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  • Remixes or gag dubs of the scene in Death Note where Light dies are disturbingly popular. Here, have a Death Note/My Neighbor Totoro remix, a Death Note/Kirby remix, and a Death Note/The Producers gag dub. Immoral hilarity indeed.
  • The Torture Game 2. Great for stress relief.
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  • Papa Smurf, can I lick your ass?
  • Happy Tree Friends in all its gory glory. But don't take our word for it. Be warned, not for the initially faint of heart. Also, beware over-saturation; violence does desensitize.
    • Babies falling onto rotating helicopter blades, characters having their skin pulled off, pulled backwards through the kitchen sink with the garbage disposal running, beaten by a shovel or this crowning moment of sadistic majesty: a squirrel scout dying spasmodically as the two beaters on an electric egg beater enter her eye sockets and turn her brains to jelly (which then leaks out of their head).
    • The video for Fall Out Boy's "Carpel Tunnel Of Love" is one Happy Tree Friends gag after another. So-gory-it's-funny moments include: bee-sting in the eye (done twice), screams of pain synced to "Whoo-hoo"s in the music, impalement, decapitation (of the band's cartoon dopplegangers, no less), and two characters having flying pipes shoot through their heads. All this in a music video of a band whose average fan is about 13 years old.
  • 4chan is practically this site personified. It's rare to find a 4chan post that doesn't cross the line at least three times at a bare minimum, from disturbing to funny back to disturbing.
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  • This video combines a disturbing scene from Higurashi: When They Cry with the song "What Is Love" by Haddaway. The scene was utterly fucked up in the original; it's gut-bustingly hilarious with the musical accompaniment.
  • Survival of the Fittest has a rampage by Wade Wilson, along with Carson Baye's death.
  • The somewhat popular G-Mod Christian Brutal Sniper series (viewable here), crosses the line so many times with its joyously-nonchalant killer of a protagonist, it's freaking hilarious.
  • This video of Euphemia from Code Geass killing "Elevens" to Caramelldansen.
  • Bastard Operator from Hell basically has a Magnificent Bastard that utterly devastates the lives of all around him for his own amusement and self-profit. Sometimes, it delves into pretty dark territory (at least relative to the fact that it's an ostensibly realistic series based around a business workplace).
  • This mash-up of the Omaha Beach scene from Saving Private Ryan using sound effects from Team Fortress 2. This version using Finding Nemo qualifies.
  • It's pretty safe to say that crossing the line twice is Brandon Rogers' specialty, case in point, here are a few gems from their sketches:
    "I may not have eyesight, but I have vision!"
    "You know what happens to little girls who wear shorts that short? A white van picks 'em up and they get all their holes resized. Not you, Melissa, you're never getting molested."
    "Can I have your attention, please? I have an announcement! I'd just like you to know that stuck all my office supplies up my ass, so anyone who tries and steal them, hope you like HPV."
  • Similarly, at the end of James Rolfe's Maximum Overdrive review, where he puts AC/DC songs in famous movies. While Harry Potter doesn't qualify for this trope, Saving Private Ryan gets "For Those About to Rock" (a song with cannon fire!), Return of the Jedi gets "Thunderstruck" (at the Electric Torture scene!), and Cinderella "has got 'The Jack'..."
  • Derrick Comedy videos use this a lot. It mixes this and Overly Long Gag in kp
  • Mario! Wario! Lucario!
  • Sweethearts. Aww...
  • The Nostalgia Chick's video "Top 10 Disturbing and Inescapable Christmas Songs" featured Alan Jackson's "Please Daddy (Don't Get Drunk This Christmas)", accompanied by clips of a man assaulting his wife in case you didn't get why the song is so disturbing. After repeatedly smacking her to the ground and curb-stomping her, he starts hitting her with her own arm and saying "Why're ya hittin' yerself? Why're ya hittin' yerself?" and giving her noogies. It stops being disturbing by this point.
    • Related is a collaboration video that The Nostalgia Chick did with the Spoony One, appropriately titled "Spooning with Spoony." It pretty much involves the Chick waking up next to Spoony and That Chick With The Goggles in bed with no idea what just happened, though she pretty quickly figures it out. It rapidly goes from disturbing to hilarious as the video progresses. And then Benzaie shows up in nothing but a bowtie.
      • And now there's Spooning With Spoony 2! note 
    • And there's every episode of Ask That Guy, where his horrifically nonsensical answers benefit greatly from deadpan delivery and the way everything piles up on itself until you can't possibly take it seriously.
      • Sometimes he doesn't even wait until the Q&A:
        "Oh, seig heil! Didn't hear you come in."
      • Then Bennett The Sage cranks that up a notch.
    • On the same site, this Facts About Germany video.
    Yeah, OK, so we have Wissenschafts prisons. So what? It's all for the sake of science. They do very useful tests and experiments with the prisoners there. For example, they once tested how many wigs a man must eat before a wig comes out of his ears. They also tested what happens to a man if you knot his penis and let him drink of water. And last year, they tested how long you have to leave two men in a room until one man eats the other one. Could you live without the answers to these questions? I don't think so. Yes, I know it sucks to do science experiments with prisoners, but the good news is, um, we are also making the best porn movies in the whole world.
    • Also pretty much the regular schtick of Video Game Confessions. So far we have a masochistic, Stockholm Syndrome-afflicted Princess Peach, a raving drug addict Sonic, a Camp Gay Link who keeps hitting on women despite his best efforts, and a sadistic Groin Attack-happy Samus Aran.
    • Tickle Me Amy. A deadpan childlike voice demanding increasingly vulgar sex acts including "shit on Amy's face" and "give Amy golden shower" is made hysterical due to ostensibly coming out of a cute monkey doll. The Critic's expression of frozen horror helps a lot too.
    • On his Siskel and Ebert tribute, he shows a rapidly scrolling list of the "religions he's prejudiced against". This is pausable and most of them can be made out. Some of those include m Baha'i Faith, Confucionism, Catholic, Muslim, Shinto, Zoroastrianism, The Force, Druze Jainism, Methodism, Taoism, Wicca, The Movement, Mandaeans and Sabians, Unitarian, Universalism, Hellenistic, Left-handed path science, Whatever religion the Oompa Loompas practice.
      "Especially the middle one."
    • Ma-Ti attempting to give a review. No fucking clue as to what:
      (Puppet voice) And thats why Mary Poppins got an abortion, and became a revolutionary.
    • Also from Bargo. Three words: Hand Puppet Sex Trade.
  • On a related note... Keyboard Kid.
  • A handful of YouTube Poops tend to do this, AwfulFawful's in particular.
  • This Ace Combat video. PJ getting killed? Not funny. PJ getting killed followed by Mor- sorry, AWACS Thunderhead being revealed as the perpetrator, who was just trying to get them to "cut the chatter"? Hilarious overkill.
  • "2 Girls 1 Cup" crosses the line twice. If the video itself doesn't, the reaction videos certainly do. Kermit's reaction (which even got a reaction reaction) is by far one of the most hilarious.
  • Dr. Tran, anyone?
  • The infamous "No Russian" mission from Modern Warfare 2 crossed the line even for many gamers. For others? MO-MO-MO-MO-MONSTER KILL!!!
  • Slug Bait! Telling you what happens would ruin it. Watch it for yourself. And read the lyrics, most importantly.
  • The Ganonator: Morshu getting shot once for a Ballistic Discount? Disturbing, maybe. Morshu getting shot many times... and then his guts fall out... followed by a hamburger? Hilarious.
  • Red vs. Blue has many examples, often related to Death as Comedy (a flashback shows a man getting beaten to death with his own skull, while screaming "This doesn't seem physically possible!") or Comedic Sociopathy (in Season 7, Wash shooting Donut was a Wham Shot; in Season 17, it happens repeatedly as Donut goes through Mental Time Travel, and gets funnier with every repetition!). A case outside those is this exchange from Season 2:
    Doc: I'm a pacifist.
    Caboose: You're a thing that babies suck on?
    Tucker: No, dude, that's a pedophile.
    Church: Tucker... I think you mean a pacifier.
    Tucker: Oh, right, dude, I was... totally think of something else.
    Church: That's real classy, Tucker.
  • Even TV Tropes has examples!
  • This fan video about Kamina doing his first combine goes wrong, it becomes depressing... But then straddles on to funny.
  • Go watch the Mass Effect 2 Death Compilation. Naturally, getting any of these in the actual game can be heartbreaking, or even blue-screen inducing. However, after a while, seeing someone get taken away by seeker swarms only to have them pop up fine and dandy five minutes later... and then another one... and another... becomes less horrifying and more... morbidly funny.
  • This Fail Blog entry.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged is a case study in this trope. It's The Abridged Series of an anime featuring numerous evil villains, the abridged version leaves in all of their Moral Event Horizon moments of gratuitous violence. Yet there's always some detail that goes far enough to make the violence funny, whether it's Vegeta turning Goku into a squeaky toy by cracking his ribs, Freeza counting Stock Phrases as he mows down civilians, or Dodoria saying he (or rather, she) likes kids because "they don't leave much of a mess."
  • Alex DeLarge: International Man of Mystery. "Oh, behave!"
  • This video of a recreation of a Spongebob scene does things... Differently. NSFW.
  • The Ultimate Orgy flash cartoon by NSFW studios IS this trope.
  • Black People Are Annoying zig-zags the heck out of the line when it comes to racism. Crosses the first time when one guy says black people are annoying. Crossed a second time when the rest of the interviewees start to agree with him. Crossed a third time when the camera turns around and shows all the interviewers are black, something the interviewees would have seen right from the start. Crossed a fourth time when the black people agree with them. Crossed a fifth time when the black people suggest that it be changed to Mexicans. Crossed a sixth time when the white people get offended by that. Crossed a seventh time when the white people say they were joking and are totally cool with changing it to Mexicans.
  • The Onion:
  • The second episode No Decency Gag Sub of Okane ga Nai. In the original, during the Russian Roulette scene the characters use a red paint bullet. In the sub, it's an aborted fetus.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series has "The Vagina Monologues", a re-dub of the first episode with most of the words replaced with vagina. Not only are the voice actors constantly cracking up, but some of the lines now have hilarious implications: "For some reason, playing a children's card game has caused my vagina to become severely injured!" Spoken by an old man.
    "No, it's because this vagina doesn't make any sense. Nobody can figure out how to do it!"
    • The second episode of Vagina Monologues crossed it more than twice, if possible, now with gems such as...
    "You can see straight into my Vagina?!"
    "Hey everyone! Pegasus is a big, stinky Vagina!"
    • Before that, at one point, skeletons fall on the gang. Their response is "Oh no! Super Models!". Then later on, when a Skeleton is on Bakura, he says "Help! This supermodel is one of my fangirls!"
  • Hellsing Ultimate Abridged. Hellsing Ultimate is a gruesome and violent anime. The abridged series doesn't change the characters very much...except for Alucard. He goes from being a very serious character to an immature asshole who seems to go out of his way to piss people off. Much of the humor is derived from making fun of how violent the show is. Here's episode 1. Warning: Has a lot of content not suitable for younger or more sensitive audiences (mostly gory violence, offensive language, and overall politically incorrect humor). Viewer discretion is advised.
    Alucard: (sniff sniff) Huh? Suddenly it reeks of hypocrisy in here.
    (Anderson turns the corner)
    Alucard: Oh, if it isn't the Catholic Church! And what's this? No Little Timmy glued to your crotch? Progress!
    • As mentioned before, the abridged version of Jan Valentine is actually more vulgar than what the real anime depicts.
    • Episode 5 gives one of the greatests line-crossing lines ever: the Major declaring that they'll completely destroy London, including its many landmarks... but not the Holocaust Museum. Because he hates when people deny Nazis' achievements.
    • In Episode 8, right before Anderson Unboxes Helenas Nail, Alucard makes another pedo joke.
    Anderson: Any last words, monster?
    ''Alucard: Have you ever though about carbonating the blood of Christ? You know, give the kids something fizzy to drink, you know, before they wake up in an hour?
    (Anderson pulls a small wooden box out of his coat)
    Alucard: Oh, sweet! You've got some on ya!
    • The "eager volunteers" who join Maxwell's Crusade wear the same distinct white robes and pointed hoods that they did in canon. At first, it looks like they're not going to go with the obvious joke about what other group the Crusaders resemble, instead having jokes about the Italians' long names, a Monty Python reference, and the absurdity of the Crusade being backed up by a group of Jewish soldiers eager to kill Nazis. Then there's a contingent of homophobic Canadian crusaders from the Salvation Army, and then, right at the very end, the actual Klu-Klux Klan show up, consisting of the "Order of the Hanging Noose," with their leader expressing doubts about killing Nazis (as some of his best friends are Nazis) and adding that if the crusaders run out of crosses to burn, they brought plenty more in their trucks. The entire scene is probably one of the most hilarious examples of crossing the line humor in a series built on the concept.
    • Another contender is the evisceration of said "eager volunteers". Nobody's going to cry over the Klansmen getting butchered, but other possibly "sympathetic" members of the group getting mowed down by the hundreds by Alucard's undead legion might be disgusting or horrifying to the viewer. But them being left to die by the Order of the Temple Beth Zion, who abandoned them as revenge for the Rhineland Massacres? The whole time, you might very well be laughing alongside the
    • Then later on, a cadre of Catholic demon-hunters armed with suicide vests start blowing themselves up, yelling "God is great!" It goes from offensive to hilarious when Alucard asks "Is it racist to say that sounds better in Arabic?"
  • Pokémon The 'Bridged Series features Brock as a Memetic Molester with an obsession with breeeeeeding among other things, and has stuffed Misty inside a sack on at least two separate occasions. At one point while inside the sack, Misty finds what she believes to be a dead squirrel. It's actually Brock's dead mother. How Misty could possibly mistake human remains for a dead squirrel in the pitch-black interior of a sack makes her mini-freakout all the more appropriate.
  • Nullmetal Alchemist devotes the entire character King Bradley to this. He dedicated an entire holiday to making fun of Mexicans, publicly executed anyone who wore green clothing on what is remembered as the worst St. Patrick's Day ever, and generally gets off to committing genocide and other atrocious acts.
    Bradley: (about the Philosopher's Stone) Why with that puppy, Equivalent Exchange goes right out the window! You can create things out of thin air! Wish I had the bleedin' stone; I could create a good excuse for executing all those rotten foreigners! Ah, just joshing, I don't need an excuse.
  • Beauty and the Beat! The first few seconds makes it look very offensive, while the rest of it makes it one of the most offensively Funny things ever.
  • Llamas with Hats: Carl's antics cross the line so many times the line pretty much self-destructs. Then he crosses it again.
  • This Land is Mine. Special mention goes to the children being used as bloody dominoes by the archer at 1:05.
  • Game Grumps has frequently dabbled in this type of humor. For example:
    • In one episode, Egoraptor discusses a possible epitaph for a pedophile's gravestone: "At least I did it."
    • In another, he and Dan come up with a character called the Racist Bassist. A string of racist comments about black, Jewish, and Asian people? Uncomfortable. Following each one with a jazzy bass line? Hilarious.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd can get like this when he begins a scatological tirade. It's funny because someone strung together that many vulgar and disgusting words into a single thought.
  • The Downfall parodies, full stop. It's Adolf Hitler and his wacky adventures with his Ragtag Bunch of Misfits!
  • Legos 9-11 is a flash animation by Tmst, that basically has George W. Bush simulating 9-11 as if it was done with LEGO. Naturally, since it's a satire against the then-president's intelligence and the last part of it has him invade Legoland because he choked on a LEGO man through his stupidity, it very easily falls into this trope.
  • Have you ever wanted to know more about ducks when watching your favorite childhood cartoons? The answer is no. No, you have not.
  • During The Runaway Guys' Super Smash Bros. tournament, AttackingTucans disses ProtonJon's upload schedule, saying that the reason he doesn't upload very often is because Jon has AIDS. Jon didn't like that.
  • Cats that look like Hitler. Enough said.
  • An Image Macro of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that called them 2014's hide-and-seek champions. So badly in poor taste that it becomes funny again.
  • TIME CUBE. Good god, Gene Ray insults Christians and scientists alike and calls everybody idiots and at one point calls free speech in America "Bullshit". But they way he insults everybody so much, the weird fonts, and the huge length of the page among others make this one of the most hilarious sites on the internet.
  • Ebola-chan, the Moe Anthropomorphism of the Ebola virus as a Cute Monster Girl.
  • Homestar Runner
    • In-universe in the episode "Costume Commercial". The "Marzipan" "costume" is just a string bikini, succubus tail, and cat ears. To quote Marzipan herself, "This is so offensive... that it's not really offensive anymore!"
      • Crosses the line a third time when Coach Z puts it on.
    • Strong Bad's drawing of Li'l Brudder, a one-legged puppy, which he uses to make everyone around him cry.
  • The Yogscast are known for delving into Black Comedy irregularly:
    • Simon Lane's comment after spilling his cup of tea in "Ampu-Tea":
    Simon: "Now I know how the Americans felt on 9/11."
    • An episode of Garry's Mod had Simon, Lewis Brindley and co spawn in the Twin Towers and then make similar jokes, so much so that the group banned comments; in more or less every third comment, they were told they'd crossed the line (some of the viewers, of course, loved it).
    • In the same vein still; during a Minecraft plane mod, Lewis almost crashes into two large block towers, prompting Simon to say "You nearly recreated 9/11 there".
  • From the Yogscast Minecraft Series:
    • The death of Enoch in Shadow of Israphel is disgusting, as is the discovery of all his body parts. This is immediately rendered darkly funny when Simon and Lewis begin picking up the body parts and hitting each other with them.
    • Simon's attempt to build a Santa on top of the Jaffa Factory is already brilliant, simply because it's so badly done. When Simon decides to make a pimp Santa and gives it red shades and a cigar, Duncan Jones says it looks like posthumously exposed paedophile Jimmy Saville. Simon reacts in horror, which adds to the humour.
    • In Episode 21 of Hole Diggers, Duncan asks if the giant statue-building they're making is going to be a giant version of Gary Glitter (exposed paedophile, now released and being charged again). Simon hurriedly shouts "NO" repeatedly.
  • The Hat Films parody song "Pure Incineration", a parody of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory's "Pure Imagination". The lyrics of such a wonderful song are changed to a Pyromaniac's dream of nuking a beautiful landscape to watch the flames glow. It goes from disturbing to hysterical in a matter of seconds, in no small part due to the Sirs all singing along.
  • Part of SF Debris' characterization of Gul Dukat—which, keep in mind, is only a mild exaggeration of the canon Gul Dukat—is that of a self-aggrandizing petty tyrant who viewed it his personal mission to sleep with everything on, or in orbit of, Bajor. When Major Kira finds herself at an uncomfortable dinner with him and his illegitimate, half-Bajoran daughter Ziyal (whom Kira is very fond of), she and Dukat engage each other in an increasingly mean-spirited exchange of insults, culminating in:
    Kira: When you go around on your rape sprees, are you worried that you’ve sired so many bastards, you may accidentally be plowing one of them, or are you just happy that you're finally doing something with your abandoned children? (beat) Again, no offense, Ziyal.
  • Imagine having to review a product with an Unfortunate Name. The product's name can be a reference to suicide- either enforced or not. You could say it's the worst product name ever- or you could make a joke about mass murder. The title of the article? "Ringing in your Ears? Try Quietus as a Final Solution" Read it here.
  • The Most Popular Girls in School is full of this. The characters swear like sailors, talk about sex and drugs and are about as bratty and shallow as teenagers can be - and they're all played by Barbie dolls. And then there are a few of the lines.
    "I'm going to watch it in the family room you stupid fucking abortion."
    • And...
    Cameron: Oh, hi, Britt, didn't smell you there. How's your chlamydia circus?
    Brittnay: It's fucking gone now, thanks for asking. How's your cock-eyed nipple?
    Cameron: It's looking both ways. I heard you farted in biology's class and it smelled like your dad's dick.
    Brittnay: Heard your fourth abortion was free! Gotta love those free punch cards!
    • And then there's the episode where Trisha finds a positive pregnancy test, and assumes Brittnay is the one that's pregnant. So she socks Brittnay one in the stomach because she can't let her best friend throw her life away because she got pregnant so young. "You're too young, you're too beautiful!" Brittnay exasperatedly explains that she's not pregnant. Then Mackenzie turns up. Trisha tells her about the pregnancy test - and Mackenzie socks Brittnay one in the stomach. Because Brittnay being pregnant would ruin their chances at cheer nationals. Then Shay socks Brittnay one in the stomach. ...And it turns out Shay didn't know anything about the pregnancy test, she just wanted to punch Brittnay in the stomach because Cameron asked her to.
    Brittnay: For the last time - I - am not - pregnant!
  • After Ever After: It shows the most likely results after 4 Disney princess films. To summarize: Ariel's entire ecosystem got ruined due to BP, Aladdin/Prince Ali got arrested as part of the War on terror, Pocahontas turned lethal due to getting STD's, and Belle got arrested for charges of bestiality.
  • A new and infamous 2015 Internet meme by the name of "Unexpected Jihad", where seemingly innocent footage is shown with the punchline being "Allahu akbar". An explosion (or 9/11 footage) is then shown as an Islamic prayer song is heard. It's grown at an alarmingly fast pace despite (or perhaps because of) its extremely offensive subject matter. Wanna know how fast? If you search up just the letter U on YouTube, "Unexpected Jihad" takes up the first five results.
    • In a similar vein to this meme, there's Custerd Crems' "We're Not Aiming For The Truck". It features the "Buzz flying" scene from Toy Story, and after Buzz says the titular line, it cuts to 9/11 footage of a plane flying into one of the Twin Towers. To add insult to injury, it displays the caption "9/11 viewers wil b ofended" while this plays in the background.
      • What truly crosses the line from "horrifically offensive" to "brilliantly awful" was the former top comment by one twisted genius of a YouTube commenter: "That's not fucking funny, dude. My dad was flying that plane."
  • Pan-Pizza from RebelTaxi has a pretty twisted sense of humor, and he even went as far to show clips of porn parodies like "The Modifuckrs" (obviously NSFW), animated by ZONE-SAMA, who's a fan of Pan's videos.
  • In the Road House live show episode of How Did This Get Made?, the hosts notice that someone in the audience has brought a baby to the show. This is after they've been discussing the nitty gritty of a sex scene and shown a clip of it. Jason Mantzoukas then contemplates asking if he can hold the baby for the rest of the show.
    Jason: If you brought a tiny baby, please bring it up here, I would like to hold it for the rest of the show. 'Casue I'm only going to say more horrible things, and it's only gonna be funnier if I'm holding a baby.
  • The LEGO Star Wars Alderaan playset. An inhabited planet getting blown up? Horrifying. Presenting it in LEGO form as just a bunch of brown bricks and being packaged pre-assembled? Hilarious.
  • Pamtri: The Perfect Child, in which a man (Santiago) shoots and kills his child (another Santiago) and replaces him with new ones until he's satisfied with the results. Special mention goes toward the second child, who dies because "I don't like his face."
    • And what was the child who ultimately survived like? "When I grow up, I'm going to do drugs and kill everyone."
  • Coco Kiryu, a Vtuber from hololive, is constantly pushing the limits on what she can get away with on Youtube and with her bosses. Her streams include, among other things, plenty of cusses in fluent English, Fantastic Drug advertisements, livestreamed full-body waxing, streaming while (accidentally) stoned on sleeping pills, tricking her fellow hololive colleagues into saying lewd things, shoving a tail/suppository drug up one of her colleague's rears, and her infamous 3D model debut stream, wherein she made copious panty shots and talked about going commando. Her antics have earned her some temporary bans from Youtube over her career, as well as the consternation of her bosses, but her success and her status as one of hololive's most popular stars has kept her from being canned.
  • This viral video of a girl catching her eyelashes on fire. That's scary, but fanning at the flame as if it helps? That's funny.
  • Episode 2 of Neighboorhood Patrol by Brandon Rogers has the gang trying to find a local child rapist. How do they decide to flush them out? By dressing the only child member in a slutty outfit and have her go act as the bait. In the end, it turns out there really was no child rapist after all.
  • This incredibly over-the-top racist Cluster N-Bomb of a parody of The Notorious B.I.G.. It helps that the vocals are performed by a Synthetic Voice Actor.
  • This video of a little kid trying to get his family's Amazon Alexa to play a song for him. The parents' reactions are what really sells it though. (Warning, NSFW).
  • Then there's this song by YouTube user Kaliboom. If the title alone makes you laugh, just wait until you hear the actual song itself. NSFW of course.
  • This trope has crept into this since season four but The Music Video Show has its 84th episode, with reference to people drowning, including Jeff Buckley. And then there is "I don't have a joke for [[people drowning in water]]...I have ten.
    • The second part of Episode 100 has the host punching a hooker isn't very funny. But then, a baby comes out of the hooker and he hits it a baseball bat, it's kind of funny. But he starts punching the baby while the baby is crying and it becomes this.
    "There. Now you'll have to come back to the [therapy] session." This is said after he pushes a woman down stairs.
    • Episode 102: "Ladies and Gentleman: Terri Schiavo Unplugged!" Followed by a few notes of a guitar, then a flatline.
    • Episode 113 has 20 jokes about suicide in a countdown.
    "I'm going to Hell for this."
    • Episode 94 has the host not killing kids with a knife because it's Christmas and he puts the knife away...only to realize that the holiday was last week and shoots them instead.
    • The countdown in Episode 89
  • The Happy Video Game Nerd: "TOP TEN NES BooBS!!" is stupid, juvenile and possibly even offensive, but still hilarious once it gets to the breast cancer part and goes completely off the rails.
  • The Fat, French and Fabulous episode on the murderous Papin sisters crosses several lines. It crosses lines you never knew you had. The two sisters murdered their employer and her daughter with a pewter jug (referred to as an "attempted poisoning" due to the high lead levels found in pewter) then cut off the women's buttocks and basted them in menstrual blood (referred to as "avant-garde French cooking").
    • Then there's this discussion from the FFF episode on the Mystery of Room 1046:
    "Who needs a child-leash when you can put 'em in a regular old gimp mask and dog collar?"
    "Hey, it's really hard to find a gimp mask that small."
    "Yeah, there's a reason that doesn't come in fucking child size. You have a hard time finding cock rings for toddlers for the same reason."
  • The FakeHistoryPorn subreddit gets this kind of humor from time to time. Case in point.
  • Everything, and we do mean EVERYTHING, in The Filthy Frank Show.
  • Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged Utilizes this trope as often as Dragon Ball Z Abridged. For instance in season 2, Red XIII finds the rest of the gang in Corell prison by following a trail of dead bodies while stating that he's now full. this means he ate the bodies he followed.
  • The infamous Lil' Jon remix of Cooking by the Book from LazyTown.
  • The Sonic Zombie series. In addition to intentionally being so terrible it becomes amusing, Tails and Knuckles are such over-the-top stereotypes once Characterization Marches On and Sonic is presented as a massive douchebag that it wraps around to being funny. Then there's everything about Amy's clingyness and the in-story narrator being fixated on Rouge's breasts. Then there's the portrayal of the Werehog as a "Hornhog." Tails sums it up best in Sonic Zombie Vengeance:
    Tails, looking at the screen: You say "racist," I say "funny as hell."
  • Lolik's take on the "Johny Johny Yes Papa" nursery rhyme has the father flip out over hearing his son lie about eating sugar and starts beating him. It gets even more dramatic when he gets out his belt and his wife begs him to stop.
  • This exchange from this episode of Pro And Noob.
    Josh: So you slaughtered two baby Kut-Ku, took their bone, grafted it to their heads, then ripped off their feet, stuck it to the bone, so you can have both weapon and ornament.
  • "Come on, Cranky! Take it to the fridge! Cranky? Aw man, Cranky's dead too! Cranky's IN the fridge!"
  • [adult swim]'s "Smart Pipe" infomercial, which begins as a satire of social media and their obsession with gathering and selling personal data (in this case in the form of a pipe that goes in your toilet plumbing and analyzes your waste,) and for some odd reason begins with an announcement that the company (the entire company) is a registered sex offender. Later on in the infomercial they try to explain this with the revelation that Smart Pipe analyzes and creates a topographical map of each user's anus, and how they've run afoul of "ancient child pornography laws" by scanning children, before suddenly turning political and requesting that viewers call and harass a specific congressman about it.
  • "The Fesh Pince of Blair 2: Uncle Phil Yiffs in Heaven Again " is a YouTube Poop primarily about taking 3 of the most tragic Very Special Episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (specifically "Papa's Got A Brand New Excuse", "Bullets Over Bel-Air" and "Home Is Where The Heart Attack Is") and making them absolutely hilarious. Highlights include Will getting shot during the title sequence, and then Carlton finishing him off because he wouldn't make him a sandwich, Will's deadbeat dad Lou coming and leaving multiple times, and Phil dying of a heart attack (complete with the Iris Out death sequence from Super Mario 64,) only to deliver a eulogy at his own funeral.
    Funeral conductor: I'd like to welcome you all to the memorial for Phillip Banks. Saying a few words on behalf of the departed will be Phillip Banks.
    Phillip Banks: What can you say about Phillip Banks? What the heck can you say about Phillip Banks? ...okay, somebody bury this. *starts humping the coffin*
  • A lot of the My Little Pony: Totally Legit Recap's humor comes from this.
    • Starlight and Spike's conversation, immediately after he reveals he's an adult:
      Starlight: Now I feel weird about giving you that belly rub.
      Spike: You think that was weird for you? Turned my dick into a curtain rod and then you just left.
    • Maud giving a brutal "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the sleazy guy that extorted Pinkie out of her cannon, that ends with her calling him an abortion of a person.
    • Most if not all, the suicide-related jokes.
    • When Pinkie needs an excuse, her first instinct is to call a passing Derpy Hooves a rapist and throw a pizza at her, that some how causes a nuclear explosion.
    • How Queen Chrysalis... raised Steve/Thorax, Frank/Pharynx and presumably her other children could be considered this.
  • Tired of your loud, screaming kids? Try Naptime! It's a beautiful mess of literal Dead Baby Humor!
    Dr. Carl Hewish (real life doctor): (Beat) This is chloroform.
  • In 2017, DeviantArt hosted a fandom mashup art contest, where you had to take a randomly generated character(s), setting, and scenario and make art out of it. One user got "Rick and Morty receiving an award at Pride Rock", and created...well...
    "We ended the segregation, Morty!"
  • Planet Dolan: In "What Do You Call a Male Ladybug?", Dolan thinks that cancer means "a dancer who does the can-can", so he starts doing the can-can and singing to the tune of the Can-Can song about how he's a cancer and you can be one too.
  • Action Man: Battlefield Casualties, a PSA by Veterans for Peace UK protesting the British Army recruiting 16-year olds by showcasing how military service can ruin their lives. It's also bloody hilarious! The video takes the form of three fake commercials for Action Man toys based around the consequences of military service, complete with cheery announcer, exciting music, and kids having fun inflicting various misfortunes upon the Action Man toy:
  • In 2006, Swedish internet meme series Knappnytt made an episode focusing on the Swedish political parties due to the then-upcoming election. When discussing Vänsterpartiet, the Swedish left-wing party, Knappen, the host, explains that the party used to be called Vänsterpartiet Kommunisterna (The Left Party Communists), but has since removed that last word from their name. "Why is that, you may ask?" Knappen says, followed by a montage of the 227 million people that have died over the years due to communism, set to Benny Hill music.
    Knappen: Benny Hill music makes everything funny!
  • During one of The 8-Bit Drummer’s streams in mid-2019, a viewer donated and jokingly said “Let’s argue about anime. I wouldn’t even hold hands with your waifu.” Jerod’s response was legendary.
    Jerod: (holds up his hand to reveal his wedding ring): Hey, Profound... At least my waifu is real!
    (Starts shouting and randomly hitting drums and cymbals)
    • And then the chat started claiming his wife, Erika, wasn't real so he phoned her so she could verify that she was, in fact, real. Someone in the chat kept the joke going even then:
    Jerod: "One hundred dollars says that's his mom", FRICK YOU!
    (Erika laughs uproariously over the phone)
    Jerod: You'd better gift ten subs, fricker, all right?


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