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List of the main characters in Tasakeru and their associated tropes. Contains spoilers. For tropes that apply to the sentient species collectively, see the Sentient Species page, or go back to the Tasakeru Characters Index.

Tasakeru is currently undergoing a relaunch and major revisions. This page is under construction.

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    The Outcasts 


"Hanami. That's my name, my only name..."

An 18-year-old female squirrel with no last name. As the story begins, she's the newest Outcast. She wears an unusual flower in her hair. This flower has the magical ability to grow almost any plant instantly, in any shape she wants. Hanami was exiled because magic is forbidden by her species' religious views.

Tropes associated with Hanami include:

Reimaru "Zero" Takaishi

A male squirrel, 22 years old, Zero is a Ronin who ran away to Tasakeru after a traumatic incident nine years ago, earning the moniker "The Samurai Afraid of Death". He always wears black and carries a battered old family sword. Zero is the only Outcast with family back in the city, a younger sister with some health issues.

Tropes associated with Zero include:
  • Big Brother Instinct: He's been arrested multiple times because he absolutely refuses to stop supporting his little sister, exile or not.
  • Meaningful Name: "Reimaru" means "zero zero". He was nicknamed "Zero" by his squadmates in the Daigundan, and goes by it in their honor.
  • Survivor's Guilt: His squad of trainee samurai was ambushed by a fanatical Death God cult during an incident called "the Seven Days of Blood". Seven squadmates and ten civilians were butchered, and the rest of the survivors were left with horrible injuries, but Zero alone came out without a scratch. The guilt was too much for him to bear, which led to an attempt to desert the Daigundan, being tried for cowardice, and being declared an Outcast.

Faun Muranaka

"It’s always nice when somebody recognizes what a beautiful, talented, humble genius I am."

A vixen in both senses of the word,note  nineteen years old. She's clever, she's beautiful, and she knows it. Faun is an expert thief, she doesn't steal so much for survival as for pleasure ... anymore, at least. One of her hobbies is making her own trick grenades.

Tropes associated with Faun include:
  • Action Girl: She's perfectly willing to stuff a grenade in your face if you get on her bad side.
  • The Nicknamer: She uses nicknames for everyone, including herself. Rowan thinks it's because she hates her full name and is trying to cope.
  • Rant-Inducing Slight: Seker calling her a "harlot" after keeping her hostage for six hours sparks a huge tantrum from her that brings the lich to his senses.

Rowan Longstripe

[to Faun] "The pursuit of knowledge is never a joke... except, perhaps, in your case."

A badger, twenty-eight years old. The oldest of the group, having been in exile for twelve years. Rowan is a Gentle Giant, an avid reader whose den houses a small library on all kinds of subjects. He doesn't much like to fight, but when it's necessary he has a very large morning star to do the job.

Tropes associated with Rowan include:
  • Badass Bookworm: Straddles the line between this and Gentle Giant. His den houses an overstuffed library on subjects from everything from fairy tales to architecture... and also a massive forge where he makes his own weapons.
  • Martial Pacifist: Noticeably unwilling to start a fight unless he absolutely has to, as his behavior in his favorite library proves.

Drake Who Walks Alone

[on Hanami] "Could be an act. People lie."

A really, really old white wolf who has lived in Tasakeru for longer than anyone can remember. He helps out the Outcasts from time to time, when he feels like it. He was apparently the first wolf ever inducted into the Silver Order, but the Order denies this.

Tropes associated with Drake include:

    Supporting Cast 

Naole Takaishi

Zero's little sister who still lives in Unify. Sixteen years old. She has a job as an apprentice healer with the Silver Order, and helps the Outcasts by gathering food supplies in secret.

Tropes associated with Naole include:

Nadeshiko Argenteus

A 14-year-old female skunk who is next in line for the leadership of the Silver Order. She is the field commander of the Order's knights, and possesses a brilliant mind, but an ice-cold personality.

Tropes associated with Nadeshiko include:
  • Good Is Not Nice: She never smiles, her personality is blunt and abrasive, and she has very little sympathy for the Outcasts, starving or not. Borders on Inspector Javert at times.

Lily Argenteus

The current Grand Mistress of the Silver Order, and Nadeshiko's mother. Considerably nicer and more patient than her daughter.

Benson and Virgil

Those Two Guys who are frequently seen at Faun's favorite tavern, the Fool's Rush Inn. Benson is a raccoon, and Virgil is a fox. Both are drunkards and perverts, but Faun always gets the better of them.

    Villains (SPOILER WARNING) 


The Big Bad of Book I, N'Ktane is a sentient female spider. She lives in an ancient cavern in Tasakeru and rules over a Hive Mind of animalistic drone spiders, her children. The Outcasts battled her when investigating her children's attacks on both the forest and Unify, and the battle with her forces Hanami to reveal her powers to save herself and the other Outcasts.

Tropes associated with N'Ktane include:
  • Lack of Empathy: She knows full well that she and her children cause unbearable agony to the sentients trapped in her lair, being able to read their thoughts... and not only does she not care, she prolongs their suffering as long as possible.
  • Mama Bear: Gets very angry at any thought of harming her children.
  • Mind Rape: Inflicts mental torture on Hanami.
  • Psychic Powers: N'Ktane is a "reader", the in-universe term for a sentient with psychic abilities. She uses them primarily to direct her children, but during the last chapter she uses them to communicate directly with the Outcasts in New Standard, and demonstrates Hypnotic Eyes, the ability to read Zero and Hanami's thoughts, and a talent for Mind Rape.

Seker the Last

An immortal mage from an ancient race that the other species called Titans, Seker is a jackal whom Faun found deep inside an obelisk buried in Kamen Desert. Three thousand years ago, Seker worked in the court of the Titans' ruler, the Faraou, and was assigned to create an immortality potion. After slaving away for three years, he completed the potion and took it for himself, seizing control of all of the world. His rule was short-lived, as a resistance movement collapsed his throne room around him and buried him in an obelisk, with only an enchanted mirror as a window to the outside world. Seker was trapped there for the next three thousand years, while his entire race died out under mysterious circumstances.

Tropes associated with Seker include:
  • The Needless: Seker doesn't need to eat, drink, or breathe, has no pulse, heat, or cold to his body, and is unable to sleep.
  • Who Wants to Live Forever?: Seker describes his body as "frozen in time"... not only can he not be harmed by weapons or magic, but he apparently can't sleep, remaining awake for all three thousand-plus years of his imprisonment.


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