Reviews: Red Dead Virgo

Highly DON'T recommend this.

In fact, steer right on clear of it. Pretty much everyone is OOC, especially Vriska, and "the AU excuse" is not enough for that. Everyone is just slapped together parts and traits of canon characters (ex: Karkat with vision eightfold and manipulative tendencies, Kanaya having rage aneurysms, everyone getting each other's houses and lusii, etc.), with too much focus put on some characters (Vriska, Eridan) and not enough focus on others (Tavros, Aradia, Sollux). The "art" is ugly image edits, sprites, and the occasional sprite pasted onto a thrown-together room background, and does not get better. The "endings" do not make any sense (spoiler alert: scratching a disk leads to a blood color change??), which is actually unsurprising considering what little regard the author has given for canon in the past (ex: higher castes have more violence is thrown out the window with Tavros).

Bloodswaps can be pretty subjective things, but honestly? This is definitely not how you do one, and I don't think it deserves its place on the "recommended fics" page. There's much better bloodswaps that deserve fame more than it does.