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  • Peridot. While she is later revealed to only had been checking up on the Cluster and later becomes a member of the Crystal Gems in the process of saving the Earth from it, people seem to forget that while she might not have had a hand in the experiments, she still displayed a chilling Lack of Empathy about it, and was even amused while explaining to Steven what they are, spouting lines like "Sadly, I wasn't there for that". She also was willing to leave everyone on Earth to be shattered by the Cluster until she was stuck on it herself. It also doesn't really excuse her Season 1 antics back when she was a villain, such as being willing to crush Steven in "Marble Madness" and attempting to blast the Crystal Gems to death with her spaceship's Finger Gun in "The Return" (in fact, she seemed more annoyed that Jasper didn't do it instead).
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  • Lapis Lazuli is a complicated case. While understandably sympathetic, some fans paint her as a hero and martyr, overlooking the fact she stole all the water on Earth, disregarding billions of lives who need it, tried to drown Steven and Connie, and broke Greg's leg. While she does get some points for her Heroic Sacrifice, it should be noted that it was done mostly because of her friendship with Steven and a desire for revenge against her captor, not for the sake of the Earth. Most fans are willing to forgive her imperfections because of the sheer amount of crap she's been put through for the last several thousand years. On the other hand, she's been subject to the opposite extreme by others, thanks to said sacrifice effectively having her go from being the abused to being an abuser in her own right, something she outright acknowledges, as well as her first interactions with a reformed Peridot having her be incredibly callous.
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  • Ronaldo gets some of the worst among the fandom. His conspiracy antics and hilarious blog make some fans forget his more selfish and apathetic moments. Especially compared with Lars, who although not a ray of sunshine either, at least feels guilt for what he does and is implied to be aware of what people think of him to the point of feeling deeply insecure.
  • Jasper, from what we've seen so far, is the biggest case in the fandom. Some go so far as to say she's only called abusive or evil because she's bulky, and is a cuddly Jerk with a Heart of Gold who's not given a chance. This does ignore some of her clearly villainous actions, such as bullying Lapis into fusing with her and mistreating captured Corrupted Gems.
  • While Bismuth is intended to be sympathetic, many have already began saying how Rose 'betrayed' her causing her to go berserk and portray her as the one in the right. Bismuth, by her own admission, was the one who attacked Rose over her not wanting to use the Breaking Point, and in the present tried to outright murder Steven. Eventually, Bismuth herself realizes the error of her ways and makes a Heel–Face Turn.
  • The Diamonds have gotten some of this with the reveal of Pink Diamond's death, with people using it as the prime justification for their behavior. While there could be some sympathy there, it doesn't change the fact the Diamonds were already genocidal conquerors who treat their people like inferior beings and there's no indication Pink Diamond was any better at first. "Jungle Moon" even showcases Yellow Diamond in the middle of a planetary genocide and if anything is more casual about it than her desire to see Earth destroyed despite the fact Pink Diamond is still alive.
    • Pink Diamond herself, although it's downplayed. A lot of fans make her the Token Good Teammate of the Diamond Authority, especially with the revelation that she is Rose Quartz, who faked her own death. But in doing so, some fans also gloss over that Pink was still extremely short sighted, underestimating how much her "sisters" cared for her and how far they'd go to avenge her. And while she did have a good reason for imparting a Geas onto Pearl to keep this a secret and maintain the conspiracy, not removing it ultimately made things harder for everyone long after she was gone.
    • Blue Diamond in Season 4 spends most of her screentime mourning Pink Diamond and is depressed all the time, complete with a sad face that could rival Eeyore himself. While her love for her sister and her grief are real and are meant to evoke sympathy, some people take it too far. For instance, some comments on YouTube turn her into a pure woobie that just needs a hug. It's forgetting that, if Even Evil Has Loved Ones, Blue Diamond is still an Evil Overlord with a Blue and Orange Morality. She doesn't "save" Greg, didn't spare the other Rose Quartz and didn't keep the defective Gems from the Beta Kindergarten out of the goodness of her heart. She did it because they used to be Pink Diamond's "possessions" and she wants to keep them as a living memory of her. Also, when Sapphire arrives and it looks like someone of her court did something without her permission, she goes from depressed to harsh in a microsecond. Additionally, she wanted to outright murder Steven (who she thinks is Rose) for Pink Diamond's "death", though she does show mercy towards him and it's understandable that she would want to avenge Pink Diamond.
  • As of "Room for Ruby", Navy. Some fans go on about how she was only trying to save her crew, which does seem likely (what she was going to use the ship for was never revealed), but they tend to ignore how she deliberately led Steven and co. on purely to see their reactions.
  • Funnily enough, Gems that were probably meant to be Hate Sinks or not meant to be likable are still loved by parts of the fandom and are sometimes even given more positive personalities in fanworks, though admittedly many of those Gems are Homeworld Gems without fully developed personalities. Holly Blue Agate, Aquamarine, and Yellow Zircon are prime examples.


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