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Section about The Beast Tamers.

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    In General 
The Beast Tamers are so named because, in Season 2, they each gain the power of one of The Saint Beasts, from Duel Monsters cards they won in a Trivia Contest, no less. (But not the same Saint Beasts from YuYu Hakusho. Those guys were merely "posers", as one of the real Saint Beasts put it.) In Season 1, the Beast Tamers and the Victory Tamers were just "the Tamers”.

See also: Digimon Tamers for canon tropes (Except Himura & Inumon since their OCs.

  • Adaptational Badass: Takato and his friends originally had their Digimon do the fighting and Biomerge with them in the canon show and the first half of Wrath of Pharaohmon/Redux. In Season 2 onward, the Tamers’ prominence to fight side-by-side with their Digimon goes further by receiving Beast Cards from the festival, and has make names to themselves since.
  • Badass Crew: Yes, these kids became some of the best superheroes in Japan.
  • Color-Coded Characters:
    • Takato: Red
    • Rika: Blue
    • Henry: Green
    • Himura: Yellow
  • Elemental Powers:
  • Foil: They are compared to the Legendary Warriors themselves.
  • The Four Gods: They have partners that are the real Saint Beasts themselves, not those posers from YuYu Hakusho.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble:
    • Takato: Choleric
    • Rika: Phlegmatic
    • Henry: Melancholic
    • Himura: Sanguine
  • Sentai: Yes, the Beast Tamers are like the Power Rangers.
  • The Team: Their main group is the Beast Tamers themselves, though they have a side-group that helps them called the Victory Tamers, alongside Ryo & Cyberdramon (with Ouryu) as their Sixth Ranger.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Becoming the Beast Tamers is just the start of their fanfic-power ups/transformations. In Season 3, the Beast Tamers once again merge with their Digimon to become Beast Biomergers, and they can merge to a golden kirin. In D-Reaper’s Fury, Takato gains his Advanced Biomerger called Guilkatomon. Following that, the rest of the Tamers received their Advanced Biomergers in Ch. 10 of Cross Generations.
  • True Companions: They are loyal friends to each other despite the conflicts and drama.

    Takato Matsuda 



    Rika Nonaka 
Voiced by: Melissa Fahn

Rika is Takato's rival/love interest/best friend. She gains the power of Seiryuu, giving her storm-based powers (wind, water, lightning) and the ability to transform into Seirika.

Voiced by: Mari Devon

Renamon is Rika's partner. Can digivolve into Kyuubimon (Champion) and Taomon (Ultimate). Gains the ability to digivolve to Sakuyamon (Mega) and later, Sakuyamon Priestess Mode without Bio-Merging with Rika. In Season 3, Seirika and Renamon Bio-Merge to form StormSakuyamon (OC)note .

Voiced by: Oprah Winfrey

    Henry Wong 
Voiced by: Dave Wittenberg

Takato's other best friend. He gains the power of Genbu, giving him terrakinesis powers and the ability to transform into Henbu. He has a yonger sister, Suzie, and an older sister, Jaarin. Also an older brother, Rinchei, but he has not been seen in the series.


Voiced by: Mona Marshall

Henry's wise-cracking partner. Can digivolve into Gargomon (Champion) and Rapidmon (Ultimate). Gains the ability to digivolve to MegaGargomon (Mega) without Bio-Merging with Henry. In Season 3, Henbu and Terriermon Bio-Merge to form QuakeGargomon (OC)note .

Voiced by: Morgan Freeman

    Himura Tsubasa (OC)note   
Himura voiced by: Johnny Yong Bosch

When Himura was younger, before the events of Season 1, he was in a car crash that killed his parents and sent him into a coma. While in the coma, he is transported into the Digital Underworld, where he is attacked by a wild digimon and loses an eye. He is saved by Kotori, a tomboyish girl who ended up in the Underworld after being pushed down some stairs, and her partner Seadramon, who was once the MetalSeadramon of the Dark Masters. He also meets Inumon, a servant of Anubimon, the ruler of the Underwold, who later becomes his partner. They fight Basilikmon, a digimon who is trying to usurp Anubimon's throne, but before they can defeat him, Kotori is killed. After the battle, Himura is sent back to the real world and wakes up from his coma, only to find Inumon waiting for him. He lives with his grandparents and his younger sister, Yui. He and Inumon meet the Tamers during the Pharaohmon incident. Later, he gains the power of Byakko, giving him ferrokinesis (magnetic powers) and the ability to transform into Himakko.

In his past life, Himura was Siegfried and Brunhilde's lover.

    Inumon (OC)note   

Inumon is basically an Expy of Inuyasha and Miroku. He has all the brashness of Inuyasha, and all the lecherousness of Miroku, the latter of which is usually directed towards Renamon. He can digivolve into HellInumon (Champion), InfernoInumon (Ultimate), and YoukaiInumon (Mega). In Season 3, Himmako and Inumon Bio-Merge to form AuroraInumon (OC)note . It is revealed that Inumon was infected by the X-Virus that his collar was meant to suppress it. Destroyed however in Chapter 52 of Dawn of Chaos, Inumon dark digivolve into DexInumon. Thankfully it didn't last long.

Voiced by: Michael Clarke Duncan (2005-2012), Kevin Michael Richardson (2012-present)

    The Golden Kirin 

The combine form of the Beast Tamers, first appear in Chapter 60 of Dawn of Chaos against Valmarmon.

  • All Your Powers Combined: The Beast Tamers’ powers combined to one single power.
  • Foil: This majestic beast is the counterpart of Susanoomon. Heck, Susanoomon rides the Golden Kirin as its horse.