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In ChuckleVision, there is always bound to have a moment that'll make you chuckle.

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    Series 1 to 10 
  • In the Series 4 episode "Telephone Traumas", Paul and Barry are setting up a telephone pole. This Running Gag when Barry has to walk over to Paul to ask "Pardon?"
    Paul: 1, 2, 3, up! (He then tries to lift the pole, but only Barry hasn't lifted up the pole and walks over to Paul.)
    Barry: Pardon?
    Paul: What?
    Barry: Can you speak up? Only it's a long way down this pole and I can't hear you down from the other end.
    (Barry walks back down to the end of the pole.)
    Paul: (louder) 1, 2, 3, up!
    (Paul tries lifting it again, but Barry didn't lift up the pole and instead walks back to Paul.)
    Barry: A little bit louder, please. Thank you.
    (He then goes back to his end of the pole.)
    Paul: (even louder) 1, 2, 3, UP!
    (He then tries again, but Barry didn't lift up the pole again and walks over to Paul again.)
    Barry: There's no need to shout, I'm not deaf.
    (Paul stands up menacingly at Barry who then goes back to his end of the pole.)
    • When they successfully lift the pole:
    Paul: Now, put your bottom in the hole.
    (Barry drops his end of the pole and walks over to Paul.)
    Barry: Pardon?
    Paul: Put your bottom in the hole. (Barry is confused about what Paul said for five seconds) Your end of the pole!
    Barry: Oh.
  • In the Series 6 episode "Grand Hotel", Paul orders a bathtub and it arrives outside the mill. In his absence, Barry runs the water in the bathtub and has a bath. As Barry goes to the sleep in the bath, Paul comes back and unknowingly hoists the bathtub with Barry up to the top of the mill. It's then Paul realizes that Barry is in the bath and tells to come down here.
    Paul: looking around) Barry? Barry?
    Barry: (from the bathtub) Paul? (He realises that he is up in the air in the bath)
    Paul: Where are you?
    Barry: I'm up here!
    (Paul looks up and does a Double Take)
    Paul: What are you doing up there?!
    Barry: I'm having a bath.
    Paul: Well, get down here immediately.
    Barry: I can't!
    Paul: What do you mean? There's no such word as "can't".
    Barry: Well, you have to give us a hand.
    Paul: Well, just get down here. And whatever you do, don't— (Paul was cut short when Barry pulls the plug and water streams down on all over Paul.) ...pull the plug out.
  • In the Series 6 episode "The Bells", there is a Running Gag throughout the episode whenever a bell ends up lost of destroyed, Paul and Barry replace their goggles back on their faces and head back to the mill to forge a replacement.
  • In the Series 8 episode "Steeple Chucks" there is a Running Gag whenever No Slacking gets his clothes ruined and tattered due to the brothers' explosive antics, he has to go home to change his clothes.
    • Much earlier when Paul and Barry go to Dan the Van to protest of their jobs of knocking down a chimney.
    Paul: Now, look here Dan. What would you say if I was to tell you that we weren't going to knock down that chimney?
    (Cut to Paul and Barry now hanging by their feet in the prison cell, without their shirts.)
    Barry: Mind you, suppose you can't see his point of view.
  • In the Series 10 episode "Safari Park Keepers", after the elephant had blocked the water hose pipe, Barry attempts to dislodge the blockage. While doing so, Paul, who was holding the end of the hose, ends up being drenched.
    • This exchange when No Slacking gives them a task of feeding the lions.
    No Slacking: I need you two to feed the lions.
    Barry: Can't you give them meat instead?
    No Slacking: Not feed you to the lions! Although if you don't watch it...
    • Much later, in the scene where No Slacking (with his suit torn to rags) reprimands Paul and Barry for endangering the lives of visitors after they accidentally let a lion loose from the territory. We have this exchange:
    No Slacking: What you pair need is a good dressing down!
    Barry: Oh good, I need new dressing gown. Can I have a new pair of pajamas as well?
    No Slacking: Not "dressing gown", "dressing down"!


    Series 11 to 21 
  • In the Series 14 episode "Run Robot Run", whilst escaping from a robot, Paul and Barry attempt to get No Slacking's attention by dumping some flan filling onto him, but subsequently ignores them. The last attempt by dumping the flan whole on No Slacking's head, doesn't seem to get him to look up either. He does eventually when they are waving.
  • The entire premise of "The Whole Tooth", where Barry swallows a fly.


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