Reviews: Replay

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  • Comment: Well thought out Plot, great writing, fun to read and it could be the next great thing in fanfic writing.
    • Unclouded TJ: It's told in the rarely used Second Person view that I tend to enjoy. If nothing else it's a very unique brand of fanfic and it's unlike any other fanfic I've read. That said it's well done and is both a Peggy Sue but at the same time not as the premise focuses on how many paths the "game" gives the player. I'd equate it as Naruto with Mass Effect like story and dialogue choices so far. Definately recommended depending on where it goes.
    • Stormofscript: Strongly thirded; the second person style is used well, and it really feels like you're playing a video game. A very awesome, expansive, video game. Sadly, the game doesn't exist, which will dissapoint anyone who reads this fic, because it IS a good game, and an awesome fic.
    • Eddie Current: A simple idea, done well, gives a rather awesome framework for "what ifing" Naruto. And damn, does Naruto's cannon actually make sense as a "first play" of a deep RPG.
    • Kurtulmak: In my opinion, the fic spends way too much time reviewing the mechanics of the game and character stats. Nearly half of each (short) chapter reads more like an instruction manual than a story, which leads to huge pacing problems.
    • The author has now acknowledged said pacing problems, as well as several others, with replay and is now re-writing it under the title Gameplay. And so far, it's doing pretty well pacing wise.