Reviews: Risen

Risen 3 - It's really hard to love this game.

Risen 3 is a problematic game. I'm serious, there are tons of little problems and mountains of bullshit you have to slog through if you want to enjoy this game. Character Derailment left and right, new Voice Actors for every returning character (at least in the German version) and a plot that runs on your Lancers stupidity are just a few of this games problems. It's also quite sexist. There are NO female warriors and especially no female mages, every women is either a farmer or some kind of Gold Digger. Patty also got chickified which is especially troubling since she was the ONLY halfway competent female in the whole Risen universe. The faction system is once again nothing special, it makes really no big difference if you choose a mage or the pirates for example (at least no STORY difference, your learnable skills are different of course). Gothic 3 is still Piranha Bytes' only game where choosing a faction actually mattered; it's depressing to see that this studio didn't change the Gothic formula one bit while the Western RPG genre as a whole evolved. Risen 3 obviously can't compete with games like Fallout: New Vegas (my personal favourite Western RPG of all time), but even older RPGs like Fallout 2 are more advanced than Risen 3 in certain aspects.

And yet... and yet...

I can't bring myself to hate it. The core gameplay is very fun and engaging, and there is still this "Gothic feeling" i like about Gothic and Risen. This rough world where everyone is a hardass, and the humour is occasionally really funny (on other occasions it's cringeworthy which can be just as entertaining). There's also tons of stuff to do. Of course it's almost always monster killing or Twenty Bear Asses stuff, but at least I get to fight lots of enemies which is really fun as a mage. It almost reminds me of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning: Tons of stuff, not very creative, but backed by a fun combat engine.

And that's Risen 3. Not the best game ever and really stupid at times, but quite fun if you don't expect too much from it. Bonus Points for being the only Risen game that doesn't look like shit on consoles. There's the occasional framerate drop but nothing as gamebreaking as in Risen 2.

(Played the German version on Xbox 360.)