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Tear Jerker / Soul Chess

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  • The death of Captain Mari, Lelouch reading Yuna's diary... there aren't that many, but they are absolutely heartwrenching.
    • The diary scene, especially, has been noted by many as absolutely heart-wrenching.
  • The death of Byakuya's father when Byakuya is still relatively young. That poor kid...
  • "The fetus died." Did you really have to make Lelouch BEING A FATHER a Tragic Dream? DID YOU?!
  • In chapter 74, it’s so hard not to cry during the scene when Hisana and Rukia are in the bridal room.
    • If you normally cry at weddings it's even harder.
    • The author even admits to crying while writing the scene
  • Ikkaku’s death. The author even goes and writes in a Hope Spot and it’s just too cruel. When it was stated that there would be deaths on both sides of the war he really meant it.
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  • Talbumosuke's death scene can be this who liked him. It would not have been nearly as eye wetting if he hadn't faced his death with dignity like he did and then you remember that Talbumosuke lost his family and that, besides the Espada, he really was alone once Lelouch took away his family and Aizen. The poem in his locket even shows that he even knows that he is still a Soul Reaper and that he truly believes he has made the right decision. The final nail in the coffin is the picture with him and Mia with the words "The future I desire" scrawled on the opposite side.
  • From the Reapers and Heralds arc: Yachiru asking her Zanpakuto one simple question "Why?". Just the thought of thinking of Yachiru being held by her hair, battered and bruised by a person she trusted, who she thought would never betray her and of course when her Zanpakuto breaks down and cries out My God, What Have I Done?.
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  • So much for Lelouch's clan...
  • Wow! Recreating an alternate 9/11 terrorist attack can still have this effect.
  • Ichigo’s petrification and the reactions of those around him. He is cured but it still had to take weeks ahead to get to that point.
  • Tsukishima, you FUCKING BASTARD! You drove Yoruichi and Ichigo nearly to Despair Event Horizon you BOND-STEALING VAMPIRE!
  • Talbumosuke describing how he lost His and Mia’s daughter. Villain or know we know that He cares deeply about his family.
  • Yuna and Mari’s moment before the latter goes off to fight Treva.
  • Tatsuki thought she was the only person alive after the fight against Daraclu. Thankfully Rita was there to let her know that Lisa is still alive.
  • Mari’s second death as her life force finally gives out. Poor Yuna.
  • In a way that reminds you of the end of Azumanga Daioh the end of the Farewell Ichigo arc has Ichigo and his nakama going off to college to start their adult lives. Yuzu’s sobbing just adds to the effect.
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  • The death of Cornelia’s Mom. Considering what is in store for her in the future, we know this is just one of many tragic events in Cornelia’s life.
  • The description of Cornelia’s Heroic BSoD after Marianne’s death and the subsequent scenes, such as her wailing on Guinevere and breaking down and crying in front of the TV when she’s watching old videos and remembers that she told Marianne she would always protect Lelouch and Nunnally.
  • Ichigo’s death. What makes it worse is that he and Cornelia are both fighting for the exact same reasons. And we all know Ichigo would be more than willing to help out Cornelia if he knew what she was really there for.
  • Cornelia and Euphie mourning Eleventh Prince Lelouch’s death.
  • In chapter 156 as Inoue is driving Kallen home, the scene that follows will remind any CLANNAD fan of the scene on the train with Tomoya and Ushio.
  • Just KNOWING what is in store is itself a massive Tear Jerker.
  • No one expected Orihime to be driven to using refrain. Everything involving it Including Kallen chewing her out is just heartrendering to see this done to sweet, kind, bubbly Orihime.
  • Lelouch and Euphie's reunion in the aftermath of the SAZ massacre. Read the reviews. People were moved by this one.
  • Orihime’s What the Hell, Hero? moment to Lelouch. Don’t cry Hime-chan, it’s okay. Don’t... *sniffs* *Manly Tears fall*
  • The Within Zero’s Shadow arc. Just...The Within Zero’s Shadow arc. The author even went so far as to put a message warning folks about how depressing it is, several times. Although chapter 163 deserves a special mention Lelouch having to perform Euphie’s Konso and everyone’s reaction to the SAZ massacre.
  • Nonette's Really Dead Montage. For crying out loud, how much more misery can Cornelia take?
  • The Call-Back to Cornelia’s lullaby in chapter 141 that she sings to Nunnally as opposed to Euphie is both this and a Heartwarming Moment or one or the other.
  • One line from Lelouch's reunion with Nunnally says it all
    Lelouch: If it meant making you happy I'd trade it all away if it meant being with you.
    • 1...2...3: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
  • Anyone who doesn't want to give Kasumi a hug after reading her Dark and Troubled Past needs to have an X-ray to make sure they're still human. Be careful though she Hates Being Touched.
  • Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment: the scene with Kasumi and her parents at the beginning of chapter 198 really plays your heartstrings like a violin.
  • 199 has Cornelia letting go of Euphemia to allow her to be with Suzaku. the scene is hilarious up until that point. The addition of Hisana, who has experienced similar events, wanting to let Cornelia she can talk it out with her is icing on the tear stained cake.
  • Oh god, Kallen in chapter 200 needs a hug when she's crying for describably no reason, poor thing.
  • The scene leading up to Lelouch’s death. Even Eien Tamashi is crying. His funeral and subsequent scenes that follow are not only shocking but also downright heartwrenching. However, Once we find out he’s alive the scene switches straight to Heartwarming Moment and Moment of Awesome

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