Reviews: Razors Edge

Comment by Kathadrion

The Breathe universe is around 500, 000 words long, but it is well worth the time. The characters are all in character and the OC:s (mainly Tim's parents) are believable. The plotlines (even the ones directly taken from season 7 of the show and adapted to this universe) are intriguing and nicely tied to canon, and the language is excellent at all times. Tony and Tim is a relatively rare pairing, but the author really makes it work. I have to admit that I did not ship Mc Nozzo before I started reading the first fic in this universe, but that changed quickly. Now it's one of my favorite pairings. Note that while the characters mention sex quite often and sex between characters of the same and the opposite sex is implied, the fic is not explicit when it comes to sex. The Breathe universe is on hiatus for an indefinite time and the author doesn't know whether she'll write more in the universe or not, but the published fics in the universe are all complete and fine to read as they are.