Reviews: Rocket Monkeys

Not very good, but not godawful

Honestly...I don't think this show is as bad as people say it is. BUT it isn't that great either. It's the same as most Canadian Flash cartoons from this day and age: just meh.

So, I'll get the usual complaints out of the way. A lot of people complain that Gus and Wally are the worst case of Designated Heroes ever. From watching the show, they're not as bad as I thought. They're still pretty reckless and stupid, but Gus is often more serious than Wally. The Designated Hero thing seems to only happen when Lord Peel is involved (I'll get to him later) with the exception of a few episodes. Many also complain about the artstyle too. It looks meh to me. Sometimes the characters look crudely drawn like an Internet Flash cartoon, but other times, they're okay. As for grossout, there definitely is some and they're always real nasty, but you can't complain about grossout if you praise other GrossoutShows.

Now, what I like about the show is a) the theme song and intro are awesome; and b) YAY-OK is the best character. He's like Slinkman except if he looked like BMO with a Russian accent.

The show's humour and writing is a mixed bag. Sometimes it falls flat, other times, it's a stupid kind of funny. Gus and Wally are the same again. Sometimes, they're incredibly annoying and unlikeable, other times they're decently funny and interesting particularly in episodes where they're not pretty much the same person.

As for what I don't like. Simple. Lord Peel. The character himself is not bad, but he's a poor choice of Big Bad. He's too sympathetic. Every episode with him is just hard to watch because of his backstory. NOW, if they had made the Big Bad Nefarious and Slo-Mo, it would be better. Nefarious is actually funny to watch and deserves what he gets. Of course, he's confined to an asteroid, but that's not a big problem. They can still write something funny or have him escape.

I'd give the show a 5/10. It ain't terrible, but it could be a lot better if you got rid of lord Peel. I do feel that the only episode most people have watched is "There's No Business Like Monkey Business", the Inspection episode, or any episode with Lord Peel. The whole sociopathy most people mention are only in those episodes.