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Going on for as long as it has and with Loads and Loads of Characters, it's no surprise that the fans would have some favorites.


  • Stevonnie is a popular Fusion for their androgyny, as well as representing the relationship between Steven and Connie with a personality that's an adorable mix of the two's traits. Their spotlight episode was warmly welcomed by the show's LGBT demographic and was met with much rejoicing for their five seconds of screentime in "We Need to Talk" and their starring episode, "Jungle Moon". Being an Adorkable All-Loving Hero who's a strong enough warrior to potentially be the true successor to Rose Quartz certainly helps.
  • Sardonyx became overwhelmingly popular practically overnight, due to her Large Ham personality and being the long-awaited Fusion of Garnet and Pearl.
  • We have Blue Diamond's Pearl, who has been getting quite the amount of fan art within moments of her surprise appearance in "The Answer."
  • From "Message Received" we have Yellow Diamond's Pearl, who, much like Blue Pearl above, has garnered a lot of fanart for her approximate one to two minutes worth of screen time in said episode (probably thanks in no small part to her hilariously bitchy and smug attitude).
  • Opal seems to be the most popular Fusion (sans Garnet), which is quite impressive considering she's only had three lines in the entire series. "Hopal for Opal!" is a common cry in the fandom, and whenever she does make a cameo, it gets a good number of cheers - her sighing in "Log Date 7-15-2" was one of the most popular moments in an already popular episode.
  • The five Rubies that came to Earth in "Hit the Diamond" are this; not only do they have differing personalities, but they're collectively a Quirky Miniboss Squad that completely subverted expectations. Especially Eyeball and Navy, the two with the most established personalities.
  • Blue Diamond. Sure, people always liked her since she was the first Big Bad who appeared in the show proper, even if it was in a flashback, but even then she was just a generic Evil Overlord with a dash of Dirty Coward. However, when she reappeared in the "Out of this World" event, her popularity skyrocketed to absurd levels, since fans loved her Creepy Cute appearance, and many people found her state of perpetual grief and sorrow for her fellow fallen Diamond to be very endearing and sympathetic.
  • Centipeetle has been in demand for another appearance after her reintroduction in "Monster Buddies". Her endearingly gross design and adorable dog-like behavior, coupled with her touching sacrifice to protect Steven won her many fans. Helped along is that she was the first tragic element depicted onscreen that couldn't be resolved at the end of the episode, establishing the first of the show's darker storylines. Her popularity further increased after "Monster Reunion", which showcased her partially uncorrupted form and her tragic backstory.
  • Skinny and Carnelian, being the most identifiable members of the Beta Kindergarten (besides Jasper), who give our first sign that Homeworld Gems aren't all just enemies of Earth and there's a rebellion brewing right beneath the Diamonds. 8XJ is also highly popular among the Amethysts of the group.
  • Bismuth, whose appearance has only been in the 100th episode special of the same name, has a very loyal following for her buff, butch design, (mostly) friendly sweet personality, and being the only antagonist aligned with the Crystal Gems. That she was bubbled in the same episode, often believed to be purely for meta reasons due to her Celebrity Voice Actor, and has vast potential for importance to the plot, has gotten her especially vindicated by some parts of the fandom.
  • Whilst met with very mixed reception initially when screenshots of her design were shown by Cartoon Network, the snobby, arrogant and sadistic Aquamarine became a fan favorite after her episodes were first seen in full, simply due to how blatantly, entertainingly bitchy she is. The end of "Stuck Together" potentially hinting at her having a soft side helped matters too.
  • Aquamarine's companion, Topaz(es), isn't far behind despite being totally silent with no lines whatsoever in her introductory episodes. Part of it was due to some fans believing that there was finally a "Male" Gem. Even after she was repeatedly referred to as "Female", she retained some popularity, but it wasn't until she first spoke in "Stuck Together" that the love for her skyrocketed, revealing her to be incredibly sympathetic to Steven and Lars' plight and a lot more emotional and distressed at following orders than one would initially believe, with many fans immediately wishing to see her join the Crystal Gems in the future. Her distinctly feminine voice itself was not at all what most fans expected, but was received very positively and seen as fitting for her character nonetheless.
  • Blue/Defense Zircon quickly gained a following for her awkwardness and exasperation, but for also being the first character in the entire series to notice and reveal the inconsistencies in Pink Diamond's shattering. Being voiced by comedy goddess Amy Sedaris doesn't hurt either.
  • The titular "Off Colors" debuting in the episode of the same name were all rather well met by fans, but the Adorkable Padparadscha in particular immediately became quite popular after a two-minute clip from Lars' Head featuring one brief line from her was leaked, and drew a huge amount of adoration from fans when the episodes actually aired, thanks to her cute design coupled with her endearing and entertaining quirk and personality. Besides her, Fluorite also stands out somewhat in terms of popularity, not only for her sweet demeanor (with many fans calling her "Grandma Caterpillar"), but she also gained a lot of appreciation for allegedly being a very rare (not to mention adorable) instance of positive representation of polyamory in a children's show. (Or in general.)
  • Pink Diamond became a lot more popular upon her proper introduction in "Jungle Moon" that depicted her as The Baby of the Bunch among the Diamonds and a Royal Brat. The Reveal in "A Single Pale Rose" that she was Rose Quartz all along only adds to it.
  • White Diamond, the presumed leader of the Great Diamond Authority, is very popular despite her only in-dhow appearance being her arm and sillouhette in "Your Mother and Mine" and never having been mentioned. Fans went wild when this promo animation came out, revealing only her eyes.
  • Likewise, White Pearl became as popular as Blue and Yellow Pearl did in their first appearances when she first appeared, if not more so.


  • Sadie Miller is one of the few Beach City cast that doesn't get a divisive response. Being perky, helpful to Steven, occasionally getting in some of the action as the only human sans Connie to defeat a corrupted Gem on her own, and singing what's become a hit song with the fanbase with her own shyness and insecurities. Even her crush on Lars ultimately doesn't detract from this.
  • Vidalia from the episode "Story for Steven". Appears for a fraction of a minute, generates quite a bit of fanart from people fond of her "80's bad girl" design, as well as triggering many theories about her being Sour Cream and Onion's mother, due to the Theme Naming going on in the show.
    • "Onion Friend" showed this to be the case, and even as obviously older as she is in the present, she's now got the cool mom look going for her.
  • Peedee became quite popular after his debut in "Frybo", and many fans agree that he should have more episodes focused on him. His cynical realism when juxtaposed to Steven's upbeat optimism makes for an interesting dynamic. Not to mention his disillusioned commentary on having a job really hit home for a lot of fans, who in return want him to be happy. Plus, he's also just downright adorable.
  • Frybo is very popular for a Monster of the Week.
  • Mystery Girl, aka "S". Despite not having any audible lines, this punk rocker who bears a distinct resemblance to Rose instantly became a favorite with the fans, with Pearl's obvious crush on her leaving the homosexual subtext even less room to hide than usual, and her whole design and likeness to Rose being fascinating.
  • Onion's Gang. Not only does one of them look like Frisk, but the way they humanize and interact with Onion is downright adorable.
  • Andy DeMayo is popular on imageboards solely because he's voiced by Dave Willis using his Carl Brutananadilewski voice.
  • As detailed on the YMMV page's Rescued from the Scrappy Heap section, Lars. Before, many a fan despised him for his Aesop Amnesia and snappy attitude to Sadie and Steven despite them genuinely trying to help him. However, come the "Wanted" arc, where he turns into a Nice Guy, forms a real friendship with Steven, helps the Off-Colors, performs a Heroic Sacrifice (albeit unintentional) that leads to a Disney Death, and gets a cool redesign, he has become probably the most popular human character, only rivaled by Connie. Sneak peeks for "Lars of the Stars", which show him becoming a Large Ham space pirate, have only made him more popular.