Tropers / T 448 Eight

_Criticism_ 1. Look people, posting that you're a "warrior poet", "badass abnormal", or "The Only Sane Man" is obvious lying. You are nowhere near as badass as you're TV Tropes profile makes you out to be.

People that annoy me: PewDiePie, Joe Vargas, Adam Ornworth, Kim Jung Un

Things I'm interested in.

     Real Life 

  • Spray paint That ISN'T real
  • Soda
  • Turkey
  • European Countries
  • Dino's and trilobites
  • Calico's
  • Roger Ebert-He will be missed.


     Live Action 

     Video Games 

  • AVGN (He's not a master filmmaker, though)
  • Nostalgia Critic
  • Cracked
  • Tv Tropes
  • Wiki's

     Western Animation