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Never start a land war in Asia... or on Endor.
ROTJ failed to meet expectations, but in my opinion is still a great finale to the original trilogy. It has a very strong first act. In Medias Res, no less. Unfortunately, Lando decided to stick around for this movie, and while Billy Dee is the man, he doesn't get much to do. Neither, frankly, does his predecessor Han Solo, aside from some wry one-liners on Tatooine. Why is Lando trusted to fly the Falcon into the Death Star, original pilot or no? It would've been best to combine the characters and let Han fly it.

Leia also doesn't have much to do. She has some cute moments with the Ewoks, and her tag team with Luke on the speeder is good. But the revelation about her parentage is, well.... a hastily wrapped up plot thread. Vader taunts that he'll corrupt her, which is laughable, but other than that? Nada. Makes you wonder why Lucas threw in that twist in the first place.

Hehe. Can you imagine Han being Vader's second child, instead?

So the cast has a gotten a bit too large. A lot of fans disliked the Edor excursion. On the other hand, it's a nice change of locale and gives the characters some quiet to reflect on the past two movies, which is fun. But yes, the heavily-outmatched rebels are now unstoppable thanks to the Ewoks. Yep. I guess you can argue that the Ewoks have home court advantage.

There was definitely enough material here for two movies, let alone one. Still, everyone's in character and the plot moves along at a quick clip.
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