Reviews: Resident Evil 6

The bad outweights the good.

Resident Evil 6 is a game I have rather mixed feelings about it. On one hand, the good things about the game is really good. On the other, the bad things are infuriating. And, sadly, the bad outweights the good.

  • The Leon and Ada campaigns are the closest thing to the old games. With the former focusing on the survival horror aspect and the latter on puzzle-solving. It also brings the zombies we know and loved.
  • The game is the most lenghty in the series; with about twenty hours of gameplay. It means that for the initial release price, you have your money's worth.
  • The game has some good side content. In addition of what could be the best mercenaries mode of the series, there's Agent Hunt, where you control an enemy and decide to make some players life into a living hell.

  • The story is a mixed bag. On one hand, the bigger stakes, focus on character developpment and threatning villains makes it more engaging. But the problem is that despite the more seriousness of the story, it's still a Cliché Storm. However, because of the more serious acting, that means that the game doesn't have the campy charm the games usually have.
  • The gameplay overall is a case of If it ain't broke, let's break it. Covering is counter-intuitive as it requires imput who resembles a cheat code than an actual use of the controller. They also try to cramp many gameplay styles with one campaing having beat-em-ups moments who are unneeded, action games with a camera to closed for the genre, and survival horror moments with way too much ammo and not enough item management.
  • The Quick-Time events are way too over-used. To a point than it could get you killed in more ways than one. Outside of the usual, when there is laying enemies, you have be attacked by them despite former games giving you the choice. If you're low on life, this could be a major hassle.

There's a lot I can go on (like the hand-holding or the emphasis on Multiplayer) but in the end, this was my biggest disappointement. I wanted to like the game but I can't because of the bad decisions.

Note: This was before the patches Capcom made for the game. So, if you tell me if they did a lot of improvement and it's worth to replay it, you can tell me.

Wait until the price drops a bit

Okay, first of all let me say that I liked this game, though it probably wasn't worth $60. Just wait until it drops to say $40; besides, a patch is being made later that will improve the game (With such features as a partner in Ada's mode)

The game is split into 4 campaigns, each one having a different feel:

  • Leon's campaign- Survival horror; it truly does have its fair share of scary moments (A good example would be the graveyard). It was certainly scarier than RE 5, not to mention the fact it had a geniunely good puzzel or two.
  • Chris' campaign- Feels more action-oriented than the other campaigns and isn't scary at all; yeah, it's sort of a repeat of RE 5. It's probably my least favorite campaign.
  • Jake's campaign- Sorry Leon, but this campaign nailed is the best. It goes for a thriller/stealth feel (What with the Ustanak chasing you, and the requirement to hide from him a few times). Surprisingly, it's quite clever; it's no Metal Gear Solid, but anyone who denies that the part where you need to use remote bombs to distract the Ustanak was genius is obviously just biased against this game. Plus, it features the RETURN OF SHERRY =D Saving her all those times in RE 2 proved to be worth it. As for Jake, he turned out to be a better character than I predicted. He's not as cool as Wesker, but that's a tough act to follow.
  • Ada's campaign- I've kind of avoided this campaign, and am waiting for the patch to play it all the way through, but this one probably has the closest feel to the pre-RE 4 games; the puzzels are well-designed for the most part, so yeah, this one gets a passing grade in my book.

The gameplay is a bit of a mixed bag; on one hand, I really don't like the upgrade system and really wish they just used the weapon upgrades. The only really useful skill seems to be field medic (That is, if you're on 1P mode). The defense and melee boosts don't seem to help. But then, I also like the aiming; you can finally move and shoot at the same time, and it's pulled off quite well. I also really like how there are different ways to creatively use weapons; for example, using the quick-shot with the sniper rifel is useful when low on magnum/shotgun ammo.

Also, yes; Mercenaries is awesome enough to make up for Chris' campaign and then some. Just remember to taunt the enemies when you're low on stamina (Press L2 to taunt)