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The Black Games is a unique Crossover/AU story written by Mrs Pettyfer based on the hit novel, The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins. It is to be noted however that this story is not an exact copy-and-paste of the Hunger Games and that every character does not play as a specific character from The Hunger Games and the events that play out in this story follows their own unique timeline. The Avatar Universe is divided into 12 provinces and The Capitol, which in this case, is in The Fire Nation. The Story follows our main character, Katara of The Water Province and her struggles throughout The Games, meanwhile trying to look out for her brother, Sokka, who is the male tribute for the Water Province and the main reason why she became a tribute for The Games. On the way, she comes to learn more about herself as well as what 'The Black Games' really is..

The story is a trilogy that is followed by The Rise Of One, and the final ongoing installment, The Phoenix Queen.


  • Action Girl: Considering this is the Avatar Universe it is to be a given. But The most notable examples are:
    • Azula. Given the fact that almost every single tribute is cautious of her just by first glance is pretty obvious. Even before The Games had actually started she has displayed quite an amount of how badass and manipulative she can be. An example would be when she was the only one (as far as Katara is aware of) in the history of The Black Games to be ever scored a perfect 12/12 in her demonstration to The Elites, not to mention, well, her actual canonical self.
    • Suki. Given that this an Alternate Universe, Suki's character is possibly one of the biggest changes in comparison to her canon counterpart. Suki is shown to be much more merciless due to the fact she is placed in The Games and will do anything it will take to survive. Also, her personality is practically an enigma considering the lack of interactions she gets outside of her fighting scenes.
  • Aloof Ally: Zuko is definitely this to Katara, and eventually their group. He makes it very clear that he doesn't want to interact with any of the other tributes and for the first half of the games, he seems to be adamant on working alone.
  • Anyone Can Die: Obviously. Considering that this is a Battle Royale-based setting as well as a Hunger Games crossover.

  • Willfully Weak: Toph, being a blind little girl earns a lot of sympathy(mostly and notably from Katara), however, it was pretty obvious that she was hiding her abilities and avoiding the potential of being found out being the most dangerous and possibly sought out tribute in The Games, an example being when she willingly gets a low score for her demonstration by the Elites as well as staying out of training. Another reason why is because she was using her earthbending to build a tunnel underground to get to Province 13 without any notice from the watchers (since she can sense whenever the watchers are watching her through her seismic senses.)