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    Victory Tamers 
After Takato, Rika, Henry, and Himura were granted the powers of the Saint Beasts, the "B-Team" were sent on a mission in the Digital World to defend the Amazon Digimon from Medusamon. Since Kaiba had fused the Digital World with the Duel Monsters Spirit World, they meet Amazoness Swordswoman (a Duel Monster) who leads them to the Lights of Victory, the essences of 5 animals which are sacred to the Amazoness (Duel Monster) tribe. The Lights grant each of them a power, which manifests itself as a colored aura. In Season 1, the Beast Tamers and the Victory Tamers were just "the Tamers". During Dawn of Chaos/Season 3, the Victory Tamers' D-Arks received upgrades. Thanks to the Moon Fairy Trio's magic, their devices were changed and are now called DDM-Gattai (or, Digimon-Duel Monster Merge). These devices function akin to the Xros Loaders from Xros Wars. They can store Digimon and/or Duel Monsters, and make 'Yuugou Evolution' (the Jogress between a Digimon and Duel Monster) possible. The Victory Tamers each received their own Duel Monster army to function with their Digimon partners. These devices are believed to even fuse unpartnered Digimon and Duel Monsters. The DDM-Gattais are believed to bring about the 'new wave of Digimon and Duel Monster evolutions'. See Also: Characters/Digimon Tamers

Kazu Shioda & Guardromon

Kazu voiced by: Brad MacDonald
Guardromon voiced by: Richard Cansino
Kazu's power is strength, his aura is white, and his spirit animal is the rhinoceros. Guardromon is Kazu's partner. Can digivolve to Andromon (Ultimate).


Aussa the Earth Charmer

Kenta Kitagawa & MarineAngemon

Kenta voiced by: Steve Blum
MarineAngemon: Wendee Lee
Kenta's power is invisibility, his aura is black, and his spirit animal is the hedgehog. MarineAngemon is Kenta's partner. Already a Mega-level digimon.

Shadowknight Archfiend

Dharc the Dark Charmer and Lyna the Light Charmer

Jeri Katou & Felinismon(OC)/Leomon

Jeri voiced by: Bridget Hoffman
Felinismon voiced by: Tifanie Christun
Leomon voiced by: Paul St. Peter

Jeri's power is telekinesis, her aura is blue, and her spirit animal is the dolphin.

Felinismon was one of Pharaohmon's minions, had a Heel–Face Turn after losing a duel to Yugi and eventually became Jeri's new partner, replacing Leomon. Digivolves to Angedramon (Mega).

Towards the end of Season 3, Leomon is revived and rejoins with Jeri.

Amazoness Tiger

Hiita the Fire Charmer

Suzie Wong & Lopmon

Suzie voiced by: Peggy O'Neal
Lopmon voiced by: Michelle Ruff
Henry and Jaarin's younger sister. Her power is healing, her aura is green and her spirit animal is the deer. Lopmon is Suzie's partner. Digivolves to the Deva, Antiramon (Ultimate).

Guardian Angel Joan

Eria the Water Charmer

    Legendary Warriors 
See Also: Digimon Frontier

Kouji Minamoto

Voice Actor: Steve Staley
Legendary Warrior of Light and younger twin brother to Koichi. Gains the ability to Spirit Evolve into MagnaGarurumon without the Spirits of Darkness, Thunder, Steel and Water. Like Takuya's Z-Hybrid, it's only half as powerful as the normal form, but doesn't render his teammates useless.
  • H-Hybrid: Wolfmon
  • B-Hybrid: Garmmon
  • A-Hybrid: Beowulfmon
  • Z-Hybrid: MagnaGarurumon

Izumi Orimoto

Voice Actress: Michelle Ruff
Legendary Warrior of Wind and Takuya's girlfriend.
  • H-Hybrid: Fairymon
  • B-Hybrid: Shutumon
  • A-Hybrid: JetSilphymon
  • Z-Hybrid: Ventimon (OC)note 

Junpei Shibayama

Voice Actor: Steve Blum
Legendary Warrior of Thunder.
  • H-Hybrid: Blitzmon
  • B-Hybrid: Borgmon
  • A-Hybrid: RhinoKabuterimon
  • Z-Hybrid: Donarmon (OC)note 

Tomoki Himi

Voice Actress: Brianne Siddall
Legendary Warrior of Ice.
  • H-Hybrid: Chakkoumon
  • B-Hybrid: Blizzarmon
  • A-Hybrid: Daipenmon
  • Z-Hybrid: Yetimon (OC)note 

Koichi Kimura

Voice Actor: Crispin Freeman
Legendary Warrior of Darkness.
  • H-Hybrid: Lowemon
  • B-Hybrid: KaiserLeomon
  • A-Hybrid: Reichmon
  • Z-Hybrid: YamiLeomon (OC)note 

Sam Joseph (OC)note 

Voice Actor:
New Legendary Warrior of Earth. In a relationship with Jaarin Wong.
  • H-Hybrid: Grottomon
  • B-Hybrid: Gigasmon
  • A-Hybrid: Saharamon (OC)note 
  • Z-Hybrid: Terramon (OC)note 

Jaarin Wong

Voice Actress: Wendee Lee
Older sister of Henry and Suzie, and the New Legendary Warrior of Water. In a relationship with Sam Joseph.
  • H-Hybrid: Ranamon
  • B-Hybrid: Calmaramon
  • A-Hybrid: Kappamon (OC)note 
  • Z-Hybrid: Calypsomon (OC)note 

Vega James Hunter (OC)note 

Voice Actor: Will Friedle
New Legendary Warrior of Wood. In a relationship with Ami Mizuno, a.k.a. Sailor Mercury.
  • H-Hybrid: Arbormon
  • B-Hybrid: Petaldramon
  • A-Hybrid: Achillesmon (OC)note 
  • Z-Hybrid: Wildentmon (OC)note 

Dimitro Lesvaque (OC)

Voice Actor: Troy Baker
New Legendary Warrior of Metal.
  • H-Hybrid: Mercuremon
  • B-Hybrid: Sephirotmon
  • A-Hybrid: Silvermon (OC)note 
  • Z-Hybrid: Blademon (OC)note 

    Digi-Destined (Adventure/Zero Two) 
Warning: The following footnotes could be considered spoilers See Also: Digimon Adventure and Zero Two

Tai Kamiya & Agumon (T)note 

Tai voiced by: Joshua Seth
Agumon oiced by: Tom Fahn (Agumon), Lex Lang (WarGreymon/Omegamon)

Yamato "Matt" Ishida & Gabumonnote 

Matt voiced by: Michael Reisz
Gabumon voiced by: Kirk Thornton (Gabumon/MetalGarurumon), Lex Lang (Omegamon)

Davis Motomiya & Veemonnote 

Davis voiced by: Brian Donovan
Veemon voiced by: Derek Stephen Prince (Veemon/Imperialdramon)

Ken Ichijouji & Wormmonnote 

Ken voiced by: Derek Stephen Prince
Wormmon voiced by: Paul St. Peter (Wormmon/Imperialdramon)

Takeru "TK" Takaishi & Patamonnote 

TK voiced by: Doug Erholtz
Patamon voiced by: Bridget Hoffman (Patamon), Dave Mallow (Angemon/MagnaAngemon), Jamieson Price (Seraphimon)

Hikari "Kari" Kamiya & Gatomonnote 

Kari voiced by: Lara Jill Miller
Gatomon voiced by: Edie Mirman (Gatomon/Angewomon), Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Ophanimon)

Willis Wallace & Terriermon (W)/Lopmon (W)note 

Willis voiced by: Bob Glouberman
Lopmon voiced by: Michelle Ruff (Lopmon), Paul St. Peter (Cherubimon)
Terriermon voiced by: Mona Marshall (Terriermon), Lex Lang (GoldenRapidmon)

Sora Takenouchi & Biyomon (S)

Sora voiced by: Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Biyomon voiced by: Tifanie Christun (Biyomon), Melodee Spevack (Birdramon/Garudamon)

Mimi Tachikawa & Palmon

Mimi voiced by: Philece Sampler
Palmon voiced by: Anna Garduno (Palmon), Mari Devon (Togemon), Dorothy Elias Fahn (Lillymon)

Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi & Tentomon

Izzy voiced by: Mona Marshall
Tentomon voiced by: Jeff Nimoy (Tentomon/Kabuterimon/MegaKabuterimon)

Joe Kido & Gomamon

Joe voiced by: Michael Lindsay
Gomamon voiced by: R. Martin Klein (Gomamon, Ikkakumon, Zudomon)

Yolei Inoue & Hawkmon/Valdurmon

Yolei voiced by: Tifanie Christun
Hawkmon voiced by: Neil Kaplan (Hawkmon, Aquilamon, Silphymon, Valkyriemon)

Cody Hida & Armadillomon/Valdurmon

Cody oiced by: Tom Gibis
Armadillomon voiced by: Robert Axleford (Armadilldomon/Ankylomon/Shakkoumon/Vikemon)

See Also: Digimon Savers

Masaru Daimon & Agumon (M)

Marcus voiced by: Quinton Flynn
Agumon voiced by: Brian Beacock (Agumon/GeoGreymon/RizeGreymon/ShineGreymon)

Thomas H. Norstein & Gaomon

Thomas voiced by: Crispin Freeman
Gaomon voiced by: Skip Stellrecht (Gaomon/Gaogamon/MachGaogamon/MirageGaogamon)

Yoshino "Yoshi" Fujieda & Lalamon

Yoshi voiced by: Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Lalamon voiced by: Dorothy Elias Fahn (Lalamon/SunFlowmon/Lilamon/Rosemon)

Keenan Crier & Falcomon

Keenan voiced by: Brianne Siddall
Falcomon voiced by: Steve Blum (Falcomon/Peckmon/Crowmon/Ravemon)

Chika Daimon & Biyomon (C)

Chika voiced by: Melissa Fahn
Biyomon voiced by: Terrence Stone (Biyomon/Aquilamon/Garudamon)


Voiced by: Dave Wittenberg


Voiced by: Christopher Darga


Voiced by: Philece Sampler


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