Reviews: Respawn Of The Dead


One of the more well-known Team Fortress 2 fanfics. Very well written, and haunting at times. I'm not experienced in writing reviews, so, this is all I will say.

You should read it.

Review by Joysweeper

Neither do I. And I don't usually like zombie stories. But I enjoyed this quite a bit, not least for the complexities of the character interactions.

Review by Rogue7

Very good, and I don't even play TF2.

Review by Glidergun

Cat Bountry is a scholar and a gentlewoman, and this fic should suffice to prove it to anybody who cares to read it. (Medic/Heavy warning)

Anonymous reviews from the Comments section

TF2. Zombies. That is all that you need to know.

Aside the slash, you mean.