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  • Chapter 7: Asuna helping Kirito and Silica to get to safety.
  • Chapter 15: Kirito and the Warriors of Sunlight managed to chase off the Hellkite Dragon from the Undead Burg. The one-liner that preludes it?
    Kirito: Hey Razor...Praise the Sun. (Cue lightning spears)
  • Chapter 17: The Warriors of Sunlight managing to overcome the Taurus demon boss with JOLLY COOPERATION!
  • Chapter 18: It took half of a raiding party, but they managed to take down the Greatsword Black Knight. Still, it was a bitter ending with how it died.
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  • Chapter 23: They finally manage to kill the Hellkite Drake, and then Oscar kills Petrus and ends the feud between the factions.
  • Chapter 34: The Way of White members feel that they are being persecuted because of what they did in the past. Kirito gives them this speech.
    Kirito:"I have heard enough. And here I was, thinking we could put all of our bad blood behind us. Well, maybe we still can.

    The 'purge' was done after careful gathering of information on potential traitors to enemy Covenants. The reason they have not 'respawned' is because they have not died. They're merely imprisoned elsewhere. Whether they will be released or not has yet to be determined. There have also been Warriors of Sunlight captured among the traitors, so this is not a one-sided delayed vengeance.

    There is a very strong player who is doing a solo quest beyond the painting in the Chapel. Only faithful of the Way of the White can access it without triggering an encounter with bishop Havel, and I am seeing here a group of Way of the White players itching for a fight. So I say, why not give you one?"

    "You have brought pain and misery to children who just wanted to play with their parents. You made the old, the weak, and the not-skilled work like slaves. You turned a game that should have been fun into a torture-filled experience, and while Kingseeker is a bastard for keeping us trapped were the ones who allowed such a thing to happen, and did nothing to stop it.

    Ignorance is no excuse. You cannot hide behind the words 'I only obeyed orders', or 'I did as I was told'. But you have already been told this, a thousand times over and yet you still have the galls to act offended you're treated like the scum you are?"

    "You sicken all of us, and you sicken yourself too, I'm pretty sure of that. But we cannot keep recriminating, or we will never clear the game. So I am tasking you with a duty to clear your honor and prove your worth. You want to go on a quest? I'm giving you one.

    Go past the painting in the Anor Londo Chapel, and convince the 'Abomination' on the other side to join us in fighting the enemy Covenants. Do that, aid us, and you will have proven at the very least your integrity."
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  • Chapter 35: Kirito's speech before finishing Nito.
    "We have sacrificed enough," Kirito snarled, both swords shining as his voice grew hoarse from screaming. "Now it's your turn to pay! Witness Us, KINGSEEKER! WITNESS HUMANITY!"
  • Chapter 42: Kirito kills the black knight Yuuki and the Gaping Maw Dragon by hitting the latter with the former.
    Valor:"And when they will ask us why we follow,we shall give them this as answer."
    "He executed a fucking drop-kick attack with a Black Knight to deal with the Gaping Dragon!"
  • Chapter 46: Kirito's Did You Just Scam Cthulhu? moment with Kingseeker.
  • Chapter 49: The battle between the players, Havel the Rock, and Kalameet.
  • The Final Battle: Kirito takes up Dual Wielding, goes toe-to-toe Gywn, who uses a lightning spear in one hand and a flaming sword in the other to match him. When Kirito is fatally wounded, he summons Silica's shade to stab Gywn In the Back, before Sinon finishes him off.
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  • Meta Example: The author finishing this epic fic one year after it started.

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