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They're back with a vengeance.

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    The Taiyoukai Eight 

Kiryu (OC)

Cecaelia (OC)

Relam (OC)

Tokage Keroro (OC)

Voiced by: Glenn Shadix

Shishi (OC)

Voiced by: Frank Welker

Yeti (OC)

Voiced by: Clancy Brown

Madeira (OC)

Voiced by: Neil Kaplan
  • Expy: Of the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path from Naruto.
  • Green Thumb
  • Punny Name: Sounds like Madara Uchiha.

Ironclaw (OC)

Voiced by: John DiMaggio

    Demon Priests 
The main antagonists of Yu Yu Hakusho's side in Season 3 entitled, Dawn of Chaos.

Long (OC)

Voiced by: Dante Basco

Leader of the Demon Priests and Kiryu's older brother.

Tsukiyomi (OC)

Voiced by: Grey DeLisle


Voiced by: Kyle Hebert
  • The Dragon: To the Demon Priests in general.
  • The Symbiote: Possess by one later in Dawn of Chaos, making him similar to Venom.

[[folder:Demon Prisoners]]Old YuYu Hakusho villains that are freed by Arago's forces in Chapter 57 of Dawn of Chaos to begin their cultivation of the human world.



Fellow demons, let us finally take our revenge on the Spirit Detectives and claim this world in the name of Lord Arago!


This time luck won't save you.
Voiced by: Eric Vale
  • Co-Dragons: Become one to Long (and Kairen to an extent).
  • Took a Level in Badass: He has become an S class and can use the Spirit Wave (convert to Demon Wave). Think Rex Raptor for a moment.


Suzaku (Evil Suzaku)

Congratulations, your keen senses are much more acute now that you're a monster like us.
Voiced by: Jerry Jewell
  • Co-Dragons: Become one to Long (and Kairen to an extent).
  • Took a Level in Badass: He has become an S class and can multiply himself to 49, plus he can fuse with Murugu to have battle armor. Think Weevil Underwood for a moment.

Kuro Momotaro

Now, behold, the power of the Chimeric Armor!
Voiced by: Justin Cook
  • Took a Level in Badass: He has become an S class and can combine his three dumplings to form a chimeric armor.


I witnessed it from the other side. My respect to him and especially you, human.
Voiced by: Andrew Chandler
  • Heel–Face Turn: As of chapter 58 due to his respect of Hiei (and Kuwabara) avenging his death before.

Seiryuu (Evil Seiryuu)

These pitiful humans think hiding will do them any good? Wait until they meet our cultivated people. So glad we had plenty of spares.
Voiced by: Justin Cook