Reviews: Rotten Tomatoes

I Never Really Agree With Them

They make good points in many reviews, in fact I'd go as far as to say you should check them out if you're interested in short, sweet, and straight to the point statements and occasionally witty critique.

However, I could never really agree with them. While the people who write the site seem to be the ones who write down the "pro's and cons' of a movie while watching, I feel the need to judge a movie after seeing it. This isn't a problem with that type of review, but I feel these people expect to much for films that offer too little.

What I'm saying is that they don't really judge a film based off its own merits and act like it should be Oscar winning.

I like the tomatoe theme, it feels unique and the site name really catches a ring with me. I just wish it would be something like "fresh tomatoes" :D