Reviews: Read It And Weep


Hilarious show...these guys are ridiculous and fun. Recommend to all.

listened to it and wept

This review is written in the form of a compliment sandwich, much akin to the general standard of review the show itself gives to its subjects: Complement - they can speak English!

Critique - Ezra is too skinny, Alex is too voluptuous, and Chris... well Chis is plainly grotesque, to put it bluntly. Their voices! God, their voices! They are equivocal to the opposite of angelic is, which apparently leaves demonic as the appropriate word choice. But this term does not quite do justice to the guttural whine that emits from these individuals. Really, truly, horrendous. Finally, there is the question of the literature and film they unleash their vileness upon. Mrs. Palin, Mr. Beck, Mr. Hubbard, and their ilk are leaders and patriots, and to think these middling liberal fascist communists parading about the American North West can even come close to objectively critiquing the mind-thoughts and sight-visions of these gods among men is laughable. And by laughable, I do not mean that this trio elicits laughter because of their comedic chops; a boiling egg is intrinsically more laugh inducing than this drivel. What I mean is that their efforts to find fault within the works of successful and wealthy individuals who are at the top of their prowess is ironic, in that they have not found success or wealth from their efforts within the realm of literature. In short, they are ugly, annoying, ne'er-do-wells with a chip on their shoulders against those that are actually successful in their pursuits.

Complement - Peanut butter and chocolate are a delicious when consumed contemporaneously, and will bring about a minuscule amount of pleasure while listening to Read it and Weep's podcast.