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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why is Guinevere characterized as a Rich Bitch and despite being hated by the fandom for being such a bitch is a resident Ms. Fanservice and has a silver tongue? Because she is described as being Britannia's Marie Antoinette, who was very similar as the author seems to be aware.
  • Why did Ichigo fight Britannia? Because if he didn't, Lelouch would've been rescued by Cornelia, and that would throw the timeline out of whack. Not that he knew this, but still.

Fridge Horror

  • Take a look at Kasumi's Identity and you can get some serious Adult Fear. Why? Because the parents wanted to have her a better life (especially the father due to creating that portal) have instead takes her into the past for over two millennium and suffers greatly as a result. See her Dark and Troubled Past trope to know how bad it is and her parents couldn't even help her out because they never even existed. Because of all that she Hates Being Touched and wants to die. During The Reveal that Talbumosuke is her father the arrancar lord even alludes to this.
  • In the flashback of 198 we see CC save Marianne from committing suicide after she loses her parents and her house. This seems heartwarming at first, with CC taking pity on Marianne, but then you need to remember CC's mentality at the time. She was taking advantage of Marianne's vulnerability since we all know she would've left Marianne alone at the first chance she got. Thankfully, as we all know, this does happen, but imagine if it had happened. Marianne would've been rescued by someone she thought she could trust only for that very person to not only leave her forever, but also take away Marianne's only hope of escape. Talk about cruel. Always friends? Sure they were.
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  • A bit regarding the Grand Finale if Lelouch didn't come Back from the Dead. Right before the final battle he attempts to impregnate Shirley. 5 years later Susanna is the one having the baby. Meaning that if Lelouch hadn't come back from the dead he wouldn't have even had an heir to carry on his legacy.

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