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Section about the main perspective character of the YYGDM and Triad stories.

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    Takato Matsuda
Voiced by: Brian Beacock

Takato is the leader of the Tamers. In Season 2 (Invasion of the Rajita), he gains the power of Suzaku, giving him pyrokinesis and the ability to transform into Suzakato. In Season 3 (Dawn of Chaos), Suzakato and Guilmon Bio-Merge to form BlazeGallantmon (Original Character)note . In Digimon Fusion Kai: D-Reaper's Fury, he and Guilmon gain access to their Advanced Biomerged form, Guilkatomon.

  • The Ace: Oh so he is. Takato is one of the best fighters.
  • Adaptational Angst Upgrade: Oh boy, compare to his canon and his DF-616 Prime (from the original D-Fusion fics) selves, this guy has a lot to deal in being an actual superhero. Here are the list of his personal problems.
    • Suzaku possessing the boy to kill Sailor Mars from Yami Houou's influence (though she's brought back to life) is the start of his depression cycle, with heroes like Sailor Uranus and Neptune showing distrust to him. This causes Takato to throw away Suzaku's card and doesn't speak to him again until they reconcile in Taiyoukai's Awakening.
    • He and Guilmon are first under control by Paradixalmon's Group in Across Dimensions, but is saved by Rika and Renamon.
    • Seeing Rika killed (instead of the DF-616 Prime version simply got hurt) by Beelzebumon (DF-616) in D-Reaper's Fury push him in rage to become NegaMegidramon. Because of this, Takato needs personal training with Omega X in order to reach an Ascendant-like form called Guilkatomon.
    • One of the biggest moments, Suzaku sacrificing himself to save Takato from Apophis. For a long time, Takato once again recovers and hopes that Suzaku will be revive like the phoenix.
    • Between Apophis Rising and Valkyrie Advent, for the Accel Stream movie, Takato is once again controlled by GranDracmon to become NegaMegidramon Crimson Mode and go on a rampage before he's freed. Needless to say, Takato sadly did not take part of Athena's birthday party.
    • Valkyrie Advent is the pinnacle and culminating Takato's depression cycle. Adora/Mist manipulates his mind into breaking up with Rika (and argue with Kenta) in Chapter 4, and allowing Loki to possess Takato's body.
  • Adaptational Badass: But its not to say he's one of the most powerful beings in YYGDM.
  • Animal Motifs: Dinosaurs and Phoenix.
  • Arch-Enemy: ChaosGallantmon, HiSuzakumon, and Ghidorah in the Season Trilogy. Mist becomes Takato's (and Kotori/Rika) main enemy due to being in the same age group and more personal.
  • Awesome Ego: Has this sometimes. Seen here as an example in Apophis Rising Ch. 2.
    Takato: I'm Takato Matsuda, Japan's main Tamer and one of the top Duelists!
    Henry: Main Tamer, sure? But, one of the top Duelists? Please.
  • The Baby of the Bunch: He is this at the start of the series, being around with experienced heroes like Sailor Moon and Yugi. Overtime, Takato is less so as a rookie.
  • Berserk Button: Sure that Takato is a nice person, but threaten his friends (especially Rika) and he will definitely hurt you.
  • Character Development: Since the canon Digimon Tamers anime ended, the author gives Takato development as a coming-of-age story of what it really means to be Japan's superhero. As a young boy, he originally Bio-merged with his Digimon at the beginning of the series. When Invasion of the Rajita came that he acquired the beast card of Suzaku, Takato becoming a Beast Tamer serves as his own being as a hero while Guilmon can fight alongside him separately. When Suzaku forced Takato to kill Sailor Mars (though she gets better) from Yami Houou's control, Takato is devastated that symbolizes the start of his own depression and doubts as a hero. Takato recovers once patches up with Suzaku, alongside gaining new forms such as BlazeGallantmon and Guilkatomon, even if more problems persists for the boy. Meeting Tai/Omega X also helps that he became a special mentor that means well. Then, Apophis killed Suzaku made Takato sink to a deep depression. As he tries to move on as a college freshman, Adora Frost (Mist) took advantage of his mind yet again, but unlike most villains, she is the biggest pinnacle to his struggles. Once Suzaku is revived and the recovered Takato to eventually take charge of his own situations, he regains his position as one of the top superheroes and Founders to be more responsible, and his development will come full circle in Wrath of the Defiants.
  • Deconstructed Character Archetype: He is meant to be seen as a coming-of-age person from a child to a young adult throughout YYGDM, but experiences a lot of problems and lifestyles a Japanese anime hero has in real-life society.
  • Despair Event Horizon: If one example stands out the most, then its Suzaku's death at the end of Apophis Rising that causes Takato to feel completely empty. He attempts to recover, but still.
  • Expy: Gaining the powers of Suzaku makes him remind of the Human Torch. Plus, being surrounded by older heroes makes him like Spider-Man.
    • Suzaku's headcanon voice is the same as Mufasa, Takato is like the Simba to the phoenix.
  • Fatal Flaw: Takato's main fatal flaw is his hesitation and naivete as a growing superhero. Another flaw is his strong powers allows specific villains to control him or Takato's wrath turns him to corrupted forms. When these causes the boy to be emotionally distraught, Takato needs to take time to look back his mistakes.
  • The Gift: He is talented in becoming a manga artist, but also his growing fighting abilities.
  • Grand Theft Me: In Valkyrie Advent, Mist has Loki's soul in taking over his body. Fortunately at the end of the story, Takato is freed thanks to Suzaku's revival.
  • The Hero: Of the fanfic series.
  • Ideal Hero: Takato desires in being one for better recognition to his maturity.
  • It's Personal: After Kuwabara and Cammy are killed by Ghidorah at the end of Invasion of the Rajita, Takato yelled at the Yami Houou to kill the warlord personally, but sadly not just revenge for the Senshi.
    • Has another major one when Rika/Sakuyamon are killed by Beelzebumon (DF-616) in D-Reaper's Fury, causing BlazeGallantmon to snap in becoming NegaMegidramon.
  • The Leader: He is the leader of the Beast Tamers. Upon the foundation of The Founders post-Dawn of Chaos, Takato is also seen as this besides Sailor Moon.
  • Nice Guy: One of the most friendliest characters alongside his Digimon.
  • Official Couple: Takato/Rika.
  • Super Mode: Literally has one as Guilkatomon.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Starts off as a googlehead with a red dinosaur Digimon he commands and Biomerge to become an exalted knight. Then, Takato gains Suzaku's powers to get new transformations, and once more merges with his Digimon in forming a phoenix-themed exalted knight. And since D-Reaper's Fury, he transforms further into Guilkatomon, a being based on a Super Saiyan with a biker jacket.

Voiced by: Steve Blum

Guilmon is Takato's partner. Can digivolve into Growlmon (Champion) and WarGrowlmon (Ultimate). Gains the ability to digivolve into Gallantmon (Mega), Gallantmon Crimson Mode, and Gallantmon Shining Mode (Original Character), which he uses by borrowing the Digital Priestess' power or by Bio-Merging with Cammy without having to Bio-Merge with Takato. Later becomes a member of the Royal Knights, but still visits Takato from time to time. In Season 3 (Dawn of Chaos), Suzakato and Guilmon Bio-Merge to form BlazeGallantmon (Original Character)note . In Digimon Fusion Kai: D-Reaper's Fury, he and Takato gain access to their Advanced Biomerged form, Guilkatomon.

Voiced by: James Earl Jones

The phoenix (Vermilion Bird) of the Four Beast Cards/Symbols in Chinese Mythology. Makes his debut in Season 2 (Invasion of the Rajita) in bonding with Takato, but breaks their partnership at the end after Suzaku forces Takato to kill Sailor Mars after she is freed from Yami Houou's control. In Taiyoukai's Awakening three years later, Suzaku and Takato reconcile and help each other in dire needs.