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The Joy of Creation
If you have ever cooked, this movie is for you. If you have ever had food made for you, by someone you love, this movie is for you. If you have created, struggled, fought with your family, or not been sure where you were- this movie is for you.

From the very beginning, this is a film that captivates it's audience- and the prevailing feeling is a desire to see the heroes succeed. Each of them in turn is sympathetic in their own right, and together you wish to see them make their way. Remy, Linguini, and Colette are easy to love, and it's not hard to see a little of yourself in one, of not all of them. Even the food critic Ego, as intimidating as he is, is made remarkably sympathetic by the end.

The portrayal of food and creation is enchanting- you can almost smell the aroma of the busy kitchen. Also this movie brings something new to the concept of 'talking animals'. It;s made clear from the beginning that humans can;t understand Rats- and that Remy;s human affectations are considered unnatural, almost taboo. While the rat society has some aspects of fantasy applied- sentient, the rafts, and the party scene spring to mind- there is the feeling of something real to them.

My family comes from hard places- in the kind of way where it was easy to believe things were the way they could only be. So the struggle of Remy finding a place for himself struck home. There is a scene where his father tries to explain to him his views, using much the same rationale. And when Remy stood against it, I know there wasn't a dry eye in my household.

In short, this movie will make you laugh, and quite likely cry. And with the skills of Pixar behind it, the message is buoyed by beautiful animation as always. And maybe by the end of it, you will feel inspired to pick up a recipe.
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