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  • Not bad
  • Terrible
RaHoWa- Not Even Once
Absolutely Radiant
Informative show, but ultimately tiresome and repetitive
Decidedly Better Than It Sounds
  • A Blast Through The Apocolypse
  • Flawed, but still a fun ride
  • This game is pure mediocrity.
This Anime is Amazing (Considering it's based on a mobile card game)
What did I just watch???
Comment by eliska
  • It's alright, but it's not as good as Evangelion
  • RahXephon -- Better than Eva?
He Can Leave His Hat On
Good, if not somewhat Preachy
Rainbooms and Royalty
Posters and Gay-dars
  • Boast Busted: a good story, but not a good introduction
  • LNLD: An interesting premise with a pretty great result.
  • Mixed feelings
  • So Okay It's Average (especially the pacing)
  • The Return Of Tambelon: A fantastic season opener.
  • Thumbs down
  • An ambitious, failed experiment
  • It's... weird
Comment by Tropers/{{Sporkaganza}}
  • Better Than Its Reputation
  • Better then Snuff
  • Good, but disappointing
  • I want my money back.
  • In one word: Depressing.
  • It said Pratchett on the cover.
  • On and Off the Rails
  • The End of An Era
  • The Future Is On Track
  • Excellent SliceOfLife series
  • These books are AMAZING.
Good for a Boll film, but still excessively lurid and under-developed; very hard to watch
Rampage review
  • As of Episode 23, a great piece of television
  • It's an over all good series
  • It's worth a shot
  • All Around Delightful!
  • Disapointing, but still creative.
  • Excellent Movie
  • Good, but confusing
  • Just be patient
  • Wonderfully unconventional, but intensely ugly
  • antvasima's review
  • Highly recommend Rose of Shadows
  • LooneyToons' review
  • antvasima's review
  • CrypticMirror's review
  • lanky's review
CrypticMirror's review
A Classic
Comment by Numbersixfan
  • Anime or Manga better? You decide.
  • I tried to give it a chance, but it just sucks.
  • Quick Review Ranma ¬Ĺ
  • Strangled by (Short-term) Storyline and Seriousness
  • The ''Series/ArrestedDevelopment'' of Martial Arts Comedy
Good delivery of a very tired premise?
@/CrypticMirror's review
Out of character boring Harem Fantasy
  • A prime example of how a Peggy Sue can go wrong
  • OoC
Weird and Wonderful
op's review
  • Rapunzel Goes Home review
  • WolframAndHart's Review
  • A beautifully written animated film with a few weak spots
  • The Joy of Creation
  • An Epic Tale
  • An Excellent Series Full of Creativity and Depth!
  • Looks at first glance like randomness, but it's more like a very personal imagination
It was a great game back then, but it hasn't aged well
  • A Video Game Movie Done Right
  • Huge disappointment for a nostalgic fan.
A disappointment, but it's okay
My Personal Favorite Game
A deeply awkward book
Comment by {{Tropers/SanaMae}}
  • Rave Master
  • Thumbs Up
Ravenor vs. Eisenhorn (minus Ravenor and Eisenhorn)
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
I remember this show.
  • A Brilliant But Disjointed Sequel
  • What a platformer
  • Very old-school, very satisfying
  • Welcome back, Rayman.
  • Bad and very puzzling
  • Disappointed
Comment by Kathadrion
best konosuba fanfic
  • Could be much better
  • It's bad.
  • React, Watch, Believe, Hilarity
  • React, Watch, Believe, Yikes
  • Why?
  • awesome
  • listened to it and wept
One of the best animated works of all time
  • A mixed bag of holding.
  • Largely enjoyable, but some quibbles
  • Lots of surface references and an interesting story
  • Mindless fun.
  • Read It!
  • Spend Your Quarters Elsewhere
  • Utterly, incredibly awesome
A decent film
Azumanga Daioh meets the Matrix
A short but above-average freeware game
The Best One Yet
If this is the parable of Generation X...
  • Excellent, really excellent
  • I need something happy now.
  • A mixed bag
  • An Unpredictable CrapSackWorld,set at School, that only God can end
  • Better than the sum of its parts.
  • Biggest Sandbox You'll Ever Find
  • Book MMMXLII: An Improvement
  • Decent by comparison, if still pretty flawed.
  • Empty and pointless
  • Meh
  • Overrated
  • Pick Carefully
  • Reality is a mirror
  • The 2012 Apocalypse: Yet another aborted arc
  • The Best Thing That's Ever Happened To Me
  • Unbalanced
  • Warning, advertising is misleading, but still pretty fun
  • Why do we love it so?
  • Worth it for a lot of things
Tensa-chan's review
  • It Will Robot Rock You!
  • Just Okay. See it for the action.
Got Me Interested in Terry Pratchett
  • flamewolf's review
  • LavanyaSix's review
  • She can sing
  • So over-the-top it's charming.
  • The right way to do it
Lots of style, not enough substance
  • God's Languorous Man
  • Toonami, if were a review series and a bit funnier.
Even better than I remember
ReBoot Abridged
  • 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone
  • 1.01 and 2.0 Only
  • 1.11 and 2.22: Unleashing the Series' Original Potential.
  • 2.0 You can (not) Advance
  • 3.0: Where Darkness Replaces The Soul (SPOILER WARNING)
  • Evangelion 1-3
  • Evangelion 1.11: Only for those who have seen NeonGenesisEvangelion already
  • Evangelion 3.33
  • If you want to relive the magic of Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion...
  • Succeeds on the merits of its spectacle alone.
  • This review applies to the first film only..
Not very impressed
  • Good Back Then, Even Better Now!
  • One of the greatest animated series by Disney
An enjoyable end... that shouldn't have been the end
At last; a game where [[AdamSmithHatesYourGuts the ghost of Adam Smith]] just wants to be friends
From comments
  • Ryan Lohner's review
  • WarriorDrgnMage's review
Comment by [=LionDancer17=]
  • Good potential but it got wasted.
  • Outstanding anime
  • Wasted Potential: The Series
  • Brilliant writing, brilliant premise, brilliant Tom
  • My Favorite Tom Riddle
  • Tom Riddle meet Voldemort... or have you met?
  • "Retired" and "Extremely Dangerous" are not mutually exclusive
  • Comment
  • From comments
  • Candelabra's review
  • Prower5656's review
Comment by shaun
Comment by @/{{Sekahyyh}}
  • Great action, epic Plot, unfortunately edited.
  • The Chinese version of Troy, only good.
Call me soppy ...
  • Interactive art
  • Not Quite Art
  • Rockstar's Redemption
Highly DON'T recommend this.
  • Series VI - By far the best series.
  • Tikka to ride
Red Flags
Redivivus (Awesome)
  • In Hindsight, I should have written this from Plinkett's POV
  • Red Letter Media: Half in the Bag and Other Works
A good drama with more critical thinking than most, but still ends predictably.
It's pretty well done.
  • A first draft script made into a second rate film
  • Secrets of a village.
  • :(
  • Anonymous review from the Comments section
A storm in a teacup
  • An evolved development.
  • Captivating
Deserves to be finished
  • Don't Think too Hard About it
  • Outcast of Redwall: Probably the Worst in the Series
  • Sable Quean
didn't like it
Comment by @/{{Solandra}}
  • Reflections Lost
  • Reflections Lost On A Dark Road
From comments
Comment by Comartemis
Best storytelling in the series, but worst gameplay (though still decent)
One of the Best Henry/Anne Authors
Beautiful. Just Beautiful.
Too disgusting to review the plot
  • A jolly good show.
  • A pleasant surprise
  • Currently the best thing on CN
  • Decent Show w/ Annoying Leads
  • Funny and witty, yet still filled with great lessons
  • Intriguingly marvelous
A criminally underrated film
  • Creepy, but beautiful
  • TheLobster's review
  • Location
  • LooneyToons' review
  • Ramenth's review
  • Comment by Looney Toons
  • Unattributed comment
  • Unattributed comment
  • Frick yeah this fanfic
  • review
DeadpoolFan's review
Funny and heartwarming
antvasima's review
  • CaellachTigerEye's review
  • JBlaze's review
  • Recommendation from a Reluctant Reader
Remember the MST3K Mantra
  • I Really Want to Remember You Nilin, But...
  • I would remember you, but I have a bad memory.
  • Impressive Game, Flawed Mechanics
Comment by {{Tropers/Weaver}}
  • AkatsukiDaybreak's review
  • Balesirion's review
  • Remember the King: Review
It Has Some Problems, but it also has FRIENDSHIP!
  • Comment by JustDance04
  • Comment by mia826
It's really good
  • The adventures of Jesus Toshiro
  • TheDesertHarvester's review
A Beautiful Mess
Remus Lupin, P.I. - A good read
Needs more love
Very Hilarious.
From comments
  • "Just say no" all over again.
  • A wholly self-defeating anti-drug movie.
  • As pretty solid, yet extremely depressing film
  • Drugs R Bad
  • Not as Terrible as Haters Want to Believe, Not as Revolutionary or Nuanced as the Filmmakers Want You to Believe
Not the Greatest Story, But It's Okay.
op's review
Fascinating . . . and then some.
C'mon, C'mon!
Reservoir Dogs: An observation.
  • The bad outweights the good.
  • Wait until the price drops a bit
Actually pretty good.
Sikon's review
A Resistance: Fall Through 3 Review
Tropers/StudiousJones's Review
  • Anonymous reviews from the Comments section
  • Recommended
  • Review by {{Tropers/Glidergun}}
  • Review by {{Tropers/Joysweeper}}
  • Review by {{Tropers/Rogue7}}
More Staged Guilty Pleasure
Comment by Aryashi
  • By Blitz Blast
  • By Ramona122003
  • By Xolroc
A suprisingly good fan sequel.
Pure concentrated fun (and laughs)
Nostalgic and well-made collection of original old-school style games
Informative but Intimidating
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Smoke And Bone
Never start a land war in Asia... or on Endor.
''Can I Play ? I Seriously Love This Game !"
Comment by Crank132
  • Meh.
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • Too much bashing
  • Anonymous review from the Comments section
  • Finally a heartwarming story
  • Finally a heartwarming story
The age of GRRM is over
Drakyndra's review
  • Extremely entertaining
  • Extremely Overrated
  • Anakin "Anticlimax" Skywalker
  • Episode III: The Prequel that Delivers
  • The Best Star Wars Film
Revenge of the sunfish
Review by FLCNPNCH
Review by FLCNPNCH
Review by FLCNPNCH
  • Aggressively Mediocre
  • One of the best thrill rides around.
  • A pretty bad vanity project
  • Four years and $400,000 for this piece of trash?
  • How to recommend Utena
  • The movie manga
  • [[Film/TheGoodTheBadAndTheUgly If you want to]] say something, say it, donít pull a TheWalrusWasPaul!
  • @/ClandestineClear's review
  • @/{{DomaDoma}}'s review
Comment by Sarah1281
If You Want To Watch An Isekai...
Kiss with your wonderful song my land with love
A fun, intuitive, and completely addictive game.
  • "I'm just Rice Boy."
  • A Mystifying, Yet wholly satisfying read
  • Bizarre, Hateful, Beautiful
  • Rickshank Redemption: Commitment to Not Giving a Shit
  • Seasons 1 and 2
  • So...Season 3...
  • Spoiler-Free Review
  • [=S03E04=]: Vindicators 3: Return of Something Something
Really, really good
1 Movie, 3 Genres review by bonkie
Ridge Racers: One of the greatest driving games on the PSP
Don't let the complaints about Power Creep turn you off this game
  • antvasima's review
  • Kjyl's review
  • Snuffy's review
op's review
One of the greatest pieces of Japanese animation ever made
JBlaze's review
Similar in some ways, yet also a change of pace
It's the Little Things that Matter
We are experiencing a little air turbulence, just a little...
Not really bad.. But not better than the original.
Dead in the Water
from comments
From comments
  • From comments
  • Great Concept, Questionable Execution
  • Risen 3 - It's really hard to love this game.
  • Senitor's Review
  • Actually Pretty Good
  • An old story, told in a new way.
  • Decent!
A Reboot of Ape-ic Proportions
Narrative Fatigue
  • Good gameplay, but utterly disappointing storywise.
  • Great Sequel for the first Game, but a poor follow up to the comics.
(2013 remake) Sticks closely to the original, for better and worse, while sometimes missing the point
One of my favorite Youtubers right now
  • From comments
  • Sakura Rurouni's review of the Touhou fanfic
Something new!
One of the best fanfics I've read in a long time.
A very original concept, though an execution that shows its age
  • Looking forward to the ride.
  • The First Episode is My Last Episode
  • Why ''Riverdale'' was a big let-down...
  • Ghostbusting, by the Book
  • Highly Recommended
My thoughts on Rizzoli & Isles, let me show you them
  • Collative Paranoia
  • Why does Rob Ager get so much attention?
  • Decent at first, but goes downhill near the end.
  • Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot
  • Evaluating individualism
  • How did this become a classic?
  • ROBLOX: The Review
  • Very fun!
Better than a lot of their movie sequels
Sequelitis At Its Worst
I would buy that for a dollar.
  • 6.5/10 - Better than I expected.
  • Actually decent, just not as memorable as the original.
  • Chick At The Flicks Reviews Robocop 2014
  • Movies happen let them
  • The Worst of Mediocrity
  • Weak.
Annoymous review from the comments section
Big robots small mouth
Not Worth Your Time, Even For a Fan
Robotics:Notes Anime Review: Uplifting, if flawed(Spoilers)
From Robotman to Monty.
  • Creative and fun
  • Oddly weightless
  • Robots
  • Kids will love it, adults probably won't
  • The movie started out good, then the live-action part happened and it all went downhill from there.
A strange film...but worth watching
(first game review) THIS is how you make a fun action platformer
My favourite setting of all time.
Brilliant in its simplicity
Not very good, but not godawful
Accomplishes if anything, the opposite of what it set out to do
Takes time to master, but still somewhat fun
  • Best Nickelodeon show ever.
  • My Favorite Nicktoon
  • One of Nickelodeon's best series, ever.
Cute and Fluffy
Rogue 7
Rogue 7
I don't recognize these characters
  • A Problem of Scope
  • A worthy addition to the Star Wars Franchise
  • All is as the force wills it.
  • Anemic and dreary
  • Another Rogue One review, I've got a bad feeling about--
  • Competely changed my perspective on A New Hope.
  • Franchise Zombie meets Running The Asylum: A decent movie escapes
  • I Dont Care About Any Of These Characters
  • Innocence Lost (Spoilers!)
  • It has its moments, but didn't have to exist.
  • It serves its purpose well
  • Not terrible buuuuuuuut...
  • Rogue One - A Star Wars Story Review (Spoiler Free)
  • Rogue One: I dig it
  • Space without Opera
ProgenyExMachina's review
Comment by Marlee Cross
Out of Place Ending
Comment by Tropers/{{Lotuschan}}
Cheesy but fun adventure
It's an RPG Parody! It's a Dating Sim! No, it's Romancing Walker!
If Da Vinci spent too much time on the internet...
  • Beautiful production can't save a disappointing plot
  • Better than the Original
  • Could have been much better.
  • Fanfic Turned Anime.
One of my favorite shows!
(movie review) What if your entire world was just one single room?
Comment by [=TheWizardAbs=]
  • A wonderful mix of humor, meta, and heartbreak
  • How did I end up here...
this fic deserved more
  • Excellent, definitely worth reading.
  • Manga, ''Season II'': Good, bordering on great
  • Manga, series 1: Bad, but not horrible
  • Progessively Better
  • Rosario + Vampire: Top Notch Manga, Not Bad Anime
  • Rosario Plus Vampire: Okay manga, HORRIBLE anime
Very intense
Not perfect, but refreshing
FusionFic done right
dreamshell's review
dank series there yo
I Never Really Agree With Them
Delightfully campy
Ideas grow; sometimes bigger than life.
RPG Shooter Starwish: This game is OK!
A great read
Comment by pszczoła
Holly and jolly, by golly! (Except, not.)
  • A show about babies that is anything but childish
  • Rugrats are absolutely brilliant!
FurryFury's review
JoieDeCombat's review
The community and the unfair prices killed this game....
Truly Heart Rending
a must read
Volume 1: My intro to comics and it still holds up today
What's in a name...
Good, Improved, But Feels Empty
  • It's still kind of good, but not excellent
  • LoveItOrHateIt, but if you want to try it try it soon.
  • {{Runescape}}: Your Mileage May Vary. A lot.
Marlee Cross' review
A mature and serious take on the FishOutOfTemporalWater trope
Comment by Looney Toons
  • Magnificent series
  • Magnificent series
  • A Fun Film
  • A surprising triumph.
  • The greatest shonen ever and one of the greatest manga ever.
Does what it does perfectly.
  • A Constantly Improving Experience
  • A flawed gem, but a gem nontheless
  • A shocking improvement
  • Cliched Awesome can still be a breath of fresh air
  • Cool ideas, but feels incomplete (season 1)
  • Could've been worth the hype, but no
  • Doesn't matter what we think.
  • For a small, independent production...
  • Giving it a chance, seeing what happens
  • Good show, but you should watch it on Netflix if you can
  • Great Story, Worst Writers
  • Hit and Miss
  • Honest and Good Effort From a Small Production Crew
  • How to go from awesome to Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
  • I don't get it's popularity.
  • I Wish It Was Good
  • Improving with time
  • Interesting backstory undermined by a lack of consistency and characterization
  • Its potential makes it frustrating
  • Little time to judge (Volume 1)
  • Make sure you watch episode 8
  • No Brakes - RWBY's Finest
  • Not bad
  • Not Quite a Classic, But It's Getting There.
  • Not Worth the Time
  • Oum and Rooster Teeth ensure a fan base, despite this being a really bad show
  • Overdone and overhyped
  • Overrated? Underrated? At any rate misrated (Volume 2)
  • Poor man's anime
  • Pretty good!
  • Season 2 and lots to do
  • Season 3: Oh baby it's getting better! Slight spoilers
  • Season 3: Stronger weakness, weaker strength
  • Season 3: The one with the plot!
  • Season 4: Better writing, worse plotting
  • Season Four: Time for My Two Cents
  • Series 2 - Time To Check Back In
  • Series in a Bottle
  • Started as good, becoming PHENOMENAL
  • Still in the balance (Season 1)
  • The Emporer has no clothes
  • The Worms of RWBY
  • This series has some BIG flaws, but I like it regardless.
  • Unfufilled potential
  • Volume 1 review
  • Volume 3 is the decider.
  • Volumes 1-3: Keep moving forward
  • Waste of talent, waste of time
A firm derec
Hardly Original
Refreshing take
Harmless, but fun.
RWBY Puppy review
Tropes Are Not Good: Minimalism Edition
Jinx's review
{{Chihuahua0}}'s review
  • God Mode
  • Though Iíd recommend reading it, it couldíve been much better.