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The adventures of Jesus Toshiro
Good luck reading through the first three chapters, it was a gigantic turn off for me and i don't think the author avoided gary stu-ism at all, specially Toshiro. And Naruto is -even- dumber than before, to make said captain stand-out more by comparison methinks.

Clearly this fic is not for everyone, there's some small things there that might rub a lot of people the wrong way. At least it seems to be well written, i didn't read it that far.

If you are a toshiro fan though, i say 'read it!', you might like.
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Toshiro is one of the main characters, so that might turn some people off. However the writing and the lore-building are both very well done. The Humor is genius and the characters react realistically w/ their personalities if they were actually thrown in this story. I especially like how the author managed to keep both Naruto’s and Toshiro's core personalities are kept intact while the author seamlessly interweaves their reactions to the AU she’/he’s building At first they appeared to be going to become mary/gary/god-mode sues, but FFPA dodged that minefield in a very clever way. A very nice start, I can't wait to see their version of the S.S Arc. I do really hope this is not a Dead-Fic, it's to well done to be murdered.
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