Reviews: Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3 D

Actually pretty good.

I originally thought content for this game would be pretty small and limited, but the game has actually more than six areas and all of them were expanded from other mercenaries mini-games, adding even more content and enemies, instead of a mission having one type of enemie as a horde and a boss, it has several as the horde, many even mutate to diversify it even further, and even more than one boss per stage, the customization of skills is also a new to the series, even though it won't be for long, seeing as RE 6 also has it, and it was a great idea, to personalize your game, play it how you want to play. In respect to the ccharacters then, it's just great, it's an all-star meeting for RE fans, we've got classic Jill and Chris, and all of the others are also fan favorites (HUNK, Wesker, Rebecca, Krauser, Barry and Claire), it's a shame we didn't get Leon and Ada, since the latter is my favorite character and the former is my third favorite, but oh well, they're both gonna get great exposure in RE 6 and also appear in Operation: Raccoon City, so I see why they didn't bring them back. And finally, the costumes are pretty hilarious and the graphics are breath-taking, definitely a great game if you like non-stop action.