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Pretty good!
Sure, sometimes the animation isn't always perfect. Sure, the dialogue can be annoying at times. Sure, the writing may be boring. This season/volume was the first time most of the team did something like this. I admit, Rooster Teeth is better at stuff like their flagship show Red vs Blue. The first season was them getting their feet wet. I'm sure the next one will be better, but that's just based on the opening title sequence they've released for next season.
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Not Worth the Time
RWBY is bad. It's redeeming qualities exist in Jeff William's sometimes good soundtrack and Monty Oum's long-brewing concept which delivers a world that initially seems interesting on paper, but fails to be explored by the show nearly enough as it deserves. As I said, the soundtrack is for the most part good, but when music isn't playing there's really no reason to have the sound turned on at all. A common misconception is that voice acting requires no training, and if someone thinks so, point them to this series, with the exception of Oum and Pelto (due to their characters' voices not being demanding at all) no one's skills stand out in a positive way and get only marginally better from the previews. Additionally, the dialogue is amateurish, written by two who fail to deliver character consistency in dialogue, and spend their time writing short speeches that are supposed to teach other characters lessons and instead serve as a disappointing climax to most of the episodes. Unless there's a battle happening, the animation is boring and clumsy, some scenes are just painful to watch, any point in which there's a visual gag, the animation takes a nosedive even further below the line of acceptable. It's clear from Volume 1 that the animators weren't skilled with 3D animation and they only used the medium so Oum's signature 3D fight scenes would look as nerdgasm-y as possible. Character designs are fine across the board, though I found the colors to be plain. Weapons and environments look pretty and very interesting. The designs for all the villains are dumb with the exception of the three at the very end of volume one, the White Fang cronies are made to look like mooks and aren't threatening, the bullies' clothing is boring and the creatures of Grim are all just normal animals in black fur with weird white marks on them, initially the most promising part of the show for me, the enemies turned out even more boring than the protagonists' personalities. The plot of the show is painfully overdone and not inventive in the slightest, the word count is too constricting to go into detail of many elements. Faunis-Shaming is an insultingly simple way of showing which characters are good and bad off people's opinions.

Oum himself said RWBY is a "flat but very colorful show" and I feel this speaks to all elements of the show as of its first volume.

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Could've been worth the hype, but no
I first came across mention of RWBY in late 2013 but dismissed it having never been a fan of web animation. Early in 2014 a number of friends from a site I administrate spread the hype to me, and I was drawn in by the trailers - which lied.

I already knew that the series probably wouldn't be non-stop action but I was still expecting something at least a little edgy. Finally a web animation that would suit my tastes.

The first episode promised a lot, but I could pick out every minor moment of amateurish animation from the start. The series may be colourful on the surface but that surface is flat and there's precious little else. The plot is also quite dry; what could have been excellent was discarded in favour of lightheartedness and an attempt at kid-friendliness. If Monty wants a kid-friendly show he should get a TV deal, half the point of the internet is that it's a way around censorship.

Given the political subtext (which I noticed even before reading the YMMV page) and the aforementioned waste of any potental for original plot ideas in favour of trite lightheratedness, I have come to like this show less and less every episode I watch. I'm holding out for Volume 2 in hope of a genre shift to something darker, but it's far from likely that such will happen.

All the references to darker material such as A Clockwork Orange and Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials further enhance this issue; it feels like the show is mocking me.

And the one thing that bugs me most? Not one character or group which has turned its back on Dust in favour of rationality and science. I don't care of Word of God says Dust isn't magic, it's close enough to qualify. A positive portrayal of the use of magic or psuedo-magic, of any kind, switched me off from the start.

Overall, I'd say wait for a shift to darker material or avoid. At the moment RWBY is a dull, unrealistically positive cliché-fest. I find it hard to belive that a series with so much hype could be subject to my first use of the word "cliché" on this site but... well, you see my problem now.

See everyone else's reviews for problems or praise you can be bothered with, but this is my opinion and I stand by it no matter how many fans disagree with me.
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I Wish It Was Good
I really, really do. I like it, but that doesn't keep me from seeing how objectively bad it is. An entire series, animated and written from scratch? That's a BIG project. That's not a project you have <10 people working on, some of them not even animators. There are a few big flaws, and I'll list them in order of importance:

The animation. For a director/animator who has done such consistently good work in the past, I'm disappointed. There are several reasons why the animation is so weird and subpar. First, it was made using Poser 10. I don't have the space to discuss why Poser was such a bad choice, but you can Google it, you're smart people. Second, they did Mocap for a most of the non-combat scenes, and it really shows. They only mocapped one running animation, as you can see in episode 9 (I think). Either they didn't have time to change it up or they were purely lazy. A lot of the animations are kind of slidey, because they've got an animation but not a surface to map it to.

The Story. It's a good story. Miles Luna isn't a very good writer. He wants to make the Monty Oum cinematic setpieces mesh with the sort of quiet character focus he's better at, and it just doesn't work. The parts about the Faunus seemed shoehorned and to be approached from the perspective of someone who never experienced discrimination. Like I said, it's a good story, I just wish someone else had told it.

The Dialogue. Miles isn't much of a writer. He tries to make good comedy and drama, but it just doesn't work. The Dialogue feels stilted and unnatural. The voice acting isn't much to write home about either. Don't get me wrong, I think the RT girls are great, but they're not voice actors.

Overall, it feels like the blame can fall on Miles and Kerry. They're trying to push a project WAY too big for their level of skill without enough people, enough experience, or enough talent. Their insistence on keeping it "in the family," so to speak, is a clear mistake.

The music is really good. I think it's telling, though, that the best quality of the show is the one that they literally outsourced to a contractor with no formal ties to the company. I really want it to be good, and I think we should all admit that it's just...not.

EDIT: Season 2 looks better from the production diaries, though.
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Doesn't matter what we think.
Is RWBY good? Maybe. Is it cliche? Could be. Is it played out? It might just be. But should that really matter? No. Why? Because what we're seeing is what a talented, brilliant, and self-sacrificing man has dreamed of making for the longest time. Monty Oum has poured himself out for this. This isn't a fanimation, it isn't something for Roosterteeth, it might not even be something for the fans when you get down to it. But what it is, is what Monty Oum has always wanted to do. Something all his own that he now has the resources and help he has always needed to make something like this happen.

I personally love the series and enjoy the characters and clever jokes, as well as the beautiful action scenes. But that doesn't mean I don't understand that people don't like the short episodes; or that they wish there wasn't so much 'cliche talking'. It's a taste that some people don't have the patience for. But you would get the same sort of reaction if you diced up any anime into five minute bunches. When it's done and can be seen in the full of it all, it'll be stunning and beautiful if you ask me. But if that sort of timing doesn't suit you, no one is making you wait or watch at all.

In the end, does it really matter what we think? What we're seeing here is a talented man getting to do something he's always wanted to do. He's doing something he loves with the help he could have only dreamed of having years ago. If you don't like it, that's honestly your problem. When it's done, just like Red Vs Blue or any show really, it will all roll up into a well developed product that will effect everyone who enjoyed it. But above all, we'll get to see the vision of a man who has given a lot for our entertainment. You don't need to enjoy RWBY, you don't even need to watch it; but at the very least, you could admire the craft of hard work and dedication of dozens of people.
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Volume 1 review
I watched RWBY on the first weekend of January 2014, (which, thanks to a series of events, was a boring one), in bursts of 2-3 episodes spread over Saturday and Sunday. I'd heard of it, but hadn't been to since the 5th season of RvB. Having subsequently read the trope page, I suspect that watching the series as it was released over the last few months was a very different experience to the one I had watching it back-to-back on youtube, so I thought it was worth adding yet another review to the pile;

Good Points First things first; I was looking for a few hours of entertainment (with animation by "The guy who did Haloid" - which I have to confess is the only thing I know he did), and I got it. I consider watching it time well spent. The selling points (i.e. the weapons and fightscenes involving them) deliver. The animation in the non-action parts seemed a little stiff in places, but nothing really bothered me. I also like the soundtrack (if the whole series was secretly an advert for it; mission accomplished!).

Neutral The plot and script are a mixed bag. It's impossible to call it anything but a Cliché Storm (especially the "Jeane arc"—If that's not a Fan Nickname, it should be— near the end) a good way. I'd call the experience similar to watching Sherlock, or another adaptation of a well known story, in that I knew what was coming, but I wondered how it was going to be done (I'll also admit the lore has me curious). As for the execution; I don't really have any problem with the dialogue; indeed most of the gags were good and only ruined by...

Bad Points ...yup, the voice acting. I have a pretty high tolerance for it, but there were some lines which were just plain bad in their delivery (In particular, most of Yang's dialogue in episode 8 felt that it could have been hilarious if the timing/delivery was better). Obviously it's to be expected for a web series, most of the problems were with isolated lines and it got better (in fact, I thought the aforementioned Jeane arc had some great exchanges between him and Pyrrha), but here's hoping it'll continue to improve in that regard.

Conclusion: Has its flaws, but it's ultimately entertaining. Will watch the second volume when it materialises and rewatch the first volume.
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Cliched Awesome can still be a breath of fresh air
First and foremost, I have to say that I came by the series rather late in it's inception so I did not have much anticipation or expectations. In fact, my introduction to the series was through a funny tumblr gif set of Weiss. Second, I am totally unfamiliar with Rv B.

Yes, this is not an entirely original premise. There is lack of length and pacing of each episode is slow, but this cannot be mistaken for shallowness, but simply laying out the ground work. Naruto did not become this deeply invested character within the first episode(quite the opposite actually) and the tone for series takes multiple full length episodes to flesh out. At the time of the writing, this season is 15 episodes in and now plot is starting to appear and characters are starting to develop. This is not a detraction of the series because due to the varying lengths of episodes, 15 episodes in this series is really like 4-5 in standard 30 minute shows.

The characters are phenomenal in what the set out to do in which we have four women of different temperaments being undeniably badass in their own ways, and it is shown in their movement. The fighting animation(the real draw of the series) for each character reflects their personalities perfectly. Not just that, but the characters, themselves do not have this anti-girly attitude, and in fact uses certain stereotypes of femininity to only present them in a positive light. No, they do not talk about boys and go shopping, but Yang will hang a poster of a boy band in her room and Blake does read romantic novels. In spite of character quirks, they are presented as badasses along with being teenaged girls and it is awesome. It even turns the traditional hero's story on it's head with Jaune. The action sequences aren't extremely prevalent as some would like them to be, but as a reader of Bendis comics, what makes action sequences great is not just the scenes themselves, but the exigency of why there is fighting.

The overall production is schizophrenic. While there are animation bugs here and there, they aren't really noticeable until the third or fourth watch. The voice acting is solid and won't distract you. If you are expecting a commentary of some existential crisis, then you are looking at the wrong show. This is Sailor Moon mixed with Soul Eater and high adrenaline action scenes. And that is awesome.
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Unfufilled potential
I like RWBY. Now that thats been cleared out of the way, I think that RWBY has some major flaws that stick out more than Rudolph's nose. The episode lengths/plot advancement are two things that need to be changed. I don't care if the episodes are 5 minutes long, make the episode lengths consistent. That will TREMENDOUSLY help RT with getting a consistent amount of plot per episode and will allow RT to plan in the future for how the plot will advance. In regards to the all o f the Plot advancement, I find this to be the worst thing in the series so far. Sometimes you'll get a "filler" episode where that week's episode will add virtually nothing to the show and simply exist for the sake of getting something up that week.

Other episodes will have so much plot advancement in them, it'll be like force feeding us story that honestly shoul dbe spread out of over way more episodes. The last two Season 1 episodes come to mind. There should NOT have been two episodes in my opinion because all the stuff that went down in those episodes got resolved WAY to quickly, especially considering the things that were revealed in those episodes. It also felt like a disappointing Season 1 finale too, Ep. 8 felt more like a true season ending that what Ep. 16 was.

The animation is another, albeit minor, issue that needs to be addressed as well. Any "fast" scenes (any scene where theres a lot of fast movements/actions) look good because it seems like its easier to gloss over any clunky movements. For much of the series though, "fast" scenes really don't get much time onscreen and as a result we get a lot of "slow" scenes that kinda look clunky. I would advise that RT animators/Monty Oum work on refining the animation

The only other thing that raelly stands out to me is the voice acting. Sometimes its good and sometimes its kinda painful to listen too. I'm not terribly critical of it because the cast don't seem to have a lot of prior voice acting/training.

These are the biggest things that impede RWBY from being an excellent series and I truly hope that RT and Monty can come back for a more successful Season 2
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This series has some BIG flaws, but I like it regardless.
I will start by saying that, before watching RWBY, I had absolutely no idea of who Monty Oum was, and I didn't watch any of the stuff he worked into, like Red VS Blue. He was literally an unknown entity for me, and this was the first thing from him that I watched.

That said, let's jump to the review proper.

Let's not beat around the bush here, this series has some pretty evident flaws. For starters, the whole first season seems to be... Lacking in a truly driving plot, just varied scenes that build the characterization of some of the main characters. The one and only hint of a deeper and more overarching plot is shown right when the season is over. This let me bashing my head aginast a wall, shouting, demanding for more! You can't leave the threads hanging right after starting to weave them! That's a stupid writing decision right there!

Not to mention the overall length of the episodes often left me unsatisfied, feeling that more could have been done. And there are lots of clichés we have seen in anime and western animation series with a basis on the power of friendship. That said, what characterization the series has is solid, barring a few inconsistencies here and there that were ironed as time passed, the fight scenes were top notch, and it leaves enough hints of an interesting plot being visible in the near future to actually make me remain hooked. And I have to admit, I don't mind a few clichés here and there.

The voice acting is amateur-ish, it can't be denied. But I feel that this may have been an intentional decision, Stylistic Suck so to speak, and it is not as jarring as some voice actings I have heard, so, while unproffessional and unrefined, it is by no means /terrible/, and it has both So Bad, It's Good moments and genuinely good moments in which I like it and enjoy it.

I'll admit it, I don't have high standards when it comes to animation, but I can recognize horrible animation when I see it. There are bugs and off-model moments, but I had to watch the series multiple times before I could notice any but the most obvious ones, and overall the rest is not bad.

I can't say anything about the music, other than "It's FUCKING AWESOME".

Overall, it's an unpolished product, full of stains and flaws. But despite those flaws, it makes a genuine effort to be a good series. It's pretty good, with potential for greatness.
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Giving it a chance, seeing what happens
There are a lot of pros and a lot of cons to RWBY:

It is legitimately funny, but there is so much goofiness that whenever drama flairs up it comes off flat. There are a lot of Adorkable quirky characters (Ruby, Penny, Nora, the teachers), but the problems and arcs designated to every one of them are painfully familiar, to the point that I was very rarely surprised by how things continued turning out. The animation and character designs are all striking and inventive, but are undercut by the 'okay' environments and black shapes representing non-essential characters. This series is also terminally ill with tropes, meaning that it has an epic quality and potential for greatness as well as an overload of cliches. The writers and animators have successfully crafted what is a classy and otherwise legit CG anime with a solid sci-fi/fantasy vibe. The challenge here is whether or not they can make it stand alone without it looking like a rehash of other Shōnen stories. The key here is unpredictability, that's what Red vs. Blue had going for it.

I think it is pointless judging the series entirely as there have only been about sixteen episodes, all of which have been more about establishing characters and setting more than putting any all-encompassing arc in motion. Perhaps the rest of this series will continue to have the problems I've noticed, but I'll stick with it just to be sure. If I had given up on Red vs. Blue after the first volume, I would have made a great mistake. Maybe Rooster Teeth will get the drop on me again? We'll see.
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I don't get it's popularity.
I mean, I can understand the series itself. It's basically your standard Magical Girl show with 3D animation. The characters seem interesting, and there's plenty of potential set up. The problem it, you can't just post 4 trailers and 2 hours of episodes and get a decent story. And in terms of its fanbase, that's what confuses me the most. Yeah, it's co-produced by the guys who created Machinima, but I don't understand how a Nomura lookalike could garner such a huge following based solely on his animation skills.

All in all, a good series, but needs to develop faster. In the meantime, could someone explain its fanbase's size?
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Oum and Rooster Teeth ensure a fan base, despite this being a really bad show
You can usually break animation down into two different categories, production and writing. Both are lacking in this show.

The writing isn't the selling point, so I won't talk about it much. The whole show is full of anime cliches and stock characters. The dialog is poorly written and humor doesn't hit either. Being overdosed with tropes isn't necessarily a sign of bad fiction, but only if other aspects of the product redeem it. The show ultimately panders to the lowest common denominator. The writing sort of treats itself as a novelty.

Now to the production of the show. The art design is interesting, but has ultimately been done better. The closest thing I can compare it to off the top of my head is the Spider-Man animated series that aired on MTV about a decade ago. This show doesn't look nearly as good, and seems like it would be more in place in a Playstation 2 era video game (the whole series has an old video game aesthetic). The character designs are a little generic, but ultimately I think they're good. However, the actual animation is poor. You'll see a lot of clipping, visual effects to hide models not looking like they are interacting with each other, and generally cheap looking uniform animations for every character. The voice acting is generally bad (the vocal direction probably deserves a lot of blame) and audio is poorly mixed. The music is not amazing, but competent. The visual direction is solid outside of a few awkward shots that pop up once or twice an episode.

It's hard to criticize an essentially independent project for looking cheap, but usually low budget projects focus on their writing and/or originality so their production values aren't under as much scrutiny. Since this show and Monty Oum's career in general are being sold on their production values (and don't have good writing to back up its flaws), I think this is an instance where calling out visual elements of the show for being subpar is fair despite its budget.

I respect Monty Oum so much for having the ambition and drive to simply create. He has a sort of punk rock mentality to his work that is almost inspirational. If this show was visually impressive, well written, or original I would call it a success. However in my eyes, RWBY is just a bad show that fails to be competent in nearly every regard despite a creator I admire.
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The Emporer has no clothes
Listen guys, I wanted to like this show. We all did. We all got hyped when we saw the trailers. "Monty Oum with his own series, backed by Roosterteeth? Shut up and take my money!"

Then, when it started airing, I got a little uncomfortable. Started trying to reassure myself that it would get better, that it just hadn't found its voice yet. "As soon as the fights start, it'll be alright..." But it was a TWO-MONTH WAIT for the first one, and I'd argue that we haven't yet seen another. Others might call that tussle in ep. 16 a "fight", but that's neither here nor there.

I already made most of my complaints known in my mid-season review, so I won't go into everything that I find wrong with the show. I'll just say that I spent a long time waiting for this show to get better, and I know that I am not alone. We desperately looked for improvements with a fine-toothed comb, latching on to anything that might, potentially, improve the show in some marginal degree. But I think, after four months, it's time to admit that the Emperor has no clothes. If we didn't know who was behind this show, we wouldn't watch it. There are tons of good shows that don't get half the opportunities that RWBY has had, and after a full season of riding off of Oum's hype, it's time to admit that it's not any good. Some people on here have said that it improved just barely enough to justify making more. This is something that I want to say, but I know, in my heart, that it would only be based off of Oum's reputation, and the belief (or hope) that he is capable of more. Looking at the work itself, independent of any outside influences, there's just not enough there. Those of you who think the show has improved: has it improved enough to make you buy the DVD? For the same price as a season of Red vs. Blue?
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Still in the balance (Season 1)
The first episodes of RWBY were pretty rough but contained just enough good for it to be worth watching in the hope that the series would improve. Did it?

By the end of the first season I can say the series has improved just enough for it to be worth watching the second in the hope that the series will improve.

The biggest problem is that they never found a core hook or driving plot to sustain interest and give the big action moments (of which there were two) worth while. The action is excellent and the idea of a story that keeps on building up in suspense and drama until it explodes into an action-filled resolution is workable. But instead there's been almost no linking narrative at all. The characters are at school, they have basically disconnected issues and the hints of deeper things to come given in the first episode and which should have kept us in our seats until the season finale are only mentioned again in the season finale. The fighting is good enough by itself, we don't need to weigh down those few episodes with other stuff, the plot should have been the filler to get to there instead of all this, well, filler they used instead.

So why didn't RWBY burn out in a wreck that everyone should immediately forget about and never watch again? Because the writing got better, and most importantly the characters got better. Ruby's personality is coalescing and feels less schizophrenic, her relationship with Weiss is already surprisingly deep and it can be relied on to produce funny and touching moments in the way Firefly did it. (Combat dresses!). One-note characters like Jean gained some really interesting insights.

Moreover the situations in the episodes aren't nearly as black and white as expected. Instead of being a racist and the White Fang obviously good guys, Weiss has got some very legitimate grievances and the White Fang have clearly overstepped the bounds of right. But it's understandable why they did it and Weiss isn't right herself.

But the pacing and timing is off for everything (and in particular two-parters clearly should have been released as one larger episode, with the first half being all set-up and no conflict or resolution) and there still isn't enough consistency to sustain the good moments. They keep introducing characters instead of exploring the ones they have, as with the plots
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Cool ideas, but feels incomplete (season 1)
Given who's behind it, RWBY has a lot of hype to live up to. Does it? Not quite in this season, but it shows enough potential to keep up with.

The good:
  • The fight scenes are amazing; the choreography is great and the animation is gorgeous. The character designs and general feel of the world are all intriguing and unique.
  • The concepts underlying the setting are all interesting and add a lot of depth to the conflicts that drive the story.
  • The main characters (once they finally get established, see below) are very well-rounded and interesting, and they have some great interactions in the later episodes.
  • The music is pretty much awesome the whole way through.

The not-so-good:
  • Outside of fight scenes, the animation feels a bit... unpolished. It might just be a quirk of Monty's style, but as a whole it feels very video-game-cutscene like. The character models sometimes look a bit stiff, and outside of fights/weapons, the characters' interactions with props and such is minimal. Like there was one scene where Weiss holds up a book, and rather than holding it, she puts her hand out and the book sticks to it, Magnet Hands style. Then you have stuff like this, which is so blatant that I'm not sure whether it's intentional or not. The characters are so much more detailed than everything else that it feels a bit incongruous.
  • The voice acting is iffy early on. It gets better in later episodes, but the first half is rough.
  • The pacing is rough. The short episodes should have been combined; they don't have enough content to stand on their own. And as a whole, the season takes forever to get going. The characters feel like anime archetypes (Genki Girl, Cool Big Sis, Tall, Dark and Bishoujo, etc.) and don't feel memorable until over halfway through. It spends too much time on school shenanigans, and not enough time on establishing characters. Characters get a focus arc, then suddenly stop being important (e.g. Jaune). It isn't until the last six episodes that the characters get real development and the Myth Arc starts to materialize, and then the season ends.

In short, there' definitely a lot of promise here, but it isn't until nearly the end of the season that the potential really gets used to the fullest. Hopefully when S2 starts most of the kinks will have been worked out.
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Poor man's anime
The animation during the high action scenes cannot be considered bad by any means, and the character skills and personalities lend themselves greatly to a number of amazing shots. It makes it somewhat unfortunate that the first episode was able to appear flawed in animation during the downtime, which can be expected in balance to the high action that had just happened.

However, it has to be remembered that the majority of a show, even one appealing to action fans, will be downtime and the animation in these scenes still feels clunky and lifeless. The dialogue is clichéd and fairly unentertaining, with most characters modelled on a handful of tropes with little interesting usage. While justification for tropes and character development occurs, it tends to happen fairly late into the series long after a number of viewers would get bored and leave.

In the cases of some characters, they are only introduced as the series is ending, such as Penny or Sun Wukong, although created to be somewhat recurring characters. Given the episode lengths and the fact that two are often paired together, it can be assumed that the show was designed to be a 22 episode anime where only the first 8 were created for the first series. The application of anime episodes to typical webvideo length does not seem to work, as it leaves us with every other episode having a satisfying conclusion and a longer wait until character revelations.

To some, it is amazing, and several scenes can certainly justify this viewpoint, but to me, said scenes are far and few between. The work comes off as unoriginal, poorly focused and just a fair bit dull.
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Not Quite a Classic, But It's Getting There.
The Good:
  • The episodes are designed around particular subjects. That helps the writing. If it was a normal anime episode in smaller bits, it would be less contained and more confusing.
  • The voices of the actors fit the character. Jaune is Jaune. I personally can't imagine anyone else playing him. Characters like Nora and Ren are perfectly in tune to their voices (Go Monty!) and are smooth in their byplay and move the episode forward.
  • The fight scenes are epic. Each one pays close attention to how it's structured, with everyone in their place, which is really good compared to some other fight scenes where someone is missing somehow.
  • Spotlights. Every character is getting their own screentime. Some have less because they need to develop their character less (like Ren, Nora, Yang, and Blake) and others need a little more time to understand their motivations (Ruby, Jaune, Pyrrha, and Weiss)
  • There are minor antagonists and major antagonists. Life would get very boring if it was only monsters they had to fight.
  • Music. Self-explanatory.

The Bad
  • The writing. Some of the episodes are stellar as they are (Episodes 1, 4, 8, and 10). Others aren't so great (12? I'm looking at you.)
  • Lack of consistency in characterization. Jaune is the biggest offender in this. Sometimes he comes off as capable, sometimes he doesn't. While I understand that he's trying to find even ground, that's no excuse. And if Jaune doesn't tell the rest of his team, he's doing them a serious disservice. If he trusted Pyrrha, he should trust the rest of his team as well.
  • Not enough time on minor things. You don't see characters freaking out over their love life or their family, though Hunters might have the money and stuff to not worry about family. The team arguments should have focused on the team moving forward and fighting their differences together.
  • Lack of background characters. Black figures are cheap and take less time I get that, but even a little colorful decoration (earrings on one, bracelets on another) would go a long way.

Is RWBY good? Yes. Is it perfect? Not by a long shot, though it's slowly getting there, thanks to the Wham Episode giving it a push into a new direction. I love this series, and I even like the antagonists, but there are certain things that will break the show for me. I just hope the next episode isn't it.
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A flawed gem, but a gem nontheless
Pros: The characters all have very interesting designs and personalities, albeit some of them could afford to have more screen time. The fight scenes. Nuff said The music. Also nuff said. The world created has some very interesting ideas behind it, such as the four Kingdoms being the only safe havens against rampant monsters A few twists that made perfect sense but I still didn't see coming. A good sense of humor.

Cons: The short episode length can be very frustrating. The pacing is a little slow, tied directly into the above length problem. The show is on a budget and at times it shows in the animation. At times I really wish that Monty had more money and people behind this project so he could go all out. The voice acting can slip at times Some characters feel out of focus at times, although this is most likely a problem that will be fixed with future episodes. Still it is worth mentioning until then.

This show has a lot of good and bad, but in my humble opinion the good outweighs the bad. The show admittedly did stumble a bit at first but I feel like it's found its place and is taking its story in a very interesting direction. Part of the charm this story has is the massive amount of references and inspiration from fairy tales...just about everywhere, in addition to the interesting naming process. Cardin's character makes a lot more sense when you know where he got his name

Sadly though, other reviews have clearly proved that for some the cons outweigh the pros. While I disagree with that, I respect the opinions of others, and you may find that you have more of a problem with the cons that I did, or may even not like the pros. At the very least you should give it a try (Stick to episode 8, that's where it really kicks off).

In my opinion though, this show is a gem, despite all of its flaws. I really did wish it could be better at times, but I'm happy with what we've got.

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Honest and Good Effort From a Small Production Crew
I'll be the first to admit I hated to short length of the videos. But then I came to understand that this was made by a small company who is already making other shows and videos. I like the original idea because it being an American made anime like web series which is rare. I like the concept and the stories and come to appreciate it. Now I wish it could be longer but that's because frankly I like it.

To be honest I'm quite jealous but of course who wouldn't want to make their own Anime. The comedy is funny, moments are heartwarming, characters are likeable and of course the action is awesome.

For those complaining about lack of action. It's a story people it has a plot and the action when it does arrive I sick ass. Look towards episode 8 for a reference. I applaud rooster teeth and Monty oum for their show and wish I could do something like this.

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Waste of talent, waste of time
Since I started coming to TV Tropes, I've avoided using the word "cliche". But what else can you call a show like RWBY? It's story is formulaic and derivative: anime high school with a dash of Harry Potter. The characters are broad, boring archetypes: the naive and clumsy wunderkind, the spoiled one, the aloof goth girl, and the spunky big sister. Jean probably takes the dry, flavorless cake, though, as the even more ditzy, clumsy guy with no real skills but lots of potential. The setting is boring, even when we venture outside of Hogwarts. The art style leaves more to be desired, with them attempting to use anime facial and body language without the flexibility of actual illustration. Even the animation, Monty's forte, is stilted and awkward outside of the fights.

And you know what? Normally I'd be okay with that. Given the talent behind the series, this is a show that screams "Excuse Plot". Monty Oum makes the best fight scenes around, and whatever plot there is to the story only exists to get us from one fight to another. Except it took us EIGHT MOTHER FUCKING EPISODES to get to the first real fight. That's two months, guys. As it stands now, this show has nothing to offer that is worth two months of anyone's time.

As mad as it makes me, it speaks to the talent behind the show that I continue to watch it, for hope of improvement. Besides Monty's fights, there's fantastic music, good artwork, and terrific character designs (as the amount of cosplayers have proven). This is a show that either needs to do more or less with its writing. Either work on fleshing out the characters and give us a compelling hook NOW, or crank up the Oumamater and give us more of his brand of violence. Sadly, I have seen no evidence of either happening any time soon.
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Make sure you watch episode 8
The first 7 episodes of RWBY were fairly meh. The visual style was excellent, the soundtrack fantastic and the characterisation and voice acting inconsistent. Ruby for example would go through several personalities every conversation from shy to hyper-active and whilst the fights were pretty good they were also pretty sparse. But they felt like problems that would improve with time as the writers settled down and became more familiar with the characters.

Episode 8 is what the series can be. It has the energy and pacing that the theme song always hinted at and it gets better as the episode get on. The fighting is large and spectacular, but also fluid and creative. Together the teamwork begins to mesh and the relationships begin to fit together. Most of all, as soon as the fighting starts each character is absolutely solid. All inconsistency is strong and each person expresses themselves in their actions and movements more strongly than the writing has yet managed. Ruby fighting is someone you can understand.

There are still rough spots and the editing could still be tweaked to make the jokes punchier but there are also some stronger moments and ideas begin to seep through. They focused on it too long, but Ruby's sister looking at her as she begins to take the lead was pretty cute and the bit with Weiss and the scorpion was good. They're simple emotions, but in these moments they're told strongly and it's that strength and tempo that this series needs. Red, white, black and yellow aren't complicated colours but they can have power.

There's still a lot of ways it can go from here, and how the episodes will be structured is going to be key. (I would prefer something other than school drama or Monster Of The Week) But if you felt the first episodes were a little soft and were going to drop off, at least stick with it till episode 8, it's not even an hour of your time and this is the one to judge the series by so far.

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Interesting backstory undermined by a lack of consistency and characterization
The first episode of RWBY left me feeling a little bit iffy, but at the same time it wasn't terrible. The backstory seemed interesting and was well presented, and the feel of things in the city gave me Giant Robo or Demonbane vibes. Gangsters and wizards and people with unusual weaponry and all of that. I wasn't entirely sold on the series, but I wanted to at least see where it would be going.

Unfortunately, the subsequent episodes -and the series as a whole- has become a disappointment. With episodes that are only a few minutes long and with the plot proceeding at a snail's pace, characterization and interactions become the cornerstone of the narrative and that's RWBY's greatest weakness. Characters simply feel inconsistent. Ruby had no problem just being herself in front of Ozpin and Glynda in the first episode, but when interacting with Weiss, Jaune, and Blake she just stumbles over everything she says. Yang goes from being so happy about going to school with her sister to not being able to get away from her fast enough, to hanging all over her once more and pushing her into talking with other people. Jaune himself has had his own share of awkward dialogue mixed with a joke of a lady's man who's painful to watch. Weiss is simply a bitch who is the only reason Ruby "exploded" in the first place, and the interactions with her don't feel any better. Blake still seems pretty likeable though, on account of being consistent and responding to annoying people properly, but she's also had minimal screentime.

The other minor classmates don't really feel very notable either. You've got Shy Girl, Energetic Girl, Weary Guy Who Must Put Up With Energetic Girl, ad Ozpin and Glynda don't feel any better. They were pretty decent in the first episode, but nope, episode 4 had them join the retard train with all of this team bullshit combined with what reckless endangerment of students.

Another thing: what the fuck is with stories with a school setting and forcing people to form teams with no rhyme or reason. At best, the team will synergize, at worst, one or more people will be a ball and chain who undermine the futures of everyone else.

Honestly, give it a pass unless/until it improves.
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