Reviews: Revengeis Best Served Raw

  • sfu
  • 6th Mar 18
  • 0

Extremely entertaining

It's one of the most entertaining fanfiction out there, with great storytelling, fantastic writing, topes done right, amazing OC characters, insane worldbuilding, a lot of foreshadowing and with one of the most complicated storylines.

Extremely Overrated

I would recommend this fanfiction to anyone who doesn't like logic, good characterization, or any sort of plot beyond [I'm Harry Potter and you're all my bitches. The end]. The author found every cliché he/she possibly could, before stuffing them all into one fanfiction in the most uninspired, dull way possible. Admittedly, the grammar is decent enough, but everything else makes the story unreadable. Again, I would only recommend this fanfiction to people who spend their time making out with Harry Potter pillowcases.