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Section about the Sailor Earth team of YYGDM. Like Takato, they are also perspective characters as part of a next generation after the Planetary Senshi. The Kuipers are the most involve in the Triad events with Dimitri/Angemon X, Kensuke/Dramon X, and Taichi/Omega X as the trinity union of dimensions (DF-616, YYGDM-01, and XLR-8).

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    In General 

    Karin Osaka/Sailor Sedna (OC)note   
I'm always one known for giving insightful and inspiring speeches. I don't know where it comes from, but from the heart I guess. Then again, being around the likes of Sailor Moon, Yugi Muto, and Takato will do that to you. They're such inspiring figures that I get inspired to be as great as them.
Voiced by: Laura Bailey

The Senshi of Ice and the founder of the Kuiper Belt Senshi. She is actually originated from DF-616, the universe of Digimon Fusion Kai where she died in an accident. Then, her soul is transported to the Nexus to meet the Lady in White and granted a new body in preparing her role as a dimensional traveler. She was trained in secrecy with Sailor Pluto. In Season 2 (Invasion of the Rajita), she introduces herself to the Planetary Senshi during the fight against the Rajita invasion. In Search of the Kuiper Belt Senshi under Sailor Pluto's guidance, she travels around the world to recruit new Senshi as part of the Kuiper team.

She and Dimitri (a Future Trunks expy) have a relationship when they met in Dimitri's future. She's also been reunited with her reincarnated brother, Kensuke Rainer, who both been separated in two dimensions. They later find out they are reincarnations of Princess and Prince Sedna from several millennia ago. Their guardians, the Kuipers, lived and trained with them. Their kingdom and lives were destroyed by Charon when she used the powers of Chaos. Even more shocking, Sedna and the Kuipers existed before the Moon Kingdom's height and Princess Serenity's birth.

In Season 3 (Dawn of Chaos), she and the Kuipers are fighting the Neo-Rajita, but Sedna's position is put to the test when Helena/Sailor Quaoar is kidnapped. When Dimitri/Angemon X arrives to help, Sedna is relieved to see him. Sedna defeats Melancholia (an Ulquiorra expy) to save Quaoar, only that she comes to a shock when her boyfriend is under Sailor Charon's control in Chapter 45. Fortunately, she frees Dimitri as they then help the heroes for the final battles and defeat Paradais.

Shortly after Dawn of Chaos, Karin and Dimitri receive an unexpected visit from a little girl and a PinkPatamon. This little girl is their future daughter, Athena Osaka-Ishida. Karin and Dimitri currently live together in a condo, the former works as a full-time museum curator. Kensuke has also moved in her sister, brother-in-law, and niece (Athena).

In Valkyrie Advent Chapter 3, she helped in the search for Kara Summers/Valkyrie Sigrun.

In Cross Generations Chapter 3, she, Dimitri, and Tai/Omega X entered the Transformers: Prime dimension, aiding to Autobots against Megatron/Unicron and an anomalous force, the latter of which possesses Megatron/Unicron.

Sailor Sedna's costume forms include: Classic, Super, Eternal, Valkyrie Lvl 1, Dai-Valkyrie, and Golden.

  • Determinator: Just like Sailor Moon.
  • An Ice Person: She uses the powers of ice.
  • The Leader: Of the Kuiper Belts.
  • Official Couple: With Dimitri Ishida/Angemon X.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The blue to Varuna's red. Also the blue to Orcus' red.
  • Team Mom: As leader of the Kuiper Belt Senshi, she takes this role in caring for them.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: At age 10, Karin's death grants her spirit access to Cosmos' dimension. She's forced to learn to dimension travel as she becomes a crosser. After gaining a body, she trains with Sailor Pluto to fully invoke her Senshi powers and learns history. Thanks to Pluto's personal connections, Karin gets a job as a museum curator's assistant, and she's in high school at this point.

Knut the Polar Bear


    Christina Denton/Sailor Orcus (OC)note
Voiced by: Luci Christian

The Senshi of Shadows and reincarnation of Princess Orcus. Christina is the fourth Kuiper Senshi to be revived by Karin Osaka.

She is from Sydney, Australia. She is the happy go lucky one of the group that keeps their spirits up. Christina's dream is to be an idol, just like her mom and her favorite idol, Minako Aino/Sailor Venus.

During the final battle with the Neo-Animamates, she is able to upgrade to her Super form. Afterwords, she meets Minako/Sailor Venus and moves in with her, and later with Rio Kuroshishi when he and Mina get their own place.

In Summer Diaries, she is able to gain her Eternal form. Christina also becomes attracted to a person she meets named Arashi. In SD special, Christina takes up Kobuto training with Karin and Taylor, to improve her work with her weapon.

In Dawn of Chaos, she gained access to her Valkyrie form and her spirit animal is a bat named Razor. She helps her teammates and others fight the Neo-Rajita and Paradais. She also aids in rescuing Helena from the Neo-Rajita's clutches. She helps Sedna break the mind control spell Charon placed over Dimitri. She manages to persevere with the others and defeat Paradais' forces.

After a few romantic crushes, she becomes attracted to another hero of a different world, Kensuke Rainer, the Child of Unity in the Accel Stream universe (XLR-8). Currently, she's working, under Minako's guidance, as an idol singer, stage actress, and a seiyuu for several anime shows. She also works hard practicing her Kobudo skills to improve her martial arts, in hopes of getting on Karin and Taylor's levels.

Throughout Accel Stream, she along with Sedna have been involved in a slew of conflicts involving Kensuke and his enemies. She and Ken have rescued each other numerous times, forging a bond between them. It's revealed even in the past, their previous incarnations, Princess Orcus and Prince Sedna had an affair. She is only one of few (outside Karin, Athena, and a few others) that can calm his unbridled and berserk fury.

In Valkyrie Advent chapter 3, Christina helps Kotori's group to search for Kara Summers/Valkyrie Sigrun. It's revealed Christina is a big fangirl for Kara, a popular Australian Olympic swimmer, who is in fact a fangirl for Christina's music.

Her weapon of choice are a pair of sais.

Sailor Orcus' costume forms include: Classic, Super, Eternal, Valkyrie Lvl 1, Dai-Valkyrie, and Golden.

Razor the Bat

    Tyra Vanderbilt/Sailor Varuna (OC)note
Voiced by: Stephanie Young

The Senshi of Light and reincarnation of Princess Varuna. Tyra is the fifth Kuiper Senshi to be revived by Karin Osaka.

Tyra was a street urchin living in Amsterdam. Known as The Hammer, Tyra is a rough around the edges kind of girl and knows how to take a punch. In the past, she was friends with the Stromberg siblings until Lyn decided on a better life for her younger brothers, Max and Sam. After that, Tyra and Lyn left on rather bad terms.

In The Search for the Kuiper Senshi, Tyra met up with the other Kuipers. She initially didn't have much faith in Karin leading the Senshi team, but later came to respect and admire her when Sedna battled Sailor Papillon. During the final fight with the Neo-Animamates, she is able to gain her Super Senshi form.

After the battle, she and Helena moved in with Rei Hino/Sailor Mars at Hikawa Shrine. Sharing space together, she and Helena become the best of friends, sparring partners, and ultimately lovers. Thanks to Helena's teachings and her own training regiment, Tyra becomes more disciplined and improves her fighting skills.

In the Movie, Taiyoukai Awakening, she and the others battle various demons wanting to invade the human realm with the other heroes of Japan. During this time, she is able to patch things up with Lyn, who rekindle their friendship and becoming her other best friend outside her team. The twins, Max and Sam, call Tyra by her old nickname 'Hammer'.

During Summer Diaries, she is able to gain her Eternal form. In SD Special Edition, Tyra also has a class where she trains women in self-defense.

In Dawn of Chaos, she is able to gain her Valkyrie armor. Her spirit animal (to her chargin) is a rabbit named, Flash. Her main enemy is the battle crazed warrior, Blitzkrieg. Their battles took place in the beginning of the Neo Rajita scourge of Earth, and always ended in a tie. This leads to the Kupiers, Neo-Senshi, and Duelists to enter the Neo-Rajita Paradais dimension, in which they split into groups. She and Blitzkrieg battle with each going full throttle before she beats him but doesn't kill him. She helps in rescuing Helena/Quaoar and a brainwashed Dimitri/Angemon X.

During Digimon Fusion Kai: D-Reaper's Fury, she fights and loses to Dimitri in a tournament match. Later, she gains her Golden form during the final battle against Teen-Reaper (the Kid Buu expy).

In Valkyrie Advent, Tyra and Helena attend an opera event where Philippe's friend, Sasha, performs and witnesses her having a seizure episode. Tyra is revealed to be a Norse Mythology-aficionado, further proving she's not all brawn. Her Norse knowledge, while useful for her friends, is playfully poked at by the Kuipers. She and Helena aids Kotori, Karin, Christina, and others to search for Kara Summer/Valkyrie Sigrun.

In her Senshi form, Varuna wields a battle ax. She also owns a motorbike, which she uses as a transport even for battle.

Sailor Varuna's costume forms include: Classic, Super, Eternal,Valkyrie Lvl 1, Dai-Valkyrie, and Golden.

  • Butch Lesbian: Her appearance gives this look due to being the lover to Helena.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: As a child, her parents as scientists were accidentally killed by Tobias Hawke. As a result, Tyra was in an orphanage and was a street fighter vigilante. It wasn't until after becoming a Kuiper, she sought to kill Tobias, but decide to spare him and wiped out his memory.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Gives some snarky comments.
  • Genius Bruiser: She learns to fight more strategically over time, receiving training from Helena helps. Even better, she has great knowledge of Norse Mythology.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Despite being brash to her teammates, she cares about them as well.
  • Meaningful Name: Tyra's name originated from Old Norse means thunder fighter, a feminine name of Thor. It also means 'god of battle' derive from Tyr. Her last name, Vanderbilt, means 'of the hammer', which earned her the street name alias 'Hammer'. Her alias, alongside the connection to Thor, foreshadows that she will wield Mjolnir (as seen in Cross Generations Ch. 13).
  • Official Couple: With Helena Fernandes Souza.
  • The Lancer: To Sedna.
  • Light 'em Up: Has the power of light.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The red to Sedna's blue. Also the red to Quaoar's blue.

Flash the Rabbit

    Helena Fernandes Souza/Sailor Quaoar (OC)note
Voiced by: Tara Strong

The Senshi of Earth and reincarnation of Princess Quaoar. Helena is the sweet, kind one of the group. She is the third Kuiper Senshi to be revived by Karin Osaka. Helena is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Helena is adept at the Brazilian martial art, Capoeira.

In The Search for the Kuiper Senshi during the final battle with the Neo-Animamates, she gains her Super form. After the battle, she and Tyra Vanderbilt move in with Rei Hino/Sailor Mars at Hikawa Shrine. Tyra becomes her closest friend and later a lover. Helena also introduces Brazilian cuisines for the residents at Hikawa Shrine.

In the Taiyoukai Awakening, she battles the invading demons with the rest of the cast.

In Summer Diaries, Helena is able to gain her Eternal form. During SD: Special Edition, she watches Tyra teaching students in self-defense classes.

In Dawn of Chaos, Helena is able to upgrade to her Valkyrie form. Her spirit animal is a Maned Wolf named, Flora. During the story, she captures the interest of one of the Neo-Rajita generals, Melancholia, who wanted to know why she would risk her life for Sailor Sedna and Sailor Neo-Moon when his companion, Babbi, was about to aim a blast at them. She comes into contact with him more than once before she is captured and replaced with a replica (Helbot). In response, Sailor Sedna, Varuna, the rest of the Kuiper Senshi, Neo-Duelists, Neo-Senshi and the Chimeras infiltrate the Neo-Rajita/Paradais dimension. Helena is eventually rescued but her demeanor is changed due to an incident casued by the sadist Neo-Rajita, Kitoss. Helena goes through a breakdown before regaining her nerve but goes on a sabatical once the battles have concluded.

Post-Dawn of Chaos, Helena and Tyra's relationship blossoms into full-fledged love. Tyra has gone to Brazil at least once to see Helena's family and sparred with Helena's male friend, Leo, to prove she's capable of protecting Helena.

During Valkyrie Advent chapter 3, she and Tyra help Kotori, Karin, Christina, and others to search for Kara Summers/Valkyrie Sigrun. She is one of few that knows Tyra's knowledge of Norse Mythology.

In her Senshi form, her weapon of choice is a lance.

Sailor Quaoar's costume forms include: Classic, Super, Eternal,Valkyrie Lvl 1, Dai-Valkyrie, and Golden.

Flora the Maned Wolf

    Taylor West-Stonebagel/Sailor Eris (OC)note / Tyler West-Stonebagel
Taylor/Sailor Eris’s male form caused by an evil dragon’s magic
Tyler voiced by: Johnny Yong Bosch

The Senshi of Wind and reincarnation of Princess Eris. The first Kuiper Senshi to be revived by Karin Osaka. Taylor is from the outskirts of Dallas, Texas. She lived with her father, mother, and siblings of nothing but brothers on a ranch.

In The Search for the Kuiper Senshi, during the final battle with the Neo-Animamates, she upgraded to her Super Senshi form. After the battle, she moved in with Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter.

In Summer Diaries, she gained her Eternal Form. In SD Special Edition, Karin, Christina and Taylor demonstrate Kobudo training with their teacher Megumi.

In Dawn of Chaos, she is able to gain her Valkyrie form. Taylor's spirit animal is a Falcon named, Zephyr. She actively helped the Kuipers and others battle the Neo-Rajita and Paradais. When Helena gets captured, she among others tirelessly work hard to rescue Helena and defeat the Neo-Rajita. During the battles, she and her team rescue the Chimeras. She meets Larry Stonebagel, new leader of the Chimeras. She and Larry's relationship starts here as they both help their friends stop Paradais.

Post-Dawn of Chaos, after Makoto marries Mako Tsunami, Taylor decides to move in with Larry. They start off as simple roommates, but over the course of a year leading to Taylor's graduation, they form a bond.

In Gaiden Chapter 26 (titled Marty Stonebagel), Eris saves Larry's cousin, Marty, from a Rogue Meta named Buzz. Later when Marty visits Larry, he is confronted by Taylor and is able to 'see' through her magic disguise and recognizes her as Sailor Eris. They have a scuffle leading to Larry to stop Marty. Marty patches up differences and vows to keep Taylor's Sailor identity a secret.

Recently, after Apophis Rising, she has gotten married to Larry. In Valkyrie Advent chapter 5, she and Larry help Kotori, Makoto, and others search for Jessica Nightwind/Valkyrie Skogul. Additionally, in Valkyrie Advent Chapter 5, she and Larry are caught in an evil Drake's magical beam that swaps their genders. Taylor turns into Tyler, a burly and handsome guy who effectively becomes the first ever male Sailor Senshi. Larry becomes Lauren. Fortunately, Taylor and Larry are turned back to normal genders near the chapter's end.

In her Senshi form, the weapon she wields is a lasso, which can drain an opponents energy.

Sailor Eris' costume forms include: Classic, Super, Eternal,Valkyrie Lvl 1, Dai-Valkyrie, Golden, and 'Male Sailor Eris'.

  • Blow You Away: Harnesses wind power such as conjuring a tornado.
  • Cowgirl: Has this trait as part of her personality.
  • Gender Bender: An evil dragon's magic beam turns her into Tyler, who can become a male Sailor Senshi.
  • Official Couple: With Larry Stonebagel
  • Smitten Teenage Girl: Before meeting and marrying Larry.
  • Tomboy: Was and still is kinda one after growing up on a farm. Slightly subverted since she likes romance novels, shopping, painting her nails, gushing over cute boys, and cooking.

Zephyr the Falcon

Lucy & Desi

    Jamilah "Jami" Waziri/Sailor Ixion (OC)note
Voiced by: Caitlin Glass

The Senshi of Poison and reincarnation of Princess Ixion. Jamilah is the second Kuiper Senshi to be revived by Karin Osaka. Jamilah is from Nigeria, Africa.

She is the brains of the group. Her dream is to be a doctor. During the final battle in The Search for the Kuiper Senshi, in the fight with the Neo-Animamates, she is able to upgrade to her Super form.

After wards, Jami moves in with Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury and her mother. Jami also becomes quite skilled in archery.

In Summer Diaries, she is able to gain her Eternal form.

In Dawn of Chaos, she is able to gain access to her Valkyrie armor. Her spirit animal is a cobra named, Bane. She helps the Kuipers and others against the Neo-Rajita and Paradais. She actively helps to rescue Helena from the Neo-Rajita and breaks Charon's mind control over Dimitri.

Post-Dawn of Chaos, Jami begins medical school to start her career and works/assists as a nurse at the Mizuno clinic.

In Valkyrie Advent chapter 4, Jami assists Kotori, Ami, and others search for Ayanna Nazawi/Valkyrie Gondul. She helps tend to villagers and reveals to Ayanna she's the daughter of the Waziris.

In her Senshi form, the weapon she uses is a bow. Adept with medicine, she's utilized her own poisons to create antidotes and hyposprays to use for her teammates and civilians in need.

Sailor Ixion's costume forms include: Classic, Super, Eternal,Valkyrie Lvl 1, Dai-Valkyrie, and Golden.

Bane the Cobra


    Dimitri Ishida & Faith the Patamon/Angemon X (OC)note   
Dimitri/Angemon X voiced by: Eric Vale
Faith voiced by: Brina Palencia (Faith), Troy Baker (Angemon, MagnaAngemon, Seraphimon, Pegasusmon)

  • Expy: Future Trunks. He also plays the role as the Kuiper's Tuxedo Mask.
  • Official Couple: With Karin Osaka/Sailor Sedna.

    Kensuke 'Ken' Rainer & Veemon/Dramon X (OC)note   
Ken voiced by: Brad Swaile (As both)
Veemon voiced by: Derek Stephen Prince