Reviews: Rush 2013

Does what it does perfectly.

Rush is many things. It is an action film, a documentary, a witty political drama, and, most importantly, a tale of utter badassery.

Seriously, this film should really have been called 'Niki the Badass', although I doubt he'd give his blessing to a film about his younger self if it was called that.

In general the action scenes are very well executed, be it James blowing a punch to a journalist's face or Niki blasting past slow moving traffic down narrow Italian roads. My only criticisms of it in this respect would be some Conspicuous CG during it's depiction of Niki's accident and a couple of other scenes; although almost all of the other special effects are done incredibly well; sometimes horrifically so, such as when we see Cevert's decapitated body or scene's depicting the hospital treatment that saved Niki's life. Some eagle eyed viewers may also notice a tad of Kent doubling, as twice we see location's which are quite recognisably in Kent being used to represent both Milan and the French Riviera.

Another thing which simply has to be praised is the fact that, through a combination of great makeup and presumably a lot of luck with the casting department, almost all of the real people depicted in this film look quite recognisably like their real life counterparts; including, most wonderfully of all to a car nerd like me, Enzo Ferrari, despite the fact that he is only seen on screen for perhaps little more than 20 seconds. This, combined with some really quite tremendous performances from the film's actors, leads to me saying that this film has perhaps one of the best casts I have ever seen for a film, quite an achievement, don't you think?

All in all, I would recommend this film, even to those not immediately drawn in by the subject matter, as, once you look beyond that, it is simply packed with REAL HUMAN DRAMA.