Reviews: Red Dog


I really hate this film. Maybe it's the "'Straya" sentiment that I rebel against, or just that I prefer cats to dogs. But either way, "Red Dog" just fills me up with vitriol. Of all the examples of the old Cliché Storm, this one takes the cake. Small town adopts stray dog. Stray dog helps small town find happiness, love and laughter. Stray dog begins to suffer from an illness. Vet arrives from city and is confused by the all the tears over the dog. Townsfolk tell the vet all of the stories about the dog. Dog dies, town cries, build statue of it instead of a statue of the man without whom they wouldn't exist. And don't think of me as some unfeeling monster, I cry at films and TV shows, etc. too. But I feel nothing towards "Red Dog' whatsoever, ad I do not understand why I am the only person in Australia who feels like this.

I really f-ing hate this film.