Reviews: Rumbling Hearts

Truly Heart Rending

This is a tragic, dramatic, romance which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien started out run of the mill. It wasn't that interesting. I seriously considered dropping it after the first episode. Now, I learned my lesson, I checked the tags and saw this was a tragedy. But I figured it would be subtle, slow, really build up the drama before hitting you with it. I watched the second episode. The same. Then, in the scene near the end of it, I noticed… discrepancies.

My thoughts: "huh, that's strange… Yeah, yeah, she's waiting… I wonder wh… no. No. No, no, no, no, NO! THIS IS A Cut Apart!"

At that moment, this show went from "Yeah, yeah, get on with it" to "Holy Mother Of God WTF just happened!?"

But to get back on track, this is a good series. It's pretty… sombre too. I don't think it's entirely accurate to say that it's really grim or dark, but it's certainly wrong to say that it isn't. And it is very, very, serious. If you laugh during this show, something is clearly wrong with you. It is bloody tragic. What made me enjoy it so much is that it wasn't cheap tragedy. They did something far more effective than just killing someone off.

The characters and plot were really well written as well. Making me sympathise with a character is easy. Making me empathise with a character is an achievement. Making me sympathise and empathise with every main character is unprecedented. I actually wanted to give them hugs! Hugs! And as embarrassing as that is to admit (yes, I'm a guy), I dare you to watch this and remain emotionally stoic. It is damn near impossible.

If it had one flaw, it's that it felt… compressed. As if things were occasionally happening too fast and without enough explanation. But once you're engaged with the story it doesn't really bother you and it's only really noticeable in the first handful of episodes.

Enjoying watching characters being drowned by external conflict in the waters of internal conflict sounds sadistic, but hell, that's what this show is and it works really well. It impressed me. And that's hard to do. If you can stomach it through to the end (you have to earn your warm and fuzzy feeling) then I highly recommend this for anyone.