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Characters / Yu Yu Gi Digi Moon Paradais Corporation

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The main antagonists of Season 3 entitled, Dawn of Chaos.

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    Bringers of Chaos 

The Paradais Duo (OC)

See Yu Yu Gi Digi Moon The Paradais Duo

    Professor Frank and Company 
The main antagonists of Yugioh's side.

Professor Frank

Voiced by: Tom Wayland
After his duel with Luna in the Fortune Cup, Professor Frank's mind was trapped in the Duel Monsters Spirit World, where he was constantly hounded by Regulus. After being saved by Sailor Charon (who had just been released from a 1000 year temporal prison), he is sent back 1001 years to prevent the defeat of Charon and The Prophet. The Charon in the past (or the present, in regards to the story) uses her contacts in Paradais to secure Frank a position as the new head of Slifer Red, following Professor Banner's disappearance. Frank uses his position to recruit the Paradais Knights and equip them with technology he brought back from the future. He is finally defeated by the duelists in Chapter 56.

Paradais Knights

A group of disgruntled Slifer Red students led by three Psychic Duelists (the Grand Knights) who trained them to withstand actual attacks from Duel Monsters. After the Kaiba Corp. Solid Vision System is hacked and the safeties are removed, the Paradais Knights terrorize the city and force hapless duelists into duels with actual damage, thanks to the Duel Cuffs (the same kind Yusei and The Enforcers used), destroying the Duel Disks of the losers.

  • Expies: The three Grand Knights are this to Raphael, Alister, and Valon.


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