Reviews: Reign Of Fire

A criminally underrated film

I love this film to death. It's long replaced DragonHeart as my favorite dragon movie simply for how the dragons in this are portrayed.

These are NOT your average magical, riddle loving, talking, gold hoarding dragons that can be contained, raised and tamed by a teenage girl, or reasoned with. These are terrifying animals that hunt, stalk, and kill you, multiply quickly, and overrun the world.

The dragons look absolutely terrifying even if they're depicted as Wyverns instead of classic dragons, which just helps add to the nightmare fuel. The CGI still holds up to this day, despite being made in 2002, and is a treat to see.

The way they move and hunt is terrifying to watch, especially the Big Male. It ''toys'' with the Humans, showing that it's perfectly capable of intelligent thought, and systematically hunts the heroes near the end throughout an abandoned city. This is before it wipes out a mini army of dragon slayers, and then proceeds to follow their trail back to the castle that the Hero lives in, so it can viciously take its revenge by practically burning the place to the ground. Did we also mention that the dragon is MUCH BIGGER than the females, and there are woman and children in said castle?

As a post-apocalyptic film, you can FEEL the weight of the world and the situation everyone is in. It truly feels like the world has ended for good, and there's no hope. Indeed, the Hero and his community aren't trying to outlast the dragons, or kill them, they're just trying to live another day, and the dragons keep on coming. Oh, and they're running dangerously low on food, and have had to bury some children who died from starvation already.

I know this movie pretty much amounts to a B-Film, but it certainly doesn't feel like it, and I appreciate the work and dedication the team put into making it as series and good as possible, and their work shows, even if there are some goofy moments in the film.

I do recommend watching the film at least once.