Reviews: Reflections Of Demons

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  • Comments: Better than I make it sound. The idea of Haku and Zabuza joining Kohona is done here surprisingly well. Zabuza's character is developed rather nicely as well. And in a somewhat surprising twist, Haku retains his gender, unlike what happens in... a good number of fanfiction involving Haku. There is some [deserved] Kohona bashing over the treatment of Naruto.
  • The Council and Sandaime are surprisingly both not evil nor ineffectual in this, which is a pleasant change from a lot of works. Haku and Zabuza really want to help Naruto like he helped them and he eagerly responds to their offer for training, but it does take awhile for him to come around on a lot of things since he's been on his own for so long. Naturally, Sasuke gets jealous of the extra training and insists on being a part of it and Sakura slowly realizes she's being left behind and tries to make changes. The development is slow enough to be believable and by the time the Chuunin Exams roll around, Naruto and Sasuke can react to the test and their fellow genin in a far more mature and intelligent manner and have it come off as completely in character. As for Sakura...well, she's getting there.
    • Eddie Current would like to add, this fic is a welcome balm to those who dislike fanficers making Hyuuga Hiashi a complete bastard. He remains his aloof self, but his role in the lives of many of the characters is a welcome change from how many use him. And thank god, someone else writing more of the good in the hidden village of leaves instead of the crap that screwed our favourite Highly Visible Ninja up in something that isn't pure fluff.