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  • Shinji in chapter 4 after Lelouch collapses on the floor "Learning to be a doormat Lelouch?"
  • chapter 14
    Eien Tamashi: What's the matter Lelouch you're not into young girls
    Lelouch: Zip it
    • This also from the same chapter: "Well amen, hallelujah and pizza, she's gone."
  • Lelouch's monologue after seeing Rangiku as we know her in Bleach
    • "If Milly were here she'd be demanding size comparison. I thought to myself. Something tells me it's possible she'd lose too"
    • According to Word of God Rangiku was, at that point in time, how she is seen in Hitsugaya's backstory episode. She's somewhat younger, but still hot as hell.
  • chapter 15
    Lelouch: Eien Tamashi.
    Eien Tamashi: Yes Lelouch.
    Lelouch: Take a note and don't forget this: If I ever find out that Isshin is intimate with Rangiku, remind me to Geass them apart if I don't plan to already do so.
    Eien Tamashi: So noted.
    • Later that same chapter there's also this:
    Eien Tamashi: Lelouch, at the rate you're going your sister's grandkids will have tombstones by the time you become captain.
    • Even more so when Lelouch himself borrows it to use against Aizen decades later.
  • In chapter 16 when a freshly created Nemu falls out of the tank she was growing in, into Lelouch's arms we get this gem:
    Lelouch: Experiments need to be less wet...and less heavy
    Eien Tamashi: Lelouch that's rude!
    Lelouch (thinking): Could that be any more cliché?
    Eien Tamashi: He certainly exemplifies the definition of a mad scientist.
    Lelouch: Thank you, Captain Obvious.
    • Same chapter:
    Rangiku: "You know you should think about getting a girlfriend."
  • Lelouch's Zanpakuto spirit Eien Tamashi's reaction to him suggesting Screw Yourself after she flatly says You Need to Get Laid (since Zanpakuto spirit are technically a part of a soul reaper.) in Chapter 32.
    Eien Tamashi: "I'm a part of you…you jackass!" She then slaps him.
    • Brought up again much later in Chapter 169, instead of a slap she attacks his inner world.
  • Right after Lelouch's nightmare about being a Hollow and wants to know what it's about:
    Eien Tamashi: Need a second opinion?
    Lelouch: Yes I do. Do I want your opinion? No.
    Eien Tamashi: Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
    Lelouch: I had a really bad dream, not like my reoccurring nightmare, so I'm not in the best of moods. Pardon me if I'm short with you.
    Eien Tamashi: Oh well, excuse me your highness.
  • Rangiku laughs when she finds out Lelouch is a virgin. Eien Tamashi Lelouch's Zanpakuto begins cackling herself despite the fact that she knows that already, much to Lelouch's chagrin
    Lelouch: Why are you laughing? You know that already!
    Eien Tamashi: I...don'!
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  • In chapter 18, Eien Tamashi acts as Yuna's echo just to annoy Lelouch
  • Chapter 23
    Lelouch (narrating): I needed to gloat, my ego demanded it.
    Eien Tamashi: Your ego needs to be kept in check.
    Lelouch (to her): Quiet!
  • Chapter 26 Depsite the fact that Lelouch, and the reader, are quite excited about the prospect of Lelouch finding Rukia while Hisana is still alive, Eien Tamashi couldn't care less
    Eien Tamashi: "We haven't done training in a while. I'm bored."
  • In chapter 27 Mayuri forgets he's lost four not three deputy department heads. Lelouch and Nemu kindly remind him of this
  • Ichigo and his nakama randomly guessing why Fong Shaolin, their teacher, is absent. Ichigo asks Keigo if he's high when Keigo suggests that Soifon is a Yakuza. Orihime almost correctly guesses what Soifon is and Ichigo says that it's actually better than Keigo's thoery.
  • In chapter 38 Soifon the normally callous and ruthless former executive militia commander acting bubbly and excited because Yoruichi promised her something special if four members of Ichigo's class got in the top 25 of the freshman class
    • Lampshaded by Ichigo
    Ichigo: Who are you and what have you done with Fong-sensei?
  • Ichigo and company all learn a very important lesson in chapter 62: Never let Kukaku drive
  • Just about every thing with Yammy who's been turned into a expy of Nappa from DBZ abridged
    • Right down to him haunting Grimmjow a la Ghost Nappa!
  • Chapter 68 is infamous for Susanna's Convenient Miscarriage but a bit before that was Soifon's Spit Take in watching the news about a year old, Lelouch vi Britannia.
  • The Chapter 72 omake. THAT is all.
    • The omakes for chapters 82 and 83 also. Just...yeah.
  • The 100th omake chapter celebration in all of its glory lol
  • Chapter 83 has Lulu being called out on his dramatic poses and speeches
    Central 46 Member: And captain, do try to keep the theatrics down next time you visit. We find your over dramatization rather annoying.
    Lelouch: Annoying!
    Eien Tamashi: Haah! Iceburn!
  • Chapter 106 Omake, where squad 11 discovers hardcore anime and fanfiction.
  • Ryuken giving Uryu a condom to keep in his wallet.
    • For the love of peace the condom is quincy themed and Ryuken makes them!
  • Phoebe attacking Rita and believing that she has her on the ropes cause all Rita is doing is blocking and Rita is wondering in her head what she should have for dinner and the moment she comes out of it, combos Phoebe without even trying
    Rita: I wonder what I should have to eat first chance I get to eat the Soul Society cuisine. I'm sort of feeling like Ramen, but maybe I should have sushi. Sushi always tastes better. No, wait maybe some fresh fish. I haven't had fish in a while.
  • Ichigo in Slient Hell had its moments.
  • Mashiro channeling Roadrunner while fighting Zurik because that is that is the type of thing you expect from Mashiro
    Mashiro: Meep! Meep!
  • After setting up a complex Fushibi spell against Treva with the help of Nemu, Kiyone and Ashido, Kukaku watches the explosion and wipes a tear from her eye as she smiles.
    Kukaku: It’s so beautiful.
  • Shunsui and Orin mocking card games and paying quite an Affectionate Parody to Yu-Gi-Oh! and shout outs to Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series
    • Shunsui explains that he and Orin are not in the Shadow Realm
    • Shunsui says that card games are Serious Business
    • Orin is aghast that he and Shunsui’s fight will be decided by a children’s card game
    • Shunsui says Orin should be thankful he isn’t using a rod or a puzzle.
    • Orin saying Screw The Rules I have Power
  • Several bits of Lelouch outright mocking Aizen with some really good snarking. Eien Tamashi apparently thought so herself.
  • Chapter 134: the Beach Chapter. Namely, first off, Daraclu getting tortured with cute things and the idea of Twilight. Rangiku and Gin, especially Gin, were plain fun to envision on the beach. And Keigo was set on fire by Kendra's hotness. And Lelouch being trolled and dumbfounded was also really funny. ...It's easier to list what wasn't funny.
    • Well, Gin does look and sound like Hazama, so a talent for trolling must come as part of the package...
  • In the same chapter there's also Rita ordering one of her new servants around and calls him Jenkins. His name is Braekin.
    Rita: Jenkins, Braekin. Tomato, Tomahto.”
    • She also asks what she's paying them for only to get the response of “You don’t.”
  • Also in chapter 134 we have Stefan just bluntly admitting that he knows about, and may have used, a hole in the partition for the Squad 2 onsen. In front of his Number Two Kendra. Her reaction is priceless.
  • Gin making Lelouch (and everyone else) need to reach for the Brain Bleach by dropping the idea of Omaeda in Speedos.
  • Kukaku on her period. It might be an obligatory PMS joke intended for a cheap laugh (or at least that's how it comes across), but it is still extremely funny, especially describing shutting the room to the door with her in it as locking a dragon behind it.
  • Cornelia’s blunt query to Guinevere if she engaged in sexual activity to become Viceroy of Area 14
  • Cornelia saying that she’ll castrate anyone that tries to bed Euphie before Euphie turns 19. When Euphie calls her out on this, Cornelia notes that perhaps she’d use her gunblade rather than a knife. Euphie then remarks that size isn’t the issue.
  • Tamaki’s reaction to Orihime telling him that she’s engaged to Ichigo who Tamaki looked up to as a child based on his reputation, before Karin set him straight.
  • Nonette giving Suzaku Marshmallow Hell. She's just so abrupt about it. Suzaku's reaction is priceless. And then a couple paragraphs later she doesn't even care that she broke a very expensive vase.
  • Eien Tamashi's reaction to CC telling Lelouch that part of Marianne's agenda included Nunnally having Lelouch's babies.
    • What could possibly be even funnier is the fact that Lelouch isn't bothered by this at all.
    Eien Tamashi: I thought you didn't have a sister complex!
    Lelouch: I Lied.
  • Marianne reviving Nemu.
  • Ghost Yammy annoys Ulquiorra so much that he devolves into Not So Stoic and ultimately loses his fight with Byakuya.
  • Chapter 198 really is appropriately named a dinner disaster what with Cornelia nearly skewering Suzaku's groin with a haphazardly thrown fork and Talbumosuke doing similar to Clovis, Mia trying to corrupt Nunnally (played for laughs), Marianne playfully flirting with Talbumosuke and the effect it has on Lelouch, and to top it all off Susanna and Shirley the one's you'd expect to maybe cause something like this cat fight style are talking to each other with the utmost politeness and civility and possibly something else.
  • Chapter 199 has Cornelia chasing after Suzaku all over Soul Society for sleeping with Euphemia and its effect everywhere and Rukia of all people making and winning bets off of Renji and her husband Kaien.
  • In chapter 200 we find out that not only did Clovis completely puss out during the Hell on Earth, but he was scared of FUCKING DEER! Not even a full grown buck, it was a fawn. Some 5th year academy student he is.
  • During a particularly heartwarming scene between Lelouch and Nunnally, Eien Tamashi hangs a lampshade that every time someone spends all day with a member of the opposite gender and brings them to Sokyoku Hill to see the sunset it usually winds up in the sideways polka. She also gives a bit of snarky sarcasm.
    Eien Tamashi: Yes, heaven forbid I try to stop you from having sex with your sister.


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