Reviews: Reality

The Best One Yet

One of, if not the very best fics out there. The writing flows amazingly well, the ideas are unique, and the whole story just comes off as wonderful without being too dull or too cheesy. Bittersweet, funny, tragic, action-packed, and downright romantic at various spots. Best of all- the characterization is spot-on. One of those rare 10% of fics that make you feel the Better Than Canon magic, and one of the most well-done fics this troper has read for any fandom, period.

I could praise it forever, really- it's been a long time since a fic has made me feel this way. The fic gives the stepmother a surprising identiy, explains some things about wolves in a logical way, and builds on several more things I won't spoil. It really, really is a treat to read: the mere grammar alone makes me sigh in happiness.

Even better is the story itself; it deals a lot with "parallel universes" and does it brilliantly. The logic and emotion are great, as well as the best part: characterization. Everyone is so in character, it makes me hurt with joy. The writer's original characters are also fleshed out and likeable (even if you're not supposed to like them)- no marysues here.

Both AU counterparts for Virginia and Wolf are amazingly fleshed out too, and the romance, oh the romance (!), is almost too good to be true. Convincing, developed, and adapted for each situation. I might be exaggerating, but it was almost breath-taking. The Canon!/AU! pairings were beautifully poignant and for a while, really does make you wonder who ends up with who. In fact, the whole fic keeps you wondering what's going on before slamming a genius answer in your face.

There are tons of cliffhangers too, but luckily, the fic's finished. If you're a fan feeling restless over The Tenth Kingdom, read this fic- just do it if you haven't, you won't regret it. The only downside is the fact that once you've done it, practically no other TTK fic will satisfy you.

It's a long multi-chapter thing, but it's worth it. It is worth it.