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DuckTales (2017)

There are a good number of one shot/recurring characters that are popular for various reasons .
  • The three crooks hired by Glomgold in "Woo-oo!" have been starting to obtain their own fanbases lately, especially Gabby McStabberson. Helped by her being played by Jennifer Hale, a very popular voice actor in her own right. She returns in "Moonvasion!" on the side of the heroes, but, sadly, never utters a word (possibly because Jennifer Hale wasn't available).
  • From the pilot the unnamed dog woman sitting next to Donald at his interview has gained quite a bit of popularity due to her close resemblance to Roxanne from A Goofy Movie, minus her Beauty Mark and with different ears. The woman appears again at the end as a reporter. She also appears on the bus in "Daytrip of Doom!" reading a book on "The Joy of Personal Space", as Webby invades same to turn the pages.
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  • Falcon Graves, due to being a cool mercenary, his hilariously no-nonsense personality, and being voiced by Robin Atkin Downes.
  • Both Storkules and Selene in "The Spear Of Selene!" were immediately popular with fans, particularly due to their designs and the Ho Yay they shared with Donald and Della respectively. Storkules was apparently as well-liked by the creators too, enough to get promoted to a recurring character in Duckburg in Season Two.
  • Much like the original series, Fenton/Gizmoduck has quickly become a fan favorite, primarily because of his voice actor and how Adorkable he is both in and out of the Gizmo suit.
  • More like Ensemble Pastel Horse: Briar and Bramble, the kelpies from the episode "The Missing Links Of Moorshire" are also popular due to being funny in a dark way, and how they're voiced by Tara Strong and Andrea Libman.
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  • Black Arts Beagle from the episode "McMystery at McDuck McManor!" became a favorite for some due to his design, his villainous personality, and his name (which some jokingly say arguably is a reference to Nick Nocturne). It does help he reappears in the DisneyNow game and was given a subtle Call-Back in "Friendship Hates Magic!"
  • Duckworth is pretty popular here thanks to his sarcasm, loyalty to Scrooge, and David Kaye's stellar performance. Him being a ghost in this series adds to this.
  • Mamá Cabrera for being a fiercely-loving mother to Fenton, a Big Beautiful Woman, and a Fair Cop.
  • Don Karnage was already renowned by Talespin fans as one of Disney's most underappreciated characters, and his appearance in the show with Jaime Camil going full Rogelio de la Vega greatly increased the hope that it would lead into a full Talespin reboot.
    • Of Don Karnage's pirates, fans seem to like Peg Leg Meg the most, being a cute pirate girl voiced by Kimberly Brooks.
    • Another fan favorite of the crew is the intern who has one line in the Villain Song, due to his comically nasal voice and meek personality contrasting the rest of the crew, and the sheer absurdity of him doing an internship in piracy.
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  • After his first appearance in "The Depths of Cousin Fethry!", the titular character, Fethry Duck, has become quite beloved among the fanbase. Being voiced by Tom Kenny helps out.
  • Fisher and Mann, the two fisher people who take Glomgold in during "The Ballad of Duke Baloney!", prove to be rather popular thanks to their quirky behavior and general niceness. Their voices (John DiMaggio for Fisher and Grey DeLisle for Mann) also help out.
  • Zan Owlson is also becoming popular, due to her potential as a Foil to both Glomgold and Scrooge.
  • Panchito and Jose are already incredibly popular characters, and fans were going crazy about them even before they properly debuted in the series.
  • D'jinn from Treasure of the Found Lamp has become this for being a more heroic badass than his 1987 counterpart Dijon, and also not a potential Ethnic Scrappy. Also, he manages to be hilarious by taking even the silliest situation seriously.
  • Violet Sabrewing is very popular. Not only because anthropomorphized hummingbirds are seldom seen in animation, but also her deadpan Spock personality makes her an endearing Foil to Webby. Season 3 gives her a lot more depth as a character.
  • Gandra Dee, who was Rescued from the Scrappy Heap. This version has a better fleshed out personality than her original counterpart whose only purpose was being a satellite character to Fenton and was easily forgettable. Her new design is boyish yet still cute, and a badass to boot. Her secretly being an agent of F.O.W.L. certainly made her even more interesting than before.
  • Dr. Atmoz Fear is quite popular due to being an amusing homage to Dr. Doofernshmirtz. It helps that Tom Kenny provides a great impression of the mad scientist’s accent.
  • Boyd Beaks immediately won over the fans before he could even make an appearance for just being so precious! In his debut episode "Happy Birthday Doofus Drake!", the adoration wasn't unfounded when he was adopted by Doofus's family and helped his parents stand up to him.
    • To a lesser extent, Sharkbomb, Glomgold's puppet "son" from the same episode has become quite popular due to his ridiculous name, amusing design, and the general hilarity of the scenes involving him.
  • Phooey Duck, although he doesn't officialy exist in this canon, fans have really took to the kids' imaginary design of him.
  • Bubba the cave-duck, who was also Rescued from the Scrappy Heap. This new version of him did not feel like an unnecessary addition to the cast like the original, despite not having changed much, and was a hilarious if not clever twist on common caveman portrayals while driving Huey insane by contradicting his anthropological research. He became even more interesting when he was revealed to be an ancestor of the McDuck clan.
  • Daisy's debut endeared many people to her thanks to her nicer behavior, chemistry with Donald, and no nonsense personality.
  • Due to his tragic backstory, the Phantom Blot saw a ton of fan art and calls for him to get a redemption arc within a day of the "The Phantom and the Sorceress!"'s airing. This only increased when a funnier and dorkier (not to mention kinder) side to him was shown in "The Fight for Castle McDuck!".
    • Debuting in the same episode, the Egghead Pepper immediately got love from the fanbase for her Perky Female Minion personality. Her fanbase only increased with her larger role in "The Fight for Castle McDuck!", with many fans calling for her redemption alongside the Blot.
  • Many characters that have been carried over from the Disney Afternoon have been warmly embraced by fans. From Goofy, to DW, Gosalyn, Kit and Molly, and the Rescue Rangers, it was really cool to see these characters from unrelated shows come together in one universe and interact with the Ducks.
  • Poe de Spell pretty much became an instant hit after his debut thanks to a combination of him acting as a pragmatic foil to his sister Magica, his transformation and subsequent disappearance giving her a surprisingly tragic reason for her enmity against Scrooge, and fans agreeing that he was the highlight of an otherwise lackluster episode.
  • Manny the Headless Man-Horse had a decent fanbase as a Canon Foreigner that really exemplified the tone and flavor of the show, and Frank Angones has joked that an easy way to get approval for a pitch was to include him. However, after learning his true identity in the finale, a demon creature prophesized to bring about the end of days that's turned over a new leaf and is this universe's version of Goliath down to being voiced by Keith David, having the show's theme music play over his transformation sequence, and spouting their iconic line "I live again!", his popularity has skyrocketed. The fact that he's also a literal dark horse is just a wonderfully delicious layer of irony.


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