA representative.
      • Did we mention that Morgan now has the Intersect in his head by episode's end?
  • Season 5
    • In Season 5, the 2nd episode, Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit, we get one hell of a Wham in the form of the Intersect not functioning appropriately in Morgan's head, causing the guy to lose sight of who he is.