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  • Accidentally Correct Writing: It's amazing how many times the author has written something into the series that later appeared in the Bleach manga that he could not have possibly forseen at the time of implementing them. Namely:
    • Unohana letting down her braid when she fights and being an absolute monster in the past. Failed to connect her to Zaraki Kenpachi but close enough.
    • Yamamoto and Sasakibe dying
    • Kenpachi learning the name of his Zanpakuto.
    • Rukia getting Bankai; she doesn't quite manage it in time here, but it's pretty clear she'll do it.
    • the author may have gotten the fact that Isshin lost the shiba name wrong. BUT he did get right that Isshin is a branch family, was captain of squad 10 and Rangiku and Toshiro were 2nd and 3rd seats of the division around the time of his captaincy.
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    • Only in an omake, but Chojiro having Bankai.
  • Ascended Fanon: The reason Ryou Keshiba was made the orange phantom was because a fan wrote how he reminded them of Jeremiah.
    • There's a reference to this in ch 78 where his Zanpakuto's release command is "Show Your Loyalty"
    • The final nail in the coffin, see the quote above for Dying Moment of Awesome
  • Creator Backlash: Downplayed. Draconichero loves Soul Chess, but it has eaten away all the time he could be spending on other projects to the point where now he just wants to complete the series and move on.
    • Sort of downplayed Old Shame now; he describes it as 'I can do better'.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Downplayed. Depending on what the author has been up to lately usually influence the references made or expies created. Example: Early on we got a lot of references to Dragon Age: Origins and in recent chapters there have been a lot of Fairy Tail references here and there.
  • Trolling Creator: Considering the very large Wham Episode list...
    • the author freely admits to being this.
    • The question of who marries Lelouch being the most glaring example; he put it to a reader's poll, then discarded said poll and chose the one who was LEAST POPULAR. Cue backlash. A few about faces also count.
  • What Could Have Been: The author toyed with several concepts before scrapping them, including: Making Ichigo a visored early, and having Soifon kill Yammy.
    • Originally the author was going to have Gantenbainne fight more than just Uryu and Lelouch and have Urahara be the one to beat him to pulp, but due to some recently downloaded music he changed it and gave the asskicking honor to Yoruichi.
    • After the lemon in Susannas path in the alternate Chapter 33, we get this little beauty.
    Susanna: So, was this a one time thing?
    Lelouch: This? Perhaps. Us? That's up to you.
    Susanna: I want there to be an us.
    Lelouch: Then there can be an us.
    • The author reveals that he was set up and ready to kill Toshiro Hitsugaya, but backed out on it because he couldn't think of a good way to write the ensuing scene following the character's death.
    • Originally Rukia was going to replace Chojiro Sasakibe as the new squad 1 lieutenant, but fan demand saw to it that Vera wound up taking that honor. Rukia got squad 3 instead under her sis Hisana.
    • After her death Yuna was going to be reincarnated as Shirley, but the author changed his mind.
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    • In drafting an idea for Mashiro's shikai the author originally opted to give her a Cool Bike and model her Shikai to make her something like an Expy of Ghost Rider or Lobo only to realize the time frame in which she would've had to have gotten said Shikai and realized how Awesome, but Impractical the idea was and therefore scrapped it.
    • The author admits that he was all set and ready to go and kill Hitsugaya off for real, but decided against it since he couldn't write the scene where he fakes his death to wind up the way he wanted it properly.
    • Chapter 152 was originally penned to have Cornelia in prison awaiting trial, but circumstances and research to realistically represent the Britannian Empire had it altered and turned the whole charade into a big poltiical bout between Cornelia and her older half-sister Guinevere.
    • The author said that he was considering rewriting the ending of chapter 163 if people weren't too happy about the Official Couple being Lelouch and Susanna. Let's just say most readers thought otherwise.
      • This, however, did not stop him from creating an OT3 by adding Shirley into the mix.
    • Originally the Wish Fulfillment arc was going to be much longer and feature other dream realms. The author bailed on it for the sake of the plot.
    • Naoto Kozuki, Dorothea Ernst, Andreas Darlton, and other minor characters that died in the Code Geass series were supposed to have some screen time during Kasumi's Hell on Earth, but got cut to move the plot forward.
    • The same can be said for the True Chessmaster arc. The author has admitted to just wanting to finish the series.

Misc. Trivia

  • Several of the characters in Soul Chess have either debuted in the author's other known work Tales of Bleach: Unreal Society or have debuted here and later appeared in the other fanfic either naturally or during the Alternate Universe arc created by Album Atrum, which is essentially a rebooted reality and a zig-zagged Bad Present. They are as follows with the following changes (if any):
    • Mari Akari debuted in Soul Chess first. In Blades of Destiny she is still the captain of squad 10 in an Alternate Universe, but she acts as a powerful Antagonist towards our heroes And offs three of them. By Word of God Mari's power is the on the same level across both fics.
    • Naomi Libra debuted in Blades of Destiny first as a ditzy, hired assassin from Aselia rather than as a Soul Reaper. She's as she was before her Soul Chess character development.
    • Yuna Homura appears alongside Mari minus her Bankai and is as she appears in her initial Soul Chess appearance with Undying Loyalty to Mari and, like Mari as an antagonist to our heroes.
    • Kasumi appeared in Blades of Destiny first as well. Somewhat unlike her incarnation in this series, in Blades of Destiny she is the daughter of [[spoiler:Talbumosuke—calling himself Album Atrum—and Nemu of all people who made a Face–Heel Turn and fell in love with Talbumosuke. Kasumi grew up as a Soul Reaper and, as far as we know, is full blood Soul Reaper and, also, never wound up in hell
    • Talbumosuke Atrumier appeared in Bldes of Destiny first as the Big Bad of it. He is also Aizen's Apprentice, but his Zanpakuto is way different than his Soul Chess incarnation. In fact his Zanpakuto here is more attuned to his God mode in the Alternate Universe he created where he is the Elder God of Time and Space.
    • Yosei Samakura appeared in Blades of Destiny first as the captain of Squad 3, replacing Gin, in place of Rose.
    • May Stowa appeared in Blades of Destiny first as the captain of Squad 5, replacing Aizen, in place of Shinji.
    • Stefan Lusca and Kendra Otmachi both appeared in Soul Chess first. In Blades of Destiny they have their current abilities and positions in the Alternate Universe with Kendra supposedly being from Aselia and knowing something about Yuan. She also has Elven blood.
    • Yachiru Hekira appears in Blades of Destiny first. She is the vice-captain of Squad One as Aizen's vice-captain in the Alternate Universe and she has Bankai and curbstomps a good portion of the heroes and flat out kills them. Her victims are: Yosei, Love, Izuru, Mashiro, and Renji. She is still respected by Kenpachi, heavily and she's even stronger than his current iteration.
    • Treva Hoshima appeared in Soul Chess first too. He is mentioned in Blades of Destiny as being the captain of Squad 3 in the Alternate Universe, but gets defeated offscreen so no further details are available.