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  • Lelouch geassing Mayuri. Oh hell yes!
  • Kaien avenging Miyako by beating Metastacia without his Zanpakuto and BORROWING LELOUCH's but barely using it.
  • Lelouch's obtaining of Bankai and in chapter 32 curbstomps Hollow Nnoitora
  • At the end of chapter 34, Lelouch now officially becomes a Captain for Squad 10.
  • Isshin flattening Aizen with a Getsuga Tenshou and taking the fall definitely deserves a mention.
  • Most recently, Lelouch talks back to the head captain about Quincies. Good thing too because sparing the Quincies led to having the Vandenreich AS ALLIES!
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  • Soifon's beatdown of Mayuri deserves a mention, but it's almost completely overshadowed by Orihime cutting off his arm.
  • Lelouch utilizes Hado 90 Kurohitsugi in perfect execution, a feat Aizen later admits he is incapable of accomplishing.
  • Lelouch out-gambits AIZEN and geassed him into SUICIDE!
  • Hisana's near curb stomp battle of the high level Espada while in their sealed forms with her Bankai's ultimate ability.
  • Lelouch defeats Szayel EXTREMELY QUICKLY and doesn't even get SO MUCH AS A SCRATCH!
    • To put things in perspective. In Canon, Byakuya is known for holding the record for fastest defeated Espada. Mayuri holds the record for least amount of damage received against an Espada (including self-inflicted damage). Lelouch JUST TRUMPED THEM BOTH!
    • It also shows you how strong Lelouch is when compared to when he first entered Soul Society. Uryu, Kukaku, AND FORMER CAPTAIN Shinji were having difficulty defeating Szayel, CUE LELOUCH.
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  • Even if you don't normally cheer for the villains, it's hard to deny when Talbumosuke defeats Baraggan. This is different from Soifon and Hachigen's maneuver Talbumosuke fought the guy on point and completely OVERPOWERED HIM in a way that didn't make Talbumosuke a god mod, but more or less established him as a competent, very dangerous villain. His nullification of Respira was done in a way that doesn't look like it came out of nowhere and is standard enough that it can't be abused for other purposes. Seriously in what other situation would Talbumosuke need an aging nullifier? That wasn't an Ass Pull that was Talbumosuke using his brain.
  • In the omake of chapter 73 when Kaien and Renji are dueling Kaien summons Ghost Rider. No, really.
  • This troper finds that Ichigo single handedly defeating Allon in a manner that his canon self would've never been able to pull off shows how much of a more competent fighter Ichigo has become thanks to Lelouch's training. I mean hell he intentionally missed with a Getsuga Tensho and then DEFLECTED HIS OWN ATTACK to hit a more critically injurious zone.
  • In chapter 81 Unohana actually does something. She fights Ichigo’s Berserk rage Half-hollow form. It’s also a bit of Nightmare Fuel considering this is Unohana we’re talking about. She doesn't just fight. She fights WITHOUT using her Zanpakuto release AT ALL. She just uses straight up skill and even manages to INJURE her opponent. Anyone questioning why Unohana is so memetically feared this is definitely a foothold for it.
    • If you think THAT was something just wait until her fight against Spargga. One word, Bankai.
      • I did, words cannot describe the sheer awesomeness.
  • Kenpachi calls upon the power of his Zanpakuto. It’s a wonder the universe didn’t implode from sheer awesomeness.
    • It gets better. His Zanpakuto is almost a complete copy of Chuck Norris.
  • When Lelouch’s plans start coming together during the Fall of Talbumosuke arc you just can’t help, but smile at the absolute brilliance Lelouch had for every last one of them and how all of his plans brilliantly chained together. Of course Spargga was a little more lethal than Lelouch intended and he admits this, not that it's any consolation to Hiyori, Love and Sajin. What takes this specific example Up to Eleven was when Gin runs Talbumosuke through with his Bankai after Lelouch lured the man right into a similar trap he did with Aizen. He had Talbumosuke fight Yamamoto and Urahara, two of the bigger contenders of the battle FIRST, to wear Talbumosuke out, then he kept Talbumosuke’s focus on him and Yuna and weakened him further to the point where Lelouch was so weak Talbumosuke was kicking him along the ground. Lelouch traps him in his Spirit Prison technique which Gin then uses as an opening to impale him with Kamishini No Yari.
  • Yuna firing Tetsuzaemon after being promoted to Squad 7 captain and saying that she’s not going to put up with the squad’s sexism
  • Chapter 90's Omake had an Epic Rap Battles of History with two espada's throwing down.
  • Just the fact that Lelouch has the Brass Balls to call out the Central Forty Six on their actions as an organization is awesome in and of itself, and the debate/lawsuit that follows really brings Lelouch into his true element, but it's his final statement that really brings it home in the Large Ham Chewing the Scenery fashion you expect to come from him.
    Lelouch: "We, the Gotei Thirteen are the heart and soul of the Soul Society. All I see before me are some old geezers that do everything to undercut our power. The only ones who should shoot are the ones willing to be shot at. The only ones who should lead are the ones willing to be led! THE ONLY ONES WHO SHOULD JUDGE ARE THE ONES WILLING TO BE JUDGED!"
  • Renji punches the head of his Bankai in the face when Zabimaru uses it against him and actually knocks it off course. All that training from the last arc seemed to be good for something. Kaien lampshades this saying Renji wins the award for badass of the month saying that moment mentioned above was a little more awesome than what Renji just did
  • Chapter 96: Hisana realizes her zanpakuto is going after her children and beats the shit out of her.
  • Chapter 104: The battle between Muramasa and Eien Tamashii. Made more awesome by the author saying in the preliminary chapter notes that the readers could use the 1812 Overture to enhance the experience. Yeah that's right, at the end of the battle, there's Stuff Blowing Up.
    Eien Tamashii: Cue the music!
  • Head Captain Yamamoto vs Hollow Ichigo. The entire damn fight.
  • In Chapter 119 it's not Yoruichi versus Tsukishima it's Yoruichi [[spoiler DESTROYS THE EVER LIVING FUCKING CRAP]]! out of Tsukishima.
  • Rita beating Aizen by conventional means. We know that Lelouch did this with his Geass, but DAMN RITA YOU SCARY!
    • The fact that she Only used her Shikai and didn't even have to makes it more awesome. This troper isn't big on Original Characters beating extremely powerful canon characters, but there's just something satisfying about Aizen getting his ass beat. Humble Pie indeed.
  • Any speech Lelouch makes was designed to be awesome. The latest chapter is an example.
  • The battle against Aizen’s forces during the Aizen’s Revenge arc has several:
    • Momo delivering a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Zurik
    • Naomi revealing that she’s not as ditzy as she’s been letting on and going toe to toe with Sumime
      • The above 2 have been accused by fans of Power Creep, Power Seep; Momo's fight against Susanna during Reapers and Heralds, and this battle....well let's say the difference is jarring. Awesome, but jarring. Likewise, Naomi doing better than HER CAPTAIN against Sumime is likewise a rather badly received moment by a number of fans.
    • The entire battle between Mari and Treva.
    • Kenpachi Vs Vanguard. The entire damn thing.
    • Byakuya and Hisana using a Synergy Strike to defeat Ulquiorra.
    • Lelouch gets several:
    • The entire battle between Yamamoto and Aizen that follows Lelouch's confrontation with the latter.
  • Karin taking up the slack for Ichigo in defending Karakura Town from your average Jerkass
  • Cornelia curbstomping the crap out of enemy soldiers in the New Zealand Rebellion with a prototype Glasgow Knightmare frame. One Woman Army indeed.
  • In ch 145, Cornelia goes up against a bunch of terrorists that have kidnapped Euphie. How she deals with the situation and then refuses to kill the last guy until she gets some answers. It's a true testament that you don't mess with Cornelia's siblings. You lose all mercy points after that.
  • Cornelia, it seems, is just going to keep being Awesome. She corners Lieutenant General Marshall Evans, leader of the Inked Alliance, and holds him under arrest in his house. Evans tells her that killing him will only cause Cornelia to dig her own grave. Rather than letting him escape however, she instead shoots him in the leg.
  • The entire fight between Cornelia and General-in-chief Anerdas. There's not a single moment in this battle that isn't either highlighting Cornelia's badassery or just flat out cool.
  • Orihime’s taking a level in badass as a freedom fighter of Japan.
  • Momo’s Big Damn Heroes moment in the fight against Mao and the fight against him in general, especially the use of Lelouch’s core form.
  • Nonette giving Luciano Bradley a beat down most can agree he deserved.
  • Tatsuki punched Emperor Charles IN THE FACE! It doesn't matter that Charles erased her memory and she failed to kill him, greater justice has never been seen. The sheer joy any reader could have reading this moment cannot be conveyed in words.
  • That sound you hear when it’s revealed in chapter 176 that Ichigo is alive is the sound of the fanbase screaming their heads off in ecstasy.
  • Marianne's near defeat of Aizen in chapter 185. He had to resort to Taking You with Me to defeat her.
  • Ichigo showing us just what his newfound training with Rita can do by beating the ever loving tar out of Aizen.
  • In a similar vein to the Aizen’s Revenge arc warfront, the battle of Hell on Earth during the Permanent Sinner arc has its own set of awesomeness
    • There’s the above mention of Ichigo fighting on par with Aizen and subsequently winning
    • There’s Suzaku getting a Powered Armor type fullbring.
    • Riruka shows back up and is more badass than ever.
    • Yoruichi Vs Turbo. It was short, but the fact that Yoruichi could defeat one of the top 10 togabito is just flat out incredible.
    • The Quincies actually make an appearance and do an Enemy Mine with the Soul Society to protect the Earth.
      • Yhwach even goes and fights Talbumosuke solo.
    • The outcome being irrelevant, Kasumi Vs Unohana and then Rita kicked so much ass that the ass being kicked is now in need of surgery.
    • Cornelia’s new fullbring.
    • Marianne saving Lelouch from death against Misana and going Mama Bear on hers, Mayuri’s, Kira’s, and Szayel’s assess.
    • Vera unlocking Bankai
    • Don't mess with Nelliel's children unless you want to be hurting. DEEP HURTING!!!
    • How does Starrk deal with facing down an almost unbeatable opponent despite going all out and using Segunda Etapa? Answer:Tercera Etapa.
    • Soifon's entire battle with Project ISV.
    • How Byakuya defeats Ulquiorra. Coupled with a Funny Moment when Yammy gets Ulquiorra to go Not So Stoic.
    • Let’s be honest. Until Kensei started committing friendly fire watching him go Incredible Hulk on Chrysanthemum for harming Mashiro who he’s now married to was just incredible.
  • Despite the fact that he’s obviously outclassed, the very fact that Talbumosuke drops his Undying Loyalty to Aizen and fights him for harming his daughter deserves mention.
  • Again, outcome being irrelevant, Rita Vs Yamamoto is a pretty cool fight.
  • The fight between Yuna, Kenpachi and Stefan against Ichigo has been described as one of the best fights in the series.
  • End of chapter 200 Kallen has spiritual power
  • Unohana’s "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Aizen in chapter 204 is both this and Nightmare Fuel.
  • A string of them one right after the other. First, with CC on the verge of death, Lelouch saves her life by turning her into a substitute soul reaper. The success of this is made possible by the Hogyoku which then appears on the inside of Lelouch’s eye. The merging of this object to him Lelouch then uses to fight Aizen one-on-one all the while delivering some of the most hammy one-liners and then he WINS!
    • Although he dies a la Heroic Sacrifice. It turns out he lives and it’s awesome while also heartwarming considering he showed up at his own funeral.
  • Need we forget Rita ripping Feluca from the Soul King's body and then Feluca erasing the Soul King from existence with her Hogyoku Staff? All hail Goddess Feluca!

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